long scale

  1. S

    Xtrm basses 343

    Hi,i have started over a year ago to build some long scale basses for me,but also for sale. The project called 343.The scale length is 40.443" and is 3 frets bigger than the 34" basses (if you capo this bass at 3rd fret,then you have a 34" scale bass) The sad thing is i cant complete them these...
  2. Adam D.

    RGIB6 with thin strings?

    Hey everyone! I'd like to ask for your opinions/suggestions again. Recently I've purchased an Ibanez RGD321 which I've intentended to use in Drop A, and based on the suggestions here on the forums and D'Addario's string gauge chart, I had it set up with NYXL 12-60 (plain G). It works pretty...
  3. S

    The bass of navarone

    2 days ago,i finished my most challenging build. 47-44" multiscale,headless,torzal twist neck,strandbeg neck design 5 string bass. The main idea of this build is,a guitar is 25.5" scale,if we add 5 more frets,it becomes 34" scale,if we add 5 more frets (guitar +10 frets) it becomes 45.44",but...
  4. hodorcore

    Help with my next 7 string purchase

    Hello dear forum members Today I'm looking for recommendations for my next 7 String. I have a majesty monarchy 7 string already with a 25.5 inch scale. I'm looking to get one with at least a 26.5 inch scale to be able to tune lower and keep light strings plus have a back up ready. I am...
  5. Q

    LTD H-1007 and Jackson SLATTXMG3-7

    hello sevenstringers! i'm looking for a used 7 strings. i've spotted: -Jackson SLATTXMG3-7 slime green (680 dollars - 550 euros) - EMGs, 26.5'' -LTD H-1007 (550 dollars - 450 euros) - EMGs, 25.5'' so, i'd like to gather some opinions: have you ever tried one of these guitars and what do you...
  6. MaxOfMetal

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Many questions that often comes up on the boards are those involving string gauge. This thread will help to create a knowledge base of sorts to help guitarists with their string gauge woes. To aid me in creating this, I have chosen to use this string tension calculator: String Guage and...