fishman fluence

  1. S

    well now that the fishman will adler signature is avalible in black nickel and nickel too

    i have 2 guitars with fishmans now (yeah i got them and installed them in a very quick time since the last posts) one with devin townsend and one with moderns, i dont want to make another guitar active as that will be the stratocaster i have which id rathar keep with singlecoil and non active...
  2. S

    cant pick between fishman modern, willie adler and devin townsend

    so far from hearing non compressed tracks of all the fishman pickups, with my studio monitors and monitoring headphones, those 3 are my favorites but i cant choose between them, i will list what i didnt like about the other ones if that will help. kse voice 1 sonds like fluence modern v1 with...
  3. S

    what are your rankings for the fishman pickups voicings

    so kinda a contiuation to my last post about the kiesel ct6, i emailed kiesel said theyll get me pickups and repalce them for free if theyre fishman, since they work with them. so what are you guys rankings for each fishman pickups voicing
  4. sock5150

    Passive EMG81/85 Alternatives

    Hello to all, Long-time lurker and first-time poster here. I sold my seven-string a little more than a year ago to finance a custom guitar build. Now that I have disposable income for my hobbies again, I'd like to get a new seven-string ESP LTD guitar, since I've had a lot of good experiences...
  5. S

    Need help picking between fishman fluence Devin Townsend set and seymour duncan black winter set

    i listened to some pickups and those 2 are the ones i like most by far, but i cant pick between them. the guitar im playing is a prs 24 with mahogany body, set thru maple neck, 25 scale length and rosewood fingerboard. i mostly play thrash, groove metal, and some nu metal (most times its only...
  6. JNinja504

    New 2022 Legator OT7F Stealth Black Protoype FS/FT

    Bought this one brand new from the Legator store on Reverb a few months ago. The Tele style body isn’t gelling with me. Looking to trade for ESP/Ibanez guitars. Iron/Axion Label 7s Ibanez Uppercut Rdg Etc. Purchased for $1500, has 2-3 hrs of playtime on it. Specs : Ash Body Roasted Maple...
  7. Steinmetzify

    NGD Caparison

    So I picked up the 'Caparison Guitars TAT Special FX "Metal Machine" Adam Dutkiewicz Signature - Trans Spectrum Black' and that's a fuckin mouthful. I love one pickup/one knob guitars, I love 25.5" scales for drop C, I love Killswitch and it just seemed like a good fit. I've been low key eyeing...
  8. D

    Help - Fishman Fluence EP1's in another guitar.

    Hey everyone, got a bit of an odd one here and I think that this forum can help me with it. So a friend of mine has a set of the Fishman Pickups that came out of one of those Epiphone LP Prophecy guitars that he's willing to sell me for what seems like an absolute steal (around $200 CAD)...
  9. Amar's Music

    The best metal guitar for the price! Schecter C7 SLS Elite

    So today is an OGD (is that a thing?). I have had this guitar for a few years now but I never gave it a proper demo. The Schecter C7 (FR) SLS Elite may very well be the best metal guitar in its price! This guitar is made in Korea and features a swamp ash body with a very comfortable maple arch...
  10. ShiroNekoMusic

    Caparison TAT Special 7 Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi+Original Pickups

    Hello, I'm selling my Caparison TAT Special 7 with a set of Fishman Fluence Abasi installed. It's a superb guitar, with perfect action, insane stability and amazing tones but it just doesn't fit my playstyle too much so I'm putting it here for trades or cash. Location: Madrid, Spain...
  11. B

    Versatile Pickups for Metal: Fishman or Bare Knuckle?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to upgrade my electronics, and I've been having a hard time deciding on what might be the best fit. I have an Ibanez Iron Label S shape with stock Dimarzio passive humbuckers in an HSH configuration. I'm playing into a PRS MT15 with custom cabs and an array of pedals. In...
  12. S

    Active Pickup Shootout

    Like I mentioned in the Fluence Thread: I was bored and I had some actives at home, so i tested them out. Everybody can upload something if they want to So on this comparison i used the Neural DSP Omega plugin and Reaper as my DAW. Nothing post processed. I only adjusted the input volumes for...
  13. C

    Fishman modern fluence ground problem

    I've recently swap my pickup for the modern fluence by fishman, although I pretty sure im getting a ground problem, when i touch the middle cable in the b0-a0 section on the 3 way switch everything works, the current configuration is with 1 vol and 1 tone pot
  14. ThomasVB

    Active Bridge Pickup Comparison: EMG 57 vs EMG 81 vs Fluence Modern vs Fluence Devin Townsend

    A very long time since I made some YouTube stuff, so I just made this comparison video. I personally think the difference between EMG and Fishman is that the Fishmans are a little bit more mid scooped. I think it all comes down to personal preference and probably depending on your amp/setup...
  15. EvanAxel

    Copic Markers on Fishman Fluence pickups?

    Hello all! I am an artist who wants to get into guitars and guitar modding. After hearing what the Fishman Fluence Abasi signatures can do, I was hooked. Ive been planning on getting a set of white pickups for my guitar for a personal modding project. However, I have an idea to draw a simple...
  16. zenonshandro

    Pickup Rec: Jackson KV2 w/Floyd Rose

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 black USA made Jackson King V. Somehow, in the past I got it in my head that SD Dimebuckers were the coolest pickup in the world so I ended up putting one in the bridge AND one in the neck. When using the middle position it's actually got a super cool sound. They were...
  17. Tsathoggua

    Seeking Pickup Advice

    Greetings, I want to replace the stock Harley Benton pickups in my fanfret 8 with something nicer. However, I'm not sure which route to go, so I'm seeking some advice from people more knowledgable in guitar equipment than me! Some things to keep in mind: -I'm located in mainland Europe, so...
  18. M

    Upgraded cheap guitar vs expensive guitar

    I wonder what would be the guitar that has the best sound and playability (I DON'T CARE ABOUT RESELLING VALUE) between getting a cheap guitar like a Jackson JS22-7 and putting Fishman fluence moderns in it, Graph tech gt pq 5000 00 nut and gotoh sge-04 machine heads and also give it a...

    FT BNEW Fluence Modern set (6 string) Black Nickel to 6 string Tosin Abasi set.

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Brand new Fishman Fluence Modern 6 string set in Black Nickel. Accessories (hardshell case etc): All wiring, pots, and manual that comes w/ the box. Location (City,State or City,Country): San Francisco, CA International OK? : no Contact Info (No...
  20. ApixaMonkey

    Blacking Out a Eastman Jazz Guitar

    Some updates of my recent mods off my Eastman 186 hollow body jazz guitar. The idea, inspiration coming from Devin T.’s older sig - a jazz type guitar installed with EMGs, he described it as Les Paul guitar with lots of clean, basically a do everything guitar. So I took my Eastman and start to...