1. AngstRiddenDreams

    Industrial Sludge Idea

    Never really messed around with the idea of a steady industrial styled drum beat, but last night I pulled this short demo together and felt like sharing it! Check it out, let me know if it sounds totally horrible? I'm not sure how to even begin mixing stuff like this other than just throwing...
  2. lazarusieben

    What is your favorite combo for active neck/bridge humbucker pickups? Looking for recommendations

    Hi there! I am kinda new to this active pickups thing. So far I am happy with the ones I got for my 6 string CGCFAD guitar (EMG 81&85). I've seen there is also a 7 string version but I think I want something different for my 7 string. What I play is heavy chugging riffs on my bridge pickup...
  3. Cyanide_Anima

    If Rammstein wore corpse paint it might sound like this.

    Some more industrial metal action. Starts off chill and gets more angry and fun as it goes. A sort of depressed section. Then back to anger. Our vocalist wrote the lyrics about his lack of self control in some situations, especially while being far from home for extended periods of time due to...
  4. Cyanide_Anima

    Industrial metal track. Dark, Lotsa vox, lotsa synths.

    Finished with this track the other day. Lot of layers going on. About 110 tracks in total coming and going throughout. Been going in this "Deathwave" industrial metal direction for a while and have kind of distanced from progressive metal. Combining that dark electronic sound with some basic...
  5. Cyanide_Anima

    Death Wave Industrial track. (VOX, Synths, Shreddage, Chuggah)

    Mix and video for this song is done after a long search for a vocalist. Guy is good for the synthy metal style. I'm pretty happy with the production overall. Couple things I could have done better but nothing too bad. Lots of synth. There's synths everywhere. Even the synths have synths. It's...
  6. broj15

    So who wants to talk about synthesizers?

    Since this is a guitar forum probably no one, but I figured it was worth a shot :lol:. Either way, of you actually DO dabble with hardware synths let's talk about. What do you have? What do you wish you had? Links to any music you've made? Tips and tricks for fellow synth nerds? And of course...
  7. Serga Kasinec

    My new Album "Samael`s Tear" Heavy

    Hi Guys! Finally, I have released my new album called "Samael`s Tear". Its a fusion of Industrial, Djent, Melodic, Metal stuff. I`m a big fan of Black Sabbath, Ministry, Mick Gordon, Satriani, Andy James, Shokran, Keith Merrow I think that you'll find some similar energy of these Gods in my...
  8. Miijk

    Electronic/Industrial with a hint of ambiance(and GetGood Drums)

    Recently started to write some electronic music again and while I'm working on a concept EP I whiped this up last night! This song will not be on the EP tho, but I liked it so much I just had to upload it as a first release for the project! It tackles the subject of mental health since some...
  9. zerofocus

    Project 9: FFO Mick Gordon (DOOM Soundtrack) and 9 string grooves

    Hi I recently got asked to contribute some sound design for a friends new project which is heavily influenced by the Recent DOOM Game be awesome if you could check it out and give your opinions to the track as a whole this is still a demo so there is a lack of a bass layer...
  10. Cyanide_Anima

    Groove metal song, death growls, and shiny stuff.

    Sup guise! Finished another song. I like the vox Markus did on this one, really got that baby eating vibe going on here. Much heavy, so metal. The main riff is pretty simple and groovy/industrial/Turmion Katilot kinda vibe. That band rocks. Nothing really technical, it's driven mostly by the...
  11. The Distortionist

    Terrorbyte - "FU/FM" EP

    My activity on here in recent years has been lackluster at best. I've been really consumed with production work lately and haven't had much time for myself. For those of you who remember me or have paid attention/supported anything I post on here, this is probably the most personally...
  12. P

    Industrial djent?

    Hey guys, I have a new 20 minute EP out. Not sure what I should call it, but industrial djent comes to mind. Check it out, and feedback is appreciated: p.
  13. gh0Zt

    New band!

    Check us out if you like evil, dark eerie ambience! Lavender town (pokemon cover) There will be more heavy tracks coming soon (drop G and F#) Whynot send us your channel! whatever metal it is we like most sub genres from alternative to death metal to djent to nu...
  14. DXL

    Songs like Korn's Narcissistic Cannibal

    There's something about this song that just makes it absoultely legendary. First off the overall feel of the song. It kind of sounds like alternative gothic metal or something. Secondly I love the dubstep mixed with the instruments. It makes the guitars sounds really techy while then providing...
  15. N

    Tricky gear question: Dope, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, FFDP

    Can you help me figure this out? :idea: So, there is this piece of gear (I don't know whether it's an amp, cab simulator, DI box, pedal, multi effect or just lots of post EQ) that gives this distorted guitar sound its character. I'm thinking that maybe this sound is direct lined into...
  16. BrianWaymire

    7 String Progressive Metal-Critiques wanted!

    Screaming from Within This Void Neo Star Nova-Z - Screaming From Within This Void (Album Version) by Brian Michael Waymire on SoundCloud - Hear the world I've been really trying to improve my mixes and I feel I've come to a high point. What do YOU think? and just so I can "promote" it...
  17. U

    Unjustly Labeled Thread

    mod edit: since you're releasing stuff frequently let's put it in this thread Hi everyone, I just released a free EP. Tuned to G#0 standard (10-string tuning). Link here: Unjustly Labeled Written and recorded within two months as an experiment to see if a whole album played in such a low...
  18. jinxist

    Sentinal (SLS Blackjack/Garage Band/UX8) Here is the last song idea for the ep. I have wrote about 40 songs up to this point, with them all being potentially good for a demo or ep. The ep will be called Origin as of right now, and will probably drop sometime in september. Lots of mastering and...
  19. Decapitated666

    Strapping Young Lad Appreciation

    Title says it all! Easily one of my favorite bands of all time. Devin is such a mastermind and has really kept it up in his solo project now. But, the SYL days have easily been the most monumental in my eyes. So guys, what's your favorite album and why? Feel free to pull his solo project into...
  20. BrianWaymire

    2 free tracks from upcoming Neo Star nova-Z record

    ReverbNation Hey click the link and enjoy (and critique it to hell and back if you want) It's more or less metal oriented so maybe you guys can enjoy it!

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