1. Masoo2

    Explain Pickup Rewinding To Me

    Title - looking to change out the pickups on a fanned 8 I have and it seems that rewinding may be a simpler (and maybe cheaper) alternative to ordering a custom angled set. If I was to commission this through someone like Lundgren, would it be as simple as saying "hey, make the bridge an M8 and...
  2. K

    FS Ormsby Goliath GTR 7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Like new Ormsby Goliath GTR 7 Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Soft Shell Case Location (City,State or City,Country): CA, USA International OK? : no Contact Info (No Phone #s): pm here References (eBay or other...
  3. Rattlehead83

    FS Solipsist Multiscale Custom Cheetah-7 string Handmade 2019

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Custom 7 string built by hand, with high attention to details. Plays perfectly, has low action, intonation is on point and the tuning stability is flawless. Accessories (hardshell case etc): - Location (City,State or City,Country): Bucharest...
  4. Masoo2

    $1200-$1600: What's Available?

    It's finally time for me to get rid of my old RG8WNF and finally upgrade, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the state of the upper-mid tier price range for 8 strings I'm wanting at LEAST a 27.5 inch low string, so that likely means going fanned or finding a brand that offers a 28 inch or...
  5. S

    The bass of navarone

    2 days ago,i finished my most challenging build. 47-44" multiscale,headless,torzal twist neck,strandbeg neck design 5 string bass. The main idea of this build is,a guitar is 25.5" scale,if we add 5 more frets,it becomes 34" scale,if we add 5 more frets (guitar +10 frets) it becomes 45.44",but...
  6. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - Multiscale Now Available

    We've received requests for Multiscale options over the last year and I'm excited to announce that we are now officially offering a few different fans on all models! Check out the demo here:
  7. jacksonguitar1111

    FS [EU] GNG 7 string FF Blackmachine style

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: GNG Built Blackmachine 7 String fanned fret Modifications (if any): Bareknuckle Blackhawks Accessories (hardshell case etc): Ibanez 100c hardshell case Location (City,State or City,Country): Austria International OK? : European Union References (eBay...
  8. Gmork

    Headless fanned 8 string choices less or around $1500?

    Is ornsby the most affordable or are there other options? Not that i wouldnt love an ornsby!
  9. H

    NGD: Ormsby Eaton Special

    GUITAR SPECS: Construction: Bolt-on Body: Alder 42mm thick with black binding Neck: 3 piece maple Fretboard: Ebony Inlays: Mother of Pearl Scale Lengths: Seven string: 25.5" - 27.8" Multiscale Neck shape: D shape with round shoulders Hardware: Custom Hipshot USA multiscale bridge and Hipshot...
  10. Gmork

    Multiscale 8 strings comparable in price/quality to ibanez

    Just wondering what my options are when it comes to fanned 8 strings that are affordable but still high quality. As much as id love a strandberg i just cant afford a $4000+ guitar. Ill probably end up going with the new ibanez multiscale 8 string. Any other suggestions? thanks.
  11. XxJoshxX

    The Chronicals of Modding: the Squier, the Maple, and the Bondo.

    I literally have soooo many bodies from Squier Strats that I have pillaged for parts, and I was tired of looking at the pile of them... So this happened. I know a forum member here who basically did the same thing, which was documented on a different forum.So, if you're watching, keep quiet. So...
  12. C

    N(U)GD - Skeversen Lizard II (perhaps the worlds easiest trade)

    Wellity Wellity Wellity. Pix first, words later. (Pics were taken prior to string change and set up) This morning I woke up to a PM from JPUniverse about a possible trade. I have had a PRS hollowbody for about 18 months now, which, as much as I loved and thought was an amazing...
  13. ihunda

    EBMM JP7 Stealth black fully loaded BKP blackhawks for your FF

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: EBMM JP7 Stealth black fully loaded Modifications (if any): BKP Blackhawks Accessories (hardshell case etc): Musicman hardshell case Location (City,State or City,Country): Paris International OK? : Europe Yes, other NO Contact Info (No Phone #s)...
  14. ihunda

    NGD Strandberg USA Boden CL7

    OK, I’ll admit this is pure GAS, I had to try a Boden, my friend Olisdead saw a used one (what are the odds?) in a local French website and I quickly pulled the trigger! This thing is like no other guitar I played or own, I won’t say it’s a home run but boy, it’s something else. Pics…...
  15. D

    Multiscale Guitar

    Is there anybody in the Miami/surrounding area own a multiscale guitar? Doesn't matter if it is a 6,7,8 or 19 string guitar. I have been wanting to try out multiscale guitars for a while now and before I put the down payment on my custom Ran Guitar I want to kind of see how it feels before hand...
  16. DaddleCecapitation

    Fan fret skepticism

    I have never played a fan fret guitar before and was wondering what the people who own them think of them. Having only watched and heard others play them, I'm not entirely convinced of the benefits of a fan fret guitar. I would also like to hear from fan fret players regarding the ability to...
  17. F

    NGD AGILE Pendulum Pro. 8 String w/ fanned frets + quick review, pictures

    AGILE PENDULUM PRO 82527 EB CP Nat Ash So guys, I posted this on reddits /r/guitar, then got told to post it here. This site is great, you guys are probably gunna help me choose an amp at some point in the near future :) Anyway I had that feeling that wouldn't be quenched until...
  18. Winspear

    Vik Guitars Domineer FF9 - The NGD.

    cSo here it is, after 3 years of dreaming and a year of building, the first Vik 9 string is done :D Build: Final specs: scale: 24.75"-29.25" - Perpendicular...
  19. DaddleCecapitation

    Joe Haley from Psycroptic's new Ormsby Multiscale

    Saw this on Joe Haley's facebook page. Oh my, that quilt maple top and rosewood Psycroptic logo gets me very hot and bothered.
  20. K

    Ideas on fanned fret agile guitars?

    I've been looking into getting a fanned fret seven string guitar for a while now and unfortunately have a budget of $900 dollars, give or take a little. And I came across this guitar: Agile Intrepid Pro Dual 72728 EB CA Oceanburst DOT - First, are agile fanned frets good? like...