1. Chronophobia

    Online metal, hardcore, prog collab

    Looking to collab with someone online combining influences from stuff like sludge metal, hardcore, math rock, prog, fusion, death metal and noise rock. I'm no songwriting expert but my favourite stuff I've written tends to come from working with unusual rhythms, chord progressions, moods, etc...
  2. Roberto Djentz

    Anybody wanna record a solo over a song I'm struggling to complete?

    Just looking for inspiration and help with a track that I'm stumped on, I can't seem to figure out what to put in the clean/bass spot. I kinda imagine a Plini/intervals/Sithu style shred... But I also kinda suck at guitar 😅😩 Here is the track (unfinished) for a general idea. Anyone and...
  3. huhngott

    Living Impressions - MAYA (Feat. Zack Brannon) FFO Prog Metal/Djent/Fusion

    Maya is now available worldwide at all streaming platforms! Shout out to Zack Brannon for the incredible Guest Solo, Gabe Pietrzak (Visenya) for the Tight Mix and Master and Jacoba Webber for the Beautiful Artwork. ________________________________ Keep track of my work at...
  4. C

    7 strings rocking!!! [progressive]

    Just listened to a very cool song. Ibanez 7 strings in action :) Stay safe all the best
  5. G

    Say I wanted to learn how to write rock fusion...

    I've been browsing the interwebs for a while trying to find a book, pdf., course that teaches from the ground up how to play rock fusion, or fusion for that matter, on the style of Greg Howe, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, among other prime examples of the style... So far I've encountered...
  6. H

    I'm putting out my first album on April 15th

    Hello all, I'm releasing the first volume of my project "Of the Sky" on the April 15th If you are interested, you can pre-order the album on hassaniqbal.bandcamp.com Thanks!
  7. _Mick_

    NGD - Order for one Strandy Burgers

    Pr0n first Since I currently own a stable of around 14 Ibanez guitars, something different was required to break monotony and inspire something different. Enter this Strandberg Fusion 6. This thing is actually sick af. Being in Australia gave me very small amounts of opportunity to...
  8. Ilia Tilev

    Ilia Tilev - AMÉLIE EP (ProgRockFusion)

    Hello everyone i wanted to share my EP with you.. A lot of sweaty months :D and hard work to release this ep. Struggling with the mixing a lot since i'm just in my untreated bedroom but after many hours i think it turned out decent ;) Hope you'll enjoy it.. Timestamp: 01 - Elowen Part I: 0:00...
  9. Ilia Tilev

    hello fellow music lovers ;)

    Hello guys i'm Ilia from Bulgaria (never heard of this place? :D).. I've been making music since 16-17 but i've been playing guitar and a little bit of keyboards since 21 (yeah i know pretty late) now i'm 25 soon in 10 days i will be 26. ;) I'm self though at everything i do. I'm interested in...
  10. kentays

    My debut full-length! Mixing jazz, metal, dense instrumentation!

    Hey SS.org! Hope you're having a great day. I just released my debut record 2 days ago! Soundwise, it's a blend of my university education (jazz/modern jazz) and a healthy dose of my love for all things progressive metal (I guess I just never got over my highschool djent phase :) I covered all...
  11. kentays

    (Jazz/Metal Album) For those of you who like sax/piano over your metal riffs

    Hi SS.org! Hope I don’t bother this subforum too much with my jazz/Metal/art music/self-promotion threads I’m releasing an album joined by some of my favorite musicians and collaborators from my time living/studying in New York. I’m super happy to have a huge range of instrumentalists and...
  12. Cesarguitar

    CG Project - She's The Danger (First single of my first album!)

    Hi everyone, i want to share with you guys the first video of my upcoming first album "Running in Circles" The album is an instrumental record and has a lot of rock fusion, jazz fusion, blues rock, traditional jazz and prog rock. Sadly i didn't use a seven string in the album lol. I hope you...
  13. MerlinTKD

    Pickups for Aaron Marshall / Intervals -type on basswood 7?

    Been super into Aaron Marshall's instrumental Intervals stuff lately (especially since seeing them live!); I've got an LTD M-207 that I just don't use anymore, but I still dearly love, and it hit me it would perfect to do Intervals-type fusion on. Right now, it's got BKP Painkillers, which I...
  14. SevenHillz

    Which cab and poweramp to buy?

    Hello guys! I'm looking for a 2x12 cabinet std or vertical which sounds tight in the low mids with musical, not harsh highs. I'm playing 7 string guitars (djent/prog) and I also have a fusion/funk style band (more classic strat tone). I'm looking for a versatile cab to use with my Kemper...
  15. guitaardvark

    Need Jazz Fusion Recommendations Like CHON That Aren't Chon

    I've been listening to Chon on repeat for a year and want to branch out. I don't even know if most would consider them Jazz Fusion, but I'm looking for other bands that have fun grooves and dense, oblique harmonies. The shredding/insane technical facilities are great, but I don't really care for...
  16. Lukhas

    NGD: Harley Benton Fusion-HH FR MN Aqua - Pro Series

    Id est: 90+% of the Indonesian Ibanez are now worthless. :cond: Specifications right there: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_fusion_hh_fr_mn_aqua.htm As an addition, the fretboard is satin finished on the back and finished with something that looks like polyester on the fretboard. The...
  17. Bryancap7

    FS Strandberg Boden Fusion

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Strandberg Boden Fusion Trans-Black Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Gig bag included Location (City,State or City,Country): St. Louis, MO International OK? : Yes, buyer pays of course. Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM here...
  18. Slunk Dragon

    Arch Echo - Happiest Prog Metal Ever

    A quick search turned up no threads talking about these guys. I think they need some serious love going. I just found out about them, and oh my god it's like a lovechild of Dream Theater, CHON, and Super Mario. And they're all so freaking happy, too! Like you can tell these guys genuinely enjoy...
  19. S

    Indian Prog Fusion

    So me and the lads released our debut single a month or so ago. Thoughts appreciated, roast us fam. YouTube :
  20. DaybridgeGhost

    Recorded a song and used it to generate mathematical patterns

    I fed my music into some mathematical equations and got some cool patterns. For those interested, the equations I used were Gray Scott reaction-diffusion equations. They take the following form: I wrote a program with the equations above to generate evolving patterns that depend on the...