1. X

    Agile Chiral Parallax - any point to the models with more than 8 strings?

    I noticed those beautiful headless models in Agile's repertoire some time ago: https://www.rondomusic.com/cgi-rondomusic/sb/productsearch.cgi?search_field=agile%20chiral%20parallax But Agile being Agile, they went completely overboard as usual and made them in 9 string or even 10 string...
  2. Leviathus

    Vai recording Halo 2 soundtrack

    If you're in the mood for a half hour potato quality video, I came upon this and thought I'd share. Go Steve Go! lol... :shred:
  3. Oesnume

    Greetings from Michigan!

    Hello hello, my name is Richard. I'm 23 and live in the SE thumb of Michigan. I've played guitar since 2009 and I've been recording since late 2015. I'm mostly self taught, excluding a year performing classical guitar in college. I own a Halo Clarus 7, though I barely touch the seventh string...
  4. E

    Would you be interested in a Halo Reaper 7 Review?

    I've had a Halo Reaper 7 for about 2.5 years now and have been able to compare it to a number of other 7 string guitars, as well as see how the components and guitar age. Rather than a run-of-the-mill first impressions review, this would be an in-depth one, with the pros and cons of the...
  5. Halo Custom Guitars

    Halo Merus-7 w/Juggernauts, free case and shipping*

    Now through Monday, 11/16, we're offering a bundle deal on the Halo Merus 7-string guitar with Bare Knuckle Juggernauts. The coupon code is "139OFF". Full Specs and some pics are below... Thanks! Catch Ruben Alvarez on tour with his Halo MERUS-7. His band, Upon a Burning...
  6. T


    Today, I received my Halo Seraphim 8, and I am thoroughly impressed with its build quality. I know that Halo has had some trouble in the past with its QA. This guitar is listed on their website $1799.99, and I bought it directly from Halo via E-bay for considerably less. However, I feel that...
  7. Gallardo147

    Halo Custom vs. EBMM JP (maybe X, XI, 12, or 13 models in 7 strings)

    Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade soon to a new 7 string and am moving up from the standard intro 7 string, Ibanez RG7321, to higher end guitar. I have been looking for a while at various EBMM JP guitars and am hoping to find one at a decent cost. However, I saw that I can potentially buy a Halo...
  8. Axewield31

    6 string multiscale

    I've been looking into multiscale guitars recently. I'm looking to buy one and have a budget of about $2000AUD, however I'd like to spend less than that if possible. I was originally looking at the Ormsby GTR run, and at the moment that's at the top of my list, however, I'm keen to look at...
  9. K

    Thinking of getting a Halo custom guitar, are they any good?

    I've been looking around for a good place to get a custom 8 string from that won't force me to go into debt for years. I was looking around and I originally went to Mayones, since I had the pleasure of playing one a while ago and I love how they look but the pricing is way out of my budget...
  10. vignmachine

    Halo Custom Guitars Morbus (Merus) 7 Review

    I haven't seen many reviews for any recent Halo guitars builds, so I decided to post my review here. I ordered a Halo Morbus 7 (now called the Merus) in December of 2012. I received the product in June 2013. As such, I have had ample time to review the guitar in a post-"new guitar day...
  11. R

    Semi Custom Shops

    Shopping around for a semi-custom shop. I have been looking for somewhere that can get me a all mahagony Neck through 7 with a quilted transparent finish top (ideally a natural back but i can do that myself if its not an option), Maple board, hard tail bridge, 27in scale yadda yadda yadda. I...
  12. Moe110

    Custom Halo Salvus 7

    So here it is! My first custom guitar! A massive thank you to Jeff Lee and everyone at Halo custom guitars for this amazing piece of work. As soon as I receive my Halo I will have some more photos, some video footage and (hopefully a decent) demo/review video. Im super excited about this...
  13. wyldeman71

    Halo guitars?

    Hello all. I've sort of known of Halo guitars for awhile, but just saw their new customization tool and built myself a pretty sweet looking guitar. I was just wondering about the quality of their instruments and if they are worth being in the $1500 range. Having never played or even seen one I...
  14. EdibleVypyr

    So.. Halo guitars?

    Hey all. I've been researching custom guitars for a while and I've come across Halo guitars, sad thing is they have a lot of bad reviews but those posts were back in like.. 06-09? so does anyone know if they've improved their quality since or has anyone bought one recently and if so can you...
  15. The Munk

    New Nekrogoblikon Video

    New Nekrogoblikon video. Tim's playin' a Reaper 7 string in this vid.
  16. Decapitated666

    My 6-strings.

    This guitar is totally older than me... :lol: But I scored it about 2 years ago and absolutely love it. It sounds great. I keep this one in standard tuning right now!
  17. crg123

    Halo Content: Double Neck 8??

    Just saw this on facebook when I was looking at their page (I'm not on their friend's list but it popped up as a suggested page). I thought it would spark some conversation here haha... its like a MAB guitar on steroids...
  18. T

    Halo guitars

    Anyone heard or used Halo guitars? Good? Bad? How good compared to the price?
  19. C

    Machine Head - Halo (Cover - Full Song + Solos)

    So this is my first video ever done ...:shred: This is a cover of Machine Head's Halo from their Blackening album... I've played all the solos also ... So please tell me what you think ... and I know while watching this you'll say : STOP touching that fuckin' volume :wallbash: I wasn't playing...
  20. The Munk

    Guitar Giveaway!

    The second annual 'Slaughter the by the Water' features a very special one night only, exclusive! Bay area appearance by New York thrash veterans 'Nuclear Assault', San Francisco legendary death "metallers" hometown heroes 'Autopsy', New Jersey thrash pioneers 'Whiplash', San Diego's finest...