mix advice

  1. W

    Critique my mix, full song called "Sister"

    Hello ppl, Long time lurker but first time poster, here's a song my band just finished. Please critique this mix. It's already released and is too late to make adjustments, but I'd like to improve on whatever I can. There are quite a few things that I wasn't satisfied with, but I feel like...
  2. S

    How to get that modern metalcore/djent sound?

    In my endeavors as a bedroom guitarist, I've found my mixes always sound really flat and boring. This, probably comes down to me know little to nothing about mixing and mastering modern metalcore. So, I come here today asking for tips and maybe to get pointed in the direction of my mixes...
  3. B

    How are you dialing in metal bass tones ?

    Hey guys, I'm new to recording at home, and I've been having a hard time getting the right bass tone. So, I'm wondering what everyone else is doing. For context, I'm recording math metal/metalcore that's inspired by TesseracT, Architects, ABR, etc. My DAW is Reaper, and I'm using it to also...
  4. A

    Need some advice on mixing synths and metal

    I do realize it`s very general, there are millions of synth sounds but I`d like to hear from someone more experienced as I only recently started experimenting by adding synths to tracks, I just can`t sit it in the mix. It clashes for space with guitars so much, I can change octave plus different...
  5. RobertVII

    Looking for feedback on my mix

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some mixing feedback on a tune I'm working on. I'm thinking about making the rhythm guitars a bit darker but I wanted to gather some input from others on what I can do to improve the mix and also give my ears a break from listening. Would love any input...
  6. chipchappy

    Tear my mix apart

    Hello friends. I write and record music and post it leisurely on Soundcloud. I feel like I've developed a pretty good workflow with everything, but like everyone I always want to improve. So take these 4 mixes for example: https://soundcloud.com/woofdad/arc-builder-trifecta...
  7. duffbeer33

    Seeking feedback on drum sound in this mix

    Hi guys, I've been tinkering with EZdrummer for a long time, trying to get decent drum sounds. Would love some outside feedback. Do they sound too fake? Is it the drum sound, or the hits that sound artificial? Thanks all. https://soundcloud.com/duffmusic/loose-ends
  8. A

    Any metal drums mixing course you would recommend?

    Metal drums are so hard to me to mix properly, so I`d like to know how to do it. Youtube videos aren`t that helpful, lots of amateurs pretending like they know what they do but their results are rather average at best and not appliable to different mixes. So I`m looking for complete metal drums...
  9. BlackFalcon17

    Thoughts on this mix? (Steven Slate Drums 5)

    I've had the new SSD 5 plugin for a while now, so I made this short track to test it out. I think SSD is on par with Superior and all the other VST drums, if not better in some regards. The mix sounds good to me, but I'd like to get a second opinion. In particular, I want to get a bit more...
  10. causeunknown

    Unable to get a satisfactory guitar tone. I could really use some help.

    I've watched countless hours of videos and read everything I can get my hands on, but despite my efforts I can't seem to get a guitar tone that sounds half as good as anything i hear on youtube despite using the same plugins. I'm just really looking for some help here. My guitar is an Ibanez RG...
  11. Christopher Beattie

    Mix advice

    Hey everyone, I just posted a new song I've been working on and noticed the cymbals sound a bit strange after uploading the track to soundcloud. It sounds fine in Reaper and when I play it back on my computer so I assume it has something to do with compression when converting the file? Anyone...
  12. Christopher Beattie

    Prog Rock/Metal Mix Feedback Wanted!

    Hey guys, I wanted to get some feedback on the mix for one of my songs. It's a bit more mellow than what I usually write but this is pretty much where I am with production. I used Jason Richardson's Toneforge for the guitars, Superior Drummer 2 with Metal Machine and Metal Foundry for the...
  13. theo

    First mix with acoustic drums (doom/sludge-ish content)

    Been mixing a demo for a friends band, this is my first crack at a session with acoustic drums, it's been quite a learning curve from superior/EZD2. I'd love some feedback and constructive criticism! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sKHAGm0pl-LYLWZJ8BHBcXQfstRIwcEZ
  14. Q

    Mixing Feedback

    I'm looking for some feedback with a mix I've got going right now. Fairly happy with what I have. Here is the track: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uxei6FkUZvb8ptOu8OqHiyJe9w9FMuFR/view?usp=drivesdk All constructive criticism or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Furyof

    Update on ballbusting mix

    Hey guys I finished the song and released it. I didn't want to delay it another day so I mixed after a few hours of recording so my ears may have been fatigued. I also mix on cheap headphones. I also tried to do a little mastering. Though I don't know much about that aspect. So I'd like so...
  16. Furyof

    trying to get a ballbusting mix. Feedback wanted

    Hey I just started mixing making music after and unfortunate break. I'm trying to get a really heavy ridiculous mix/song. This is what I have so far https://soundcloud.com/ascenttozenith/the-deep-end-wip
  17. Arkks

    I mixed this.

    Hi all My band have just released a new track. I recorded/mixed it. Just wondering what you guys think... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hy24xUKo_0 Cheers.
  18. Furyof

    Newest mix! Feedback is welcome!

    Hey guys I've been around here a while trying to get mix feedback, I'm again with me newest song. Please give it a listen and tell me your opinion. You can critique it and everything. Negative feedback is good feedback. You can give me feedback on the song itself too! Here is the mix below...
  19. Furyof

    Just finished my best mix, thoughts?

    Here is the mix of song I made 8 months ago. I re-recorded the guitars and the mixed everything on a new rig. It's my first mix to have 'that sound'. I don't how to describe what I mean but it's there. Feedback and thoughts are appreciated! Thanks for listening...
  20. Furyof

    Something lacking in my mix?

    So I'm trying to make an album atm, and I've decided to messing around with a mix (This isn't going to be on the album). I used the randomly generated breakdown site linked in another thread lol, except I made it real. Though there is something lacking my mix. It could be a bad mix, but is this...