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  1. O

    New 8 string Progressive Metal!

    How's it going y'all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I recently got my Eleven Rack back with Pro Tools so I'm back at full capacity, still rusty on things but here's the mix so far, as always critique and feedback welcome, and if you have any original content please share...
  2. O

    New Metal Song?

    Howdy y'all! Here's a track I was recently working on, I bounced the song at two minutes and I'm still working on it, just wanted to share! Let me know what you thinK! And if you have any original progressive metal please share! Song :
  3. T

    Shows getting canceled

    My band Through My Eyes was going to be playing with Villains today in the quad cities, but unfortunately due to their trailer being robed in St. Louis last night (they are accepting donations to replace their stolen gear). Has anyone had an awesome show canceled on them? If so, what was the...
  4. T

    Places to tour

    Hows it hanging touring bands? What are your favorite states to tour? I really like PA and the City of St. Louis. Music | Through My Eyes
  5. T

    Anyone heard Bilo?

    You guys need to listen to this album, it's insane. Some of the most ingenious songwriting i've ever heard! My band almost had him guest on our newest album but it fell through :/ Still though check it out it's one of the best albums out there! Bilo 3.0 | David Maxim Micic Also, if you...
  6. T

    Opinions on Through My Eye's newest release 'Victoria'

    We released our newest album 'Victoria' a few months ago, and have been touring it around for a little while. What are your opinions on the record? Listen to it for free here: Victoria | Through My Eyes BTW, for some reason the bandcamp streaming of the album makes it sound over...
  7. O

    New Metal idea!

    Howdy y'all!!! Just wanted to share this new idea I've been messing with lately. This is still a work in progress but I wanted to share anyways! Feedback is always welcome, and definitely share some of your newer tracks too if you have any! Don't forget to follow on SoundCloud...
  8. O

    New Song! Acoustic transition to 8 string electric guitar!

    So… after a very long time, I recently started messing around with recording with my microphone again. I mainly use DI to track my guitars, and since I don’t really record a lot of acoustic I don’t really have the need to use a mic often, aaaaaand because of this I don’t really practice...
  9. O

    Original Progressive Metal Demo from 2013! Free download!

    Howdy yawl! :hbang: Here is a short demo from 2013, I wrote all the music from about April to November. Although the songs aren't wrote or performed on a seven string or extended range guitar, I still wanted to share it with anyone who might like progressive music in general, hence the post...
  10. O

    New Original 8 String Metal!

    Howdy yawl! I recently got an 8 string Ibanez RGA8 and started writing some new material, let me know what you think! I try and upload new ideas regularly. Any sharing, liking, and/or commenting would be much appreciated! :hbang:
  11. AryaBara

    Athenian's New Single 'Blossom Decay' (Metalcore/Metal)

    Hi guys! My band, Athenian , just released our new single titled "Blossom Decay" on Soundcloud for free download. If you guys could please check it out, I would greatly appreciate it! Any feedback is also greatly appreciated! Athenian - Blossom Decay Enjoy! :wavey:
  12. Goatfork

    New EP. Free Download. Drop E, Agile, SD2/MF, Progressive Death Metal

    My second EP Obsidian Depths has just been released. This three movement piece entails the narrative of an ancient, forgotten, and vengeful god. Annihilation: the purest cleansing. Please take a listen: It is available for...
  13. S

    My First Ep A Dip Into Progressive Rock/ Free Download

    Long builds, weird effects, overall mood and nifty melodies were some of the things I tried to focus on. No its not heavy. No my tone probably won't go down in the record books, but I spent 3 months writing mixing and mastering and In the back of my mind I really couldn't wait to show it off to...
  14. U

    Unjustly Labeled Thread

    mod edit: since you're releasing stuff frequently let's put it in this thread Hi everyone, I just released a free EP. Tuned to G#0 standard (10-string tuning). Link here: Unjustly Labeled Written and recorded within two months as an experiment to see if a whole album played in such a low...
  15. Ruan7321

    Megalodon - Duke Nukem Tribute for your listening pleasure :)

    Hey guys. In preparation for the South African leg of the Battle for Wacken we decided to rerecord our Duke Nukem Tribute Song and release it as a free download for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!!! :hbang:
  16. nojyeloot

    New AILD song "Cauterize" available for FREE.

    Nick Hipa just posted this on his fb page. Pretty dang sweet. Free download and enjoy :cool:
  17. M

    New Instrumental Progressive Metal EP

    Hello friends, I just want to share my music. If you like heavy, jazzy or progressive music please check out my new instrumental EP Lazy Bones. You can stream it or download for free from bandcamp. If you like it please share with your friends. Thanks all for listening! :hbang...
  18. Kripa

    New Instrumental "Corneal Refraction" - free mp3 download

    hello everyone... here's a new short instrumental track named Corneal Refraction from my solo project Nirob .... plz check it out and leave your valuable comments & criticisms... and also feel free to download the mp3 if u like it... thanks :hbang: Corneal Refraction by Ronny Sinha on...
  19. D

    Sorrowful Angels has made the "Omens" EP available as a free download.

    Sorrowful Angels has made the "Omens" EP available as a free download. You can get the tracks at this location. DOWNLOAD LINK: Sorrowful Angels - Omens Promo EP.rar NOTE: You may need to copy the link directly to your browser as some people have reported issues when clicking directly...
  20. TimSE

    Tempus Fusion: 2 songs up for Free Download!

    Hey dudes! Got 2 tunes up for free download :yesway: Tempus Fusion | Facebook follow it through to the BandPage tab and away you go! In other news: this time next month I will be re-recording these with my Powerball and self releasing a 1hr long Album for free download - there will...