1. C

    NBD Dingwall fanned fret 5 string

    I bought this Dingwall Combustion off a mate of mine the other day, set it up properly and played it, its quickly becoming one of my favourite to play. The low B is incredibly clear!
  2. X

    NGD!!! Etherial Custom FF 8 string

    So my 1st NGD, before this guitar it's just been a couple of ibanez after the 1st shitty yamaha strat-copy :lol: Specs are in one of the photos. one interesting thing was the turnaround time, this guy is fairly small so it only took him about a month, and it just occurred to me that on the...
  3. A

    Does anybody know where i could get a 9 string, fanned fret guitar?

    I've been looking into getting a Agile Septor Elite 928, but also it seems like it would be a good idea to get a multiscale guitar, but agile doesn't have multiscale 9 string guitars that isn't in the custom shop which doesn't ship until september (maybe its a little impatient of me, but i...
  4. B

    8-string Multiscale Project

    Hey guys! I´m new around here and I thought the best way to get started would be to share my project with you guys... Some of the stuff I´ve seen here really blew my mind! :bowdown: Now.... The boring Part :squint:: Wood used: Ash for the body Claro Walnut topset...
  5. animalsasleader

    NGD Rick Toone "sketch" 7 string

    Hey guys, Just posting a clip of the guitar Rick Toone built for me. It's truly a unique instrument. Probably the most acoustically present electric guitar that i've ever played. Sustain for days with tons of clarity. The body design is also phenomenal. Extreme comfortable and the neck angle...
  6. AntiTankDog

    Agile Pendulum 8 & Schecter C7 Hellraiser

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Agile 8 string fanned fret Pendulum. 25.5 - 27" scale length. Came with a Cephus active, I swapped it out for an EMG 45DC. The EMG is a little hotter. Plays and sounds nice, you don't even really notice the fan while playing it. Has a couple very...
  7. Superwoodle

    3 day Build. 9 string

    I started building this on 3/31/11 and finished on 4/2/11. I spent a total of $6 on this project. Specs: • Bamboo neck • Infinity pups • Tuned (low to high)- G-D-G-C-F-Bb-Eb-AB-Db or G-D-G-C-F-Bb-Eb-G-C or A-D-G-C-F-Bb-Eb-G-C (I like to play around with tunings but I stay...
  8. Prydogga

    Agile Pendulum's Now With EMGs

    I'm not taking any credit for this, it's public knowledge now, I just think this info will get lost in the intrepid sticky thread, just showin' you folks eager for some problem solved Pendulums :yesway::yesway::yesway:
  9. Deadnightshade

    NGD-Roter FF8 finally here!

    So..Yesterday the long awaited parcel came to my house..I was unlucky enough to be absent,so i had my mom (a.k.a. the one that gave me birth) to open it so that i can rest assure the guitar is safe and sound..Later while i was still absent my brother (bassist with a profound love to wenge) came...
  10. Abhorred

    Average costs for fanned fret 8 string?

    I'm just in the planning stages right now, so I don't want to bother any builders when their time is already limited - but I'm hoping to get some sense of what a fanned fret 8 string might cost in the current market, assuming it's built with: - Average woods (nothing too exotic) -...
  11. loneguitarist

    Scale lengths for fanned frets

    Hi guys - I've been talking to Mike Sherman recently about having a fanned fret neck built. It's going to be for a 6 string guitar in standard tuning, to be used solely as a controller-guitar for 13-pin things like the AXON by Terratec and the VG-99 By Roland. It's having RMC Piezo...
  12. sakeido

    KxK fanned fret 8 string

    Gallery Go to the very bottom picture. Its a tiny picture but you should get idea. Sweetness, I think.. I dunno if this is a repost or not because "KxK" is too short to search. edit: Well I just found the big ol thread on it and how he ultimately decided to not make these, but I can't...
  13. R

    Stambaugh Fanned Fret 8 string

    Hi! I wanted to post to let everyone know of a great builder just over the Mass border in New Hampshire named Chris Stambaugh. He just built me a fanned fret 8 with a low B and High A. Total cost was about $2200. His work is excellent and the guitar plays great. Check out his site at...