1. capoeiraesp

    Ormsby Guitars 'hypemachine' run 2013

    Today saw the start of the Ormsby Guitars 'Hypemachine' run. I've flown back to Perth for my school holidays to oversee the build and keep everyone involved well informed and drooling. I'm going to share photos/videos primarily about the luthiery side of things here and I hope to see some of the...
  2. A


    I had two guitars stolen from me in Auburn, Washington a couple days ago. One of them was brand new that I had bought a week ago. If there's anyone that sees anything in pawn shops, on craigslist, on ebay, or anything that looks like these guitars, I would be eternally grateful. Please, please...
  3. T


  4. B

    Do you think these guitars are tight enough?

    Hey guys, im asking this question because i'm really insecure about this one. I just started quad-tracking and i'm not sure if this should be the result. Please, if you listen to the track leave a comment about it I need help. The track:
  5. Sytka

    Sabre Guitars Ghost AB-1 AF Signature

    Ok I'm new here, and this is my first review. Here's my Signature guitar: Sabre Guitars Ghost AB-1. This is the first Ghost model ever build. Is also available as fanned fret, or any kind of customization you want/like/desire. First impression is stunning. Very light-weight (ash body)...
  6. joebalaguer

    Hey Guys (Joe - ex Acacia Guitars employee)

    Hey everyone, I have recently left Acacia Guitars, and started this account up. They have someone else taking over their Forum/Social Media needs, and I am moving on to greener pastures. Long story short...we didn't meet eye to eye on some things, left on good terms, and that is that...
  7. H

    Innovative acoustic guitars by Riversong

    These look nice! This video shows the adjustable body angle and one piece neck of these guitars and also a bit on the manufacturing process: Video: Lee?s Music puts focus on innovative guitar manufacturing with Riversong Guitars venture | FP...
  8. capoeiraesp

    NGD: The Multiscale Owl 7

    SPECS: 7 String Multiscale 25.5-27.5" scale 20.5mm-23mm neck radius Swamp ash body 'Devil's carve' radiused top Tasmanian Blackwood neck Burled Walnut veneer Ebony Fretboard with Jumbo stainless steel frets Ormsby Nunchucker Alnico 8 & Old Skool+ noiseless single coil with coil-split and...
  9. Whitechapelx

    New to 8 string guitars - What to buy?

    So I'm looking to pick up my first 8 string, and don't really know what to get or what to look for. I briefly played a couple RG8's and Hellraiser 8's at guitar center recently and wasn't that impressed - I'm sure they were not properly set up. So if anyone recommends a well priced (under or...
  10. L

    Prog metal rhythm guitar mix

    How do the rhythm guitars here sound? What can be improved?
  11. leechmasterargentina

    Left-handed people using right-handed guitars. How many of us are here?

    Just wanted to know because I believe I'm not the only one. In fact, when I started playing the guitar I came to the conclusion that a right-handed guitar is in fact a left-handed guitar because, in my oppinion, the most difficult positions and movements are made with the left hand. I feel the...
  12. B

    Swamp ash body with BKP Aftermath?

    I'm considering getting a guitar built, i asked if the company could do swamp ash body bolt-on rosewood neck, but with aftermaths would it have way too strong of a mid range? should i go with cold sweats instead or change the body wood to basswood and keep aftermaths?
  13. Winspear

    Vik Guitars Domineer FF9 - The NGD.

    cSo here it is, after 3 years of dreaming and a year of building, the first Vik 9 string is done :D Build: Final specs: scale: 24.75"-29.25" - Perpendicular...
  14. J

    Help!(8 or 7)

    So a month or so ago I was about to purchase a Siggery Heresy 7. I play mostly octave stuff so my tuning would be drop F. Then I thought it would be a good idea to get an 8 string to do the job properly(Standard F). Now I torn between the siggery heresy 7(1200E thin as fuck and no neck...
  15. mattsmusic

    SICK Buncha Suhr's HERE!

    Wow... some of these are over the top gorgeous! Additional details can be seen on our site at John Suhr We ship for free inside the USA, charge no sales tax if you're outside of the USA and can get you 6 months 0% interest financing if you want it. Forum...
  16. B


    Hey guys- this is a test for my band's album coming out Wall of the Fallen | Facebook The Abyss (Master Test 1) by MattWOTF on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I want to run it past you guys to see if anyone hears anything terribly out of place in terms of...
  17. G

    Lepsky Guitars

    Hi evryone. I want to introduce you a new super high quality guitars from Syberia,Russia. Do you know AMT Electronics? so its not far))) So, these guitars have been build actually by single person - Evgeny Lepsky. unfortunately at the moment web site is just completely in Russia so please...
  18. E

    Best brand of custom built guitar TO YOU lol

    I think people were confused about my last thread and now it's closed idk why lol but of course the best brand would be subjective to the person playing I wasn't asking as if there was some single end all brand lol sorry I should have worded better, but I was just curious as to what everyone...
  19. SirJellyJam

    NGD: Ibanez RG-7321 W/Noob Mods

    I got this 7321 about a week ago With a Hardshell for $100 Both the guitar and case were in awesome condition. So far all I've done was add strap locks and Faux reflective silver binding, soon gonna be dropping some blackouts and considering adding a new top!
  20. Tjore

    Custom Specs, what do you think?

    I'm planning on getting a custom Ran sooner or later, and here's the specs I plan on sending in. I'm going for a sound that's heavy and bassy, yet crisp and clear. Let me know what you think! 6 strings Crusher shape 25.5" scale Bolt on (NTB heel) Mahogany body Carved maple top. (Natural finish)...