1. S

    looking for a good 24 fret bass for 1500 dollars and under

    dont knwo if this counts as my first bass but i havnt played bass in like 8 years (well i did play it a year ago when i kidna saved the band for high school ending ceremony (they couldnt find a good bass player)) and sold my gear off, but recently i got a spark to return to play bass (mostly...
  2. J

    Looking for online collab - guitarist to finish an album

    I'm about 11 or 12 sounds into an instrumental album, mostly in the metal/prog vein, but with jazz/fusion influence. I'm looking for a guitarist much more capable than I to collab online to finish off the songs. I am primarily a 6 string bassist (have played for about 30 years), but am a decent...
  3. D

    VHT/Fryette Pitbull

    Greetings! I git the Opportunity to get a pitbull cl50/12 (with eq) for a fairly decent price. Wanted to ask whether is a good choice for “modern” metal (think meshuggah, downturning etc) and rock/shred in general. Also, how does it handles pedals? Many thanks! Dave
  4. Bucketheadtwo

    Solo Metal Project Live? Need Gear/Setup/Routing Recommendations

    I know my situation isn't exactly unique and I'm definitely not the first person to post about this, but I'm looking for very specific, detailed recommendations about my situation, please and thank you! I'm a guitar player who makes metal music. I want to play live, but don't have a band and...
  5. DaftFloyd


    please enjoy this amazing new track mates! made with all the love of the universe
  6. Roberto Djentz

    Is it me or does REAPER (DAW) sound muddy/congested/crammed/flat?

    I have been using reaper for about 2 years, chasing tones and mixing over and over. I can't seem to get it to sound crisp/clear without sounding harsh. But the biggest battle is not sounding congested and muddy. I have tried EQing, panning, stereo wideners, compression, etc etc. It just somehow...
  7. Chronophobia

    Online metal, hardcore, prog collab

    Looking to collab with someone online combining influences from stuff like sludge metal, hardcore, math rock, prog, fusion, death metal and noise rock. I'm no songwriting expert but my favourite stuff I've written tends to come from working with unusual rhythms, chord progressions, moods, etc...
  8. Einhander

    The Black Dahlia Murder will continue!

    So Trevor's death raised a lot of questions about what was next for these guys and looks like TBDM will continue, Ryan Knight is back and Brian will take up vocals. Great article and personally excited to hear this. No one will ever replace Trevor but Ellis and Knight tearing it up together is...
  9. Roberto Djentz

    Anybody wanna record a solo over a song I'm struggling to complete?

    Just looking for inspiration and help with a track that I'm stumped on, I can't seem to figure out what to put in the clean/bass spot. I kinda imagine a Plini/intervals/Sithu style shred... But I also kinda suck at guitar 😅😩 Here is the track (unfinished) for a general idea. Anyone and...
  10. markdminer

    EVH 5150 III 50 w Stealth Preamp tubes

    Experimenting with different pre tubes. Have used Electro Harmonix 7025 and just ordered JJ EC803 High Performance. Recommend placement valves 1-4? Looking for something to push the Blue Channel (I prefer not to use overdrive) and to tame the compressed vibe of the Red channel. Thanks!
  11. L

    Tips for monitor to use with Revv G20

    Hey! I've been using a Line 6 Helix LT and Neural DSP plugins exclusively for jamming, practicing and recording guitar for some years now. And honestly it works more than well enough for me, but I've been thinking for a little while that I miss having a tube amp and a cab when im just messing...
  12. kamello

    Mixtest (FFO: Erra, Corelia) Clean vocals, Spanish lyrics and omg real instruments!

    hey guys! Currently doing the final touches on the mix for an EP and would like to hear your opinions before I fuck something up :lol: Haven't mixed in almost a year due to work and University, so my ears are a tad rusty right now im kinda unsure on the bass balance, as it sounds kinda thin on...
  13. neurosis

    What constitutes a great metal recording tone?

    I recently started exploring the Lasse Lammert presets for Axe FX and noticed his tones are incredibly dry and thick. Generally I have been dialing in and playing with tones that felt way more wet and spongy in comparison, with way more air and sustain. I am having trouble playing convincingly...
  14. Pietjepieter

    New album and music video of my band Subspectral

    Hy guys my band subspectral released their first album today! As well as our first music video! I am very proud of it so I thought I need to make a thread to show it to your guys! Hope you have time to give it a look, teaser: there is some guitar porn in it: Red Layer, PRS, Ibby headless bass...
  15. Nammtharicon

    Eminence The Governor or CV-75?

    Hi guys! I've made a test comparison of Eminence The Governor and Eminence CV-75 on Engl Powerball 2 with Engl 2x12 cab. I think these ones are perfect alternatives to Celestion Vintage 30 if not better. What's your opinion?
  16. lazarusieben

    What is your favorite combo for active neck/bridge humbucker pickups? Looking for recommendations

    Hi there! I am kinda new to this active pickups thing. So far I am happy with the ones I got for my 6 string CGCFAD guitar (EMG 81&85). I've seen there is also a 7 string version but I think I want something different for my 7 string. What I play is heavy chugging riffs on my bridge pickup...
  17. J

    Been to long... 6 yrs since last login.. 30 seconds of Shred to say Hi.!.

    HI Yall... Like many of you it seems to be an art of reKickStarting the Musical Engine every now and then and giving the whole proper promotion of ones musical career and endeavours a good go. Going to be doing my best to share consistently the music I think you all will find surprisingly...
  18. Gollapalli

    Stonery, Doomy, Thrashy Bluescore

    Hey guys, I finally got a semi decent recording. Guitar is a Telecaster tuned to Drop A played in the neck pickup through an Omega Granophyre Neural DSP plugin. Bass is an Ibanez Gio biamped through the Granophyre plugin and a GK Amplification 2LE plugin. Drums are Steven Slate Free pack...
  19. Cyanide_Anima

    If Rammstein wore corpse paint it might sound like this.

    Some more industrial metal action. Starts off chill and gets more angry and fun as it goes. A sort of depressed section. Then back to anger. Our vocalist wrote the lyrics about his lack of self control in some situations, especially while being far from home for extended periods of time due to...
  20. A

    Can I use a metal brick instead of my bridge as my electrical ground?

    Hey, so I'm building a djentstick out of a 2 by 4. Yeah, I know, I'm hopping on this trend about seven years too late, but whatever. Anyway, I planned nearly everything out, except for one problem. The way I have arranged the parts and cavities means that it will be difficult or impossible for...