1. S

    Drop F on a 28" scale 6 string

    Anyone else tuning to G/Drop F on a 6? I'm not much of an 8 string player (I will be, don't you worry) but I do a fair bit in that range on baritone 6's and 7's. Just wondering what string gauges you guys tend to throw on a low F on a 28in scale. Here's a link to a song in F my band threw out...
  2. omentremor

    006 or 007 electric guitar strings

    Hey guys Im using a tuning that needs a high GH (2 tones higher than the high standard E) and I live in a smallish town in Australia. Im having problems finding any 006 or 007 guage strings (Im using said tuning on a baritone and the lightest string I can find in a shop is 008, which snapped...
  3. darkdarkdoor

    String guage question

    Heya guys, first time making a post on here. Anyway, I have a Shecter Blackjack C-7. Atm, I'm running it with a 10 guage string set with a added 60 guage single. Standard tuning, (low) B to (high). I want to drop the B to A, but it flops out. I'm curious as to how thick I can go in order to...
  4. teamSKDM

    Elixir string drop B guage questions

    I tried using the search, and it showed no help for some reason. Anyways, I have an ibanez rga121 that im gonna be setting up in drop B, and The only strings I really trust are elixir. Elixirs themselves are alright really tight due to the coating they put on them,at least tighter than...
  5. W

  6. gr8Har V

    Yet another string guage thread

    I have a 25.5" scale on my 7 string (has a floyd rose with a blocked bridge, if it matters) and I have a .060 at my 7th string. I find it's tightness is perfect for me at C, half step up from standard. it also goes to drop Bb perfectly so i can play an open Bb 5th chord without it sounding like...
  7. gr8Har V

    String guage for unique tuning?

    I want my 7 string down one and a half steps to C#-C# with G# on the 7th, but also to change sporadically to drop F#. I'm thinking .11-.52 w/ a .60 in the 7th. & the scale length is 25.5 :scratch: opinions???
  8. MaxOfMetal

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Many questions that often comes up on the boards are those involving string gauge. This thread will help to create a knowledge base of sorts to help guitarists with their string gauge woes. To aid me in creating this, I have chosen to use this string tension calculator: String Guage and...
  9. kazE

    String guage for drop C/B

    I know this question has been asked before and I've done my share of research but I haven't found a clear answer. I'll be using drop C mostly in a floyd rose guitar, occasionally I'll go down to B. .52 Elixer's were suggested to me, does that sound right? Do you think getting custom individual...