extended range

  1. Masoo2

    MOOV Travel Guitars? 7-8 Strings

    Had this appear on my YouTube recommended page out of the blue and thought it was kinda neat: Been searching for an acoustic for a while and came *this close* to picking up an LTD Thinline but some other stuff came up and it escaped my mind. Really digging lack of traditional body (biggest...
  2. B

    Custom cab for 8 string?

    I have an 8 string that I tune to drop-E and am looking into getting (or building) a speaker cabinet so I can stop running it through my tiny practice amp. I know standard guitar speakers *can* handle the extended range, but I was wondering if splitting the signal and routing lower frequencies...
  3. Hubert

    Help me spec out my dream 8-string - Valravn Guitars?

    Hi fellow 8-stringers! I am looking into getting my very first 8-string. I really really like my RGD71ALMS Axion Label 7-string with FishmanFluence Moderns in it - especially how the neck feels - so I am looking for something comparable in the 8-string world. I stumbled over Valravn Guitars -...
  4. R

    Ibanez RGIM8MH Weathered Black finish to RGIF8 Black Stained finish.

    Is there any product or is it possible really to achieve that stained finish on my RGIM8MH finish? Could I run into some troubles or is it something actually easy and harmless?
  5. P

    String gauge on 25.5 - 27 extended range tuned to drop F#?

    (first off sorry if these kinds of questions get spammed here too often) I just ordered the Ibanez RGD71ALMS which is 25.5 to 27" and I can't for the life of me find a pack of strings that would make sense for this setup and my desired tuning of drop F#. I found what I thought was a good pack...
  6. BlueXile

    (FS/FT) 2019 Kiesel Crescent Multiscale 8

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Very lightly used Kiesel CM8. I’ll include a photo of the options sheet. Some minor dings from the guitar rack which should be visible in the photos. 9.9/10 condition. This thing is a fantastic and beautiful guitar, I’m only selling it to get...
  7. yuri_1973

    FS Ibanez Prestige 8 string (RG2228) - EU/UK

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG2228 (Prestige, Made in Japan) Modifications (if any): N/A Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original form-fitted Ibanez hardcase Location (City, State or City, Country): Madrid , Spain International OK? : EU/UK preferred Contact Info (No...
  8. TriumphOfDeath

    Your opinion about some guitars.

    ... hi @All, if you must choose one of the following cheaper 7 or 8 string guitars to play Death Metal, which one would you buy & why many thanxxx in advance Schecter Demon 7 Schecter Omen 7 extreme Schecter Omen 7 ESP LTD EC-257 ESP LTD EC-258 PS.: i prefer the B-standard-tuning & i...
  9. Leviathan with Universe finish

    Leviathan with Universe finish

  10. Moby Dick 7 string Beach finish

    Moby Dick 7 string Beach finish

  11. S

    I got down to Drop B0 on my Baritone. Check my video

    I got a new video up. I wanted to see how LOW I could really go on my one Baritone. I found that Newtone strings had a set of Axiom Bass VIs strings, which are all wound 24-100. I put them on my Squier Jazzmaster Baritone and tuned it all the way down to Drop B0! Was fun to mess around with, was...
  12. S

    Baritone 30-inch scale in Alternate Drop D tuning

    I had a bit of fun with my Squier Jazzmaster Baritone. I've been fiddling with the Architects-style alternate Drop F# tuning. And thought it would be fun to take this tuning down even further. So I have done the same type of tuning but down to low D on my Baritone 30-inch scale length. So the...
  13. S

    Architects/Wage War Extended Range tuning

    Hey SevenStringers, So I had a little fun and put together this video on how to get that Architects/Wage War tuning on your standard 25.5 inch scale 6 string. I was trying this thing out with some 12-52 strings and it just wasn't working. So finally I got some Ernie Ball Top Heavy 8 strings...
  14. owenmakesstuff

    New Frequency Eater record

    Hi peeps, Released this hour-long record yesterday, which you can download for free: https://frequencyeater.bandcamp.com/album/the-fine-game-of-nil I played all instruments again, did all mixing, art,... But I am getting some live members rounded up to play this stuff live by the time Summer...
  15. never_2many_strings

    My custom 8 string Barlow Guitars progress log

    Hey everyone! Months ago I decided that I wanted to order a custom guitar. I wound up choosing Barlow Guitars for the build around a month to a month and a half ago, and now I'm getting the first progress pics of it. I thought I mine as well share these pics as the build progresses, as well...
  16. needforstrings

    New guy looking for an 8 string! Help!

    Hi guys, i'm new here on the forum. My search for an 8 string lead me here and I was hoping that someone with some expertise would help me out. I've been playing 6's for about 11 years and I want to make the jump. I'm looking for an 8 string, extended range piece with a budget of about 1500€...
  17. P

    My first extended range guitar -- 7 string or 8 string? Multi-scale or not?

    So, I think I'm finally ready to buy my first extended-range guitar. I'm by no means bored with my six-string electrics but a lot of the songs I've been wanting to learn (Deftones, Meshuggah, Trivium, Periphery, Korn) all pretty much require an extended range instrument to pull off, at least...
  18. Annonnymous

    Fake Ibanez Universe?

    Hey I saw a bid on ebay and I'm wondering if that Universe is legit. The pickguard and the knobs look cheap, and it could've been easily put in an original case. But I'm not that familiar with Ibanez so I'm seeking some help here! These are pics from the seller: What do you think...
  19. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - Multiscale Now Available

    We've received requests for Multiscale options over the last year and I'm excited to announce that we are now officially offering a few different fans on all models! Check out the demo here:
  20. Rational Gaze

    NEW JAM - Come e're for some yuge, atmospheric Deftones-type spank, with melody and groove for days!

    Sup y'all! So I just wanted to share with you my band's latest. We've been putting this together for a damn long time. This song belongs to Part II of our 2 album series (our quasi-psychedelic Tearing Back the Veil), the first of which we put out 2 years ago. We wrote all 22 songs for both...