laney ironheart irt

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    Laney irt studio vs Peavy 6505 mh

    Hey guys. Im trying to decide between the peavy 6505mh and the Laney IRT studio. The peavy is a monster!!But the cab emulation on it sucks!!! The Laney has less gain but has a ton of reamping features that i think may be useful. I dont have the money for a two notes and my kid is only 1 so as a...
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    Laney Ironheart irt60h - Humming/Noisy FX loop

    I've been playing with the irt60h for about 6 months now and I am very pleased with sound and performance overall. Recently though, I have encountered an issue with the fx loop (at least I think thats the issue). When I plug in my pedal board via fx loop, It outputs this bad humming/hissing...
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    Question for Laney IRT Studio/15H users: use this as a power amp?

    With so many bells and whistles, i was wondering if i can i use the Laney IRT Studio as dedicated power amp to some of my rack preamps, sending the preamp output to the Laney's effects loop return? If so, will i get 5W of power, right? And any chance to change to 1W? I guess not, since it seems...