1. D

    Is .064 Gauge good enough for Drop E?

    So I've been wondering lately if I can use D'Addario NYXL set from .011 - .064 gauges and if they can go down to Drop E and still sound good and clear. I use a JBM27 Ibanez and been using a Ernie Ball 8 string set .013 - .074 gauges but the highest tuning I can get is Drop F. I usually play from...
  2. HumanFuseBen

    This is Why You Suck at Guitar: The secret to changing tunings on a Floyd!!

    True Believers and Floyd Rose Fanatics! The new episode of This is Why You Suck is just for you! Ever wanted to rip your hair out while trying to change tunings or string gauges on your tremolo-equipped guitar? Boy do i ever have a cool trick for you. Using my method, you'll be able to change...
  3. AstetikSI

    String Gauges for Drop C with a Low G?

    Ive been playing my 7 string in drop C (GCGCFAD). I plan on keeping this tuning for a while, so Im gonna go get my guitar setup properly for this tuning this week. My guitars scale length is 26.5". Any recommendations on string gauges? Im specifically looking for recommendations for the...
  4. Cheap

    The Contortionist 6-String Tuning Help

    Last night I saw The Contortionist and I was blown away by what those dudes are doing. I would've asked them, but the bands had to leave early to get to the next show so only their merch guys stuck around. My questions are as follows: What the eff tuning are they playing on their 7's for...
  5. neurosis

    Truss rod adjustment, fret buzz and RG2228 problems

    (to the mods: If you feel this should be a continuation of my topic on string gauges please let me know and I will move this into a post over there) A few months back I got a RG2228. I have been trying different adjustments and gauges for a while and nothing felt good. The strings where...
  6. Vince Caruana

    Anyone know what strings pat o'brien from cannibal corpse uses with his baritones??

    Looking into a baritone 7 and id like to be able to tune to Bb and G# standard. I have a set of 10-54s and a 64 on my 25.5 and my middle strings are too tight in Bb, I never drop it past A standard. I'm sure he prolly swaps guitars but I like the tone he can get from both tunings. Regardless...
  7. M

    Ernie Ball Cobalt 7 String Set

    I'm thinking about trying these strings for drop g tuning on my 26.5" Schecter Hellraiser C-7. What do you guys think of them? Here's a link. Ernie Ball 2730 Cobalt 7-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings | Musician's Friend
  8. frakthygods

    String Gauges (Drop F#)

    so i want to tune to drop f# using a 6 string guitar. im guessing im going to have to be using 7/8 string sets? What gauges? Help me out guise
  9. Vince Caruana

    Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR in C standard

    I was originally planning on getting this beast set up with these gauges for Bb tuning 10,13,17,30,42,52,70. I'm starting to get a bit tired of tuning so low and am considering getting it set up a half step to C standard. What gauges would I need for similar tension? I definitely don't wanna go...
  10. S

    Acoustic 7-String guitar string gauge

    Hello I recently bought an Ibanez AW seven string acoustic and it's time for a string change both because the previous owner didn't really do much maintenance to it, but also because I'd feel more comfortable tuning it like my electric 7 strings. Unfortunately I haven't got much...
  11. Rotatous

    Good brand for custom 7 string gauges, .011-.072

    Title says it all- what's generally considered the best brand/company for this? Nobody seems to make a pack of strings with the right gauges for me, and they definitely don't have them at guitar center anymore so I thought I might as well order a custom pack. Thanks!
  12. Vince Caruana

    The Black Dahlia Murder scale and gauges

    Anyone know what gauge strings and scale length they're using?
  13. Vince Caruana

    Circle K 10-82 in F?

    I'm lookin to string an agile septor elite 827 with the right gauges in F standard. Was thinking about the circle k set with gauges 10, 14, 18, 24, 33, 45, 61, 82. I'm definetely looking for something very snappy and tight for faster playing (along the lines of nevermore). Anyone know how these...
  14. 7stringDemon

    Going to make wooden plugs! What all do I need?

    Hey guys! As a fun side project, I'm going to make use out of my scrap woods that are too small for guitars and make plugs for my friends and a few people around me who might want to buy some. I have good woodworking experience, so that won't be an issue. But I DO need some info on...
  15. Vince Caruana

    String tension

    I've looked into string tension charts but I can't find one that goes above a 54. Pretty simple question. How much of a difference would there be between a 64 on a 25.5" compared to a 60 on a 27"?
  16. Vince Caruana

    Trying to make sure I choose the right guitar.

    I currently play an ESP FM 418. As much as I love this guitar it has a few issues, which being the 1st 8 string I've owned has taught me over the past few years why these issues are occuring. It has a 25.5" scale and the gauges I use are .10 .13 .17 .30 .42 .52 .64 .74. I prefer to tune to...
  17. S

    String Gauge Questions

    Hey there, sorry if this stuff has been said in multiple threads. I couldn't find any straight answers for my specific questions. So first, I need to find strings. I have a Carvin DC800. I really like thick gauge strings. I like not being able to bend them easily and I like the solid sound. I...
  18. C

    Whats your string gauge?

    Just want to get an idea of peoples string gauge choices when tuned in E STANDARD. I used to use 9-42 with a 56 for my low B. Recently changed to 9-46 with a low 62. Not sure which i prefer yet but just want to hear some opinions from you guys and your gauges!!
  19. J

    Need help with 7 setup!

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I just bought an Ibanez RG 7420, with a 7620 neck (circa 2000?). I took it to a local music store to get some new strings on it. I figured I'd put a regular batch of 6 strings on it (.10-.46) with a thicker 7th string (.66) so I can play in A flat. When I got it back...
  20. MaxOfMetal

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Many questions that often comes up on the boards are those involving string gauge. This thread will help to create a knowledge base of sorts to help guitarists with their string gauge woes. To aid me in creating this, I have chosen to use this string tension calculator: String Guage and...