1. ThomasVB

    My guitar collection shown in a video

    Hi all, I just made a video of my whole guitar collection just for fun and to practice speaking English in front of a camera. There are a few 7 strings in there too. Anyway, just a lighthearted video, nothing too serious. If you got any questions regarding some of my guitars, feel free to ask...
  2. D

    Hi from DrZ

    Hey everybody been lurking this forum for like 10 yrs but decided I'd like to share some things I'm selling and low and behold there's requirements so I'm working on that. Anyway I'm a collector who buys/trades/sells probably 100+ guitars and amps a year in my quest for ultimate tone. I'm a...
  3. sadomano

    Legator Guitars

    Recently I have been looking for a guitar around 700 euro and i came across Legator N6P black model but when I did some research on it i couldn't see any reviews and about other models, reviews are very mixed up. So any of you by chance has some knowledge or experience about these guitars and if...
  4. RandomRob_311

    [NGD] XTN Hägglmoo 7 string (X-Style Headless)

    Hey guys, This will be a pretty long review so I put the conclusion up front :D Conclusion: do you ever had a guitar that got you on first sight? The first time I saw this beauty I knew "this is your guitar!" For a overall price of 1500€ i would rate this guitar a 8,5 out of 10. There are...
  5. K

    Be careful with Steiner Kraus Guitars. Also Mörk Verden who is Steiner Kraus? It's all confusing.

    I’m writing this post to warn you about the lack of professionalism and ethics of Steiner Kraus guitars. Back in June 2018 Steiner Kraus started offering DIY kits of his models, so I contacted him regarding a kit of his valkerye model. On June 13th, 2018 I purchased a valkerye DIY kit 7 strings...
  6. JustinRhoads1980

    Need help choosing..

    Alright guys I need some opiniones on this shit. I plan on getting another schecter after my SLS elite and I need help deciding what to get. I mainly play S style guitars (except for my solo-ii) and I want something dope looking. Here are my two options: Schecter E-1 FRS jake pitts and the...
  7. ChugThisBoy

    ViK Guitars - comeback thread.

    So I just saw a sponsored post on Facebook from ViK guitars. Now, I'm pretty new to the whole drama so I'll just leave the statement here as I didn't see any thread about this yet. Also, new website is coming up: OFFICIAL STATEMENT: “For the last few years there have...
  8. RiksRiks

    In honor of the fallen "First guitars"

    Hey everyone. I don't know if this is the appropriate forum to post this, if it's not, mods feel free to move or delete this post. Earlier today I was remembering my first guitar, a starter pack Strat-shaped "Starcaster" by Fender. That guitar opened my mind to the world of music and in many...
  9. Leviathus

    Why are sticky's locked in "Sevenstring Guitars" ?

    It's been like this for a while, did something happen that i'm unaware of or is it just a mistake?
  10. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - Online Guitar & Bass Configurators

    We've been working on these with a developer for about 2 1/2 - 3 months now and they're finally LIVE: Post the builds you come up with!
  11. Metropolis

    NGD: Solar A2.6TBLM

    Another Solar! First impressions about this guitar were convincing, great guitar for this price. Nothing bad to say about fretwork, fit or finish, overall feel is very solid. I'm used to thinner neck profiles, but this feels comfy and playable. Action is low when I got it set up for my needs...
  12. JustinRhoads1980


    I have a marshall dsl40c that I really like and plan to keep, but I have a problem. I am a bedroom player and cannot have it at the desired volume to which I get the pure sound from it. I have been hinted from a friend to look into attenuators, but it is so confusing which one to choose! I...
  13. JustinRhoads1980

    What is your guys favorite guitar brands?

    For me it is Jackson USA all the way. I personally cannot get enough of their stuff including the custom stuff. A second option would be schecter if there is something that Jackson can't provide me at a lower cost or either Schecter just has something I really like. A third if I had to list...
  14. JustinRhoads1980

    Need help with Pickups.

    Hey I have a question that has been asked time again and again and has probably gotten redundant to all of you. Pickups suggestions. My Jackson USA soloist has the stock JB/59' pickups and although they are very versatile, I feel they don't do metal all that well. I want something that...
  15. JustinRhoads1980

    What do you guys think about the new Mick Thomson SIGS?

    So Mick Thomson officially joined Jackson guitars in 2017 and unveiled his limited custom shop soloist in a deep blood metallic finish going for $5k. This year at NAMM 2018 we see now he has a usa line and a pro series line of his guitar. (His limited run of only 14) So this year he now has a...
  16. TheUnknownOne

    Cort Guitars 2018 Lineup

    So the korean brand announced a bunch of new models for 2018, including a refresh of their KX and X lines. Nothing groundbreaking or innovative but the brand might offer good bank for the buck workhorses guitars KX Series KX100 link specs : CONSTRUCTION Bolt-On BODY Basswood NECK...
  17. J

    Agile Septor 727 Pickup change?

    I plan on getting an Agile Septor 727 very soon but I've done a lot of research and I've heard many bad things about the stock Cepheus Passive 7 pickups. I've looked around and I can't seem to find and recommendations on what pickups I could fit into this guitar without having to do much work to...
  18. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - 2018 Thread

    With a new year, comes new options/models/pedals and more. Please swing by our booth 3151 @ Winter NAMM 2018 if you'll be there and say hi! One of the most exciting parts of 2018 so far, is the release of The Astra. My take on a classic singlecut design but with modern construction and...
  19. hodorcore

    NAMM 2018 Abasi Guitars Thread

    Gentlemen, It looks like Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders will be launching his own Guitar Company soon. You can sign up for their newsletters here: Do you think we...
  20. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - Multiscale Now Available

    We've received requests for Multiscale options over the last year and I'm excited to announce that we are now officially offering a few different fans on all models! Check out the demo here: