1. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - The Blackened Series (Limited Run)

    We're offering a limited run for this Black Friday, which has limited spots and set specs. The run closes on 12/1. All models have: - Stainless Steel Frets - Locking Tuners - Graphite Nut - Ebony Fingerboards NEEDS MORE BLACK:
  2. haieb

    Shooting a movie about Skervesen guitars. Post questions you'd like to have answered!

    Hey guys, I will be shooting a documentary about Skervesen and I would like to involve some community questions :) Post your questions that you'd like to have answered or any suggestions or ideas you have. The documentary will contain the history of the company and will show the build process...
  3. DIM3S0UL

    Dean Guitars Custom Shop Videos

    Few moments ago i discovered on Instagram that Dean has uploaded some videos about their custom shop. It's pretty unusal that brands upload custom shop stuff so i tought i share it here.
  4. owenmakesstuff

    Boring ass prog metal

    Hey guys, Here are some of my mixes and songs I've been doing for the last 6 months. I'm feeling my mixes are getting somewhat lackluster and I'm so immersed by the music that the riffs don't sound all that, ehm, immersive anymore. I'd like some...
  5. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - 2017 thread

    Hey all, We will be updating this thread with some semi-custom and full custom builds this year, as well as new custom options as they arise. After acquiring an International Distributor at Winter NAMM 2017, we are now able to ship anywhere outside of the USA or Canada for a flate $150 if you...
  6. O


    If you would like to promote your products here please register for a vendor account and limit promotion to the Dealers and Group Buys section of the site. You can register for a vendor account here: Paid Subscriptions
  7. Forkface

    Saito Guitars.

    I was prowling the various Japanese guitar websites and found this in ikebe, i thought it seemed interesting. Multiscale with a very particular bridge design. not going to buy it or anything, just wondering if anyobdy had seen them/played them before. Also they're quite expensive. And the...
  8. E

    Would you be interested in a Halo Reaper 7 Review?

    I've had a Halo Reaper 7 for about 2.5 years now and have been able to compare it to a number of other 7 string guitars, as well as see how the components and guitar age. Rather than a run-of-the-mill first impressions review, this would be an in-depth one, with the pros and cons of the...
  9. V

    Looking For A New Guitar

    I'm looking for a new guitar, a six string for sure. Preferebly Schecter, Ibanez or ESP (LTD). Max price is $800. Preferably passive pickups (my main guitar has active EMG'S), but actives are OK. Want a strat style body (as in M or MH from ESP, RG from Ibanez, etc..). Hoping for a few...
  10. M

    Brightest strings possible?

    Hey all! Just wondering what your recommendation would be for super-bright strings, cause to my ears, EBs are straight-up dead out of the pack, and D'Addarios sound a little dull. To clarify why I'm asking, most all my local shops have stopped carrying my current main strings (Dean Markley Blue...
  11. Metallipea

    SnakeBite Guitars

    Hello! I´m Maiko Saluorg from Estonia, Northern Europe. I am the main luthier and contact person of SnakeBite Guitars. We manufacture handmade custom guitars and basses, near our capital city of Tallinn. Our focus is to build fully personal guitars to meet players every need, we will...
  12. K

    Recording Guitars

    Hey everyone! I'm semi experienced with recording guitars, but I've only recorded with amp modelers that act as the audio interface such as the Pod HD Pro and the Axe Fx II... If i wanted to buy bias desktop and experiment with that, how would I hook everything up? Would I plug directly into...
  13. Finalformsora3

    Ormsby Guitars: "GTR run" (Possibility for lefties!!!)

    So Perry and a few others folks in general and a few lefties and myself, were discussing a little about a run of Ormsby's new production line of guitars being made in the works! These guitars/designs are being discussed within the Ormsby guitars group! (The SXGTR and HypeGTR). Also, if you are...
  14. Furyof

    How do you make guitars wider?

    Here is one of my songs. I mean it doesn't sound bad but I want my guitar mixes to come out more like KSE or AILD or something. To have that wider, kind of less muddy sound. Here is an example song Is...
  15. S

    /FT 5 Guitars

    PLEASE PM ME WITH OFFERS OR QUESTIONS, PREFER TO KEEP TRADES IN CANADA. FS/FT: Solid Guitars. Looking to sell or trade towards a super solid P style bass (as long as it growls and plays nice, I'm not sticky on the make) or EBMM JP6 All values are in Canadian dollars+OBO, add 17% for trade...
  16. T

    New to mixing

    essentially wanna learn to mix my own music but don't really know where to start. Any tips or pointers on where to begin would be a big help! I'm kinda going for the 'djent' sound (for lack of a better word), also if there's anything I should know prior to learning to mix etc, feel free to...
  17. The Q

    I have too many guitars!

    Jeez... I never expected to post this, but here goes. Guys, I have a problem. I have too many guitars. I have a plethora of guitars and it's affecting my musicianship. I know that in this place this must sound like a bad joke but it's true. Let me explain before you laugh about my 1st world...
  18. J

    What kind of guitars do you own?

    Hey! I'm wondering what kind of guitars you guys own? I own an Agile Interceptor Pro 727 in Tribal Red, an Agile Intrepid 828 in tobacco burst, a Schecter C1 Elite in Amber, and an Ibanez RG920QMZ in blue cobalt surge. :hbang:
  19. T

    Clean Vocals

    I just recorded a band earlier today and I can't get the cleans to sound good. How do you guys go about recording/mixing clean vocals? Also, if you wanna hear some of what i've recorded:
  20. T

    Break down the recording process to a track you've worked on

    People = Shit | Through My Eyes ^^ This is a cover that my band, Through My Eyes, recorded a month or two back. Everything was self produced, and no stems were used. We started from scratch! 1) I imported the original song into my pro tools session. Since the band did not record to a...