fishman fluence modern

  1. S

    cant pick between fishman modern, willie adler and devin townsend

    so far from hearing non compressed tracks of all the fishman pickups, with my studio monitors and monitoring headphones, those 3 are my favorites but i cant choose between them, i will list what i didnt like about the other ones if that will help. kse voice 1 sonds like fluence modern v1 with...
  2. Amar's Music

    The best metal guitar for the price! Schecter C7 SLS Elite

    So today is an OGD (is that a thing?). I have had this guitar for a few years now but I never gave it a proper demo. The Schecter C7 (FR) SLS Elite may very well be the best metal guitar in its price! This guitar is made in Korea and features a swamp ash body with a very comfortable maple arch...
  3. c_hamrick23

    Pickup Height Adjustment Issue...

    Hey all, I thought I'd come here for some advice since I've been a longtime lurker of the forums but never here's my situation: Just got a new guitar with some fishman fluence pickups. It was set up perfectly out of the box, however within about an hour of playing it I started to...
  4. Sgt.Mooseknuckles

    HELP - Installing Fishman Fluence Modern on a 1 volume and no tone knob guitar

    Hello! So I have a guitar with a single volume knob and no tone knob and I would like to install my Fishman Moderns on it but I'm pretty lost and intimidated by it... How would i route them to be able to use the push pull feature? The guitar has a 3 way switch and a kill switch. Is there a...
  5. The Mirror

    [NGD] Cort KX500 Etched Black

    We all know what really matters in the beginning: Basics: - 25.5 " Scale - Rather flat 15.75 " Fretboard Radius - 24 Frets - Mahagony Body with Sand Blasted Ash Burl Top - 5 Pieces Maple & Amaranth Neck - Cort Locking Tuners - Fluence Modern PUs - 2 Push/Pull Potis, Coil Split in Tone...
  6. sessionswan

    FS Ibanez RGIF7 Multiscale 7 string w/Fishman Modern pickups

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Used Ibanez RGIF7 in good shape, there are a few dings and spots rubbed off of the finish around the top edge of the body but in great playing condition and sounds huge thanks to the upgraded Fishman Fluence Modern pickups (they’re the 8 string...
  7. Xerge

    NGD: Strandberg OS7 with Fishman Moderns

    Finally got one :) This has been a dream guitar for as long as I can remember!
  8. Techdeath

    FS /FT Strandberg Boden Original 8 *mint* $1999

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Strandberg Boden Original 8 Mint condition case queen. Modifications: None Accessories: Strandberg gigbag Price: Trade/$2000 shipped OBO Entertaining trade offers (+/- cash possibly) for other 8 strings, especially a white strandberg metal series 8...
  9. Amar's Music

    Any Flash CW fans? Metal Version!

    The Metal Flash is here! This is a metal mashup of some of my favorite soundtracks from the first season of CW's The Flash. I used my Schecter C7 FR SLS Elite on this one. Watch on YouTube for better quality..Hope you like it!
  10. M

    Upgraded cheap guitar vs expensive guitar

    I wonder what would be the guitar that has the best sound and playability (I DON'T CARE ABOUT RESELLING VALUE) between getting a cheap guitar like a Jackson JS22-7 and putting Fishman fluence moderns in it, Graph tech gt pq 5000 00 nut and gotoh sge-04 machine heads and also give it a...
  11. Kirill5412

    Ibanez Axion Label RGD61ALMS || Arcanum || Playthrough in Budapest

    Hello, guys! Check out my new video :D Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching! Body: Layered Ash/Nyatoh Top: Flamed Maple Colour: Cerulean Blue Burst Low Gloss Fingerboard: Macassar Ebony Neck: 5-piece Panga Panga/Walnut Scale: 25.5"-26.7" Bridge: Ibanez Mono-rail Bridge Neck/Bridge...
  12. Amar's Music

    Schecter C7 FR SLS Elite (Video)

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased the Schecter C7 FR SLS Elite and have been really impressed with this guitar. I have zero complaints about this guitar. I am really liking the Fishman Fluence pickups and I think they sound pretty good through my POD HD500X. Anyway, I ended up recording a video...