1. Taikatatti

    FS /Trade: ESP E-II Horizon NT HS Amethyst Sparkle

    Selling/trading my E-II Horizon NT i recived 25.1 after 7 month wait. It was scheduled to arrive way sooner but due to covid the delivery date got pushed back several times. I've since started a new project and a floating bridge is a must for me, so I'm letting this one go. Guitar went...
  2. P

    From 8 to 7 but maintaining the tuning

    Hello everyone, I've been playing a Schecter 8 string (EAEADGBE) for a few years. But to be honest, I'm not a shredder, nor a melodic player. I do mostly rhythm guitar parts, chug riffs, power chords, and Djenty stuff here and there. I'm buying a 7, but I want to keep my tuning (without the high...
  3. Wyvern Claw

    NGD: ESP Arrow (Sugilite)

    I already have an Original Series Arrow in Black Andromeda, so this was not the most necessary purchase I've made to date. But when I saw the Sugilite finish, I couldn't pass on it. Never seen another Arrow like it. Of course, much like every Original Series/Custom Shop ESP I've ever laid my...
  4. U

    NGD: ESP Eclipse 7 String Baritone

    So this is a very lucky NGD. Like many, I have always wanted a Baritone Singlecut 7 string. Yes you can get them made in custom shops (like say Balaguer's configurator at about $3K or ESP's own at about $7K) but if only ESP made them in standard production, on top of the 25.5 inch version...

    ESP Standard Eclipse II - What Length Pots?

    Hey all, I am looking to swap the active electronics in my ESP Standard Eclipse II for passive electronics. Does anyone know what length pots the ESP Standard Eclipse II requires - short or long? Thank you!
  6. Uriki

    Where can I buy parts of guitars like bodys or necks? (idk there is the right section)

    Hi again I was finding a website to buy guitar parts because I want to make my own custom ESP/LTD guitar, so where I can buy it I was finding specifically a neck, LTD tuners, and simply LTD humbuckers (those that come in series 10) I was gratefully thanked with you if you can help, btw the...
  7. I


    Looking to buy a tb7. Anyone have one they'd like to sell? White or black makes no difference, so long as the neck is straight and it's in great condition. I reside in both USA and EU, so either could work to ship to. Let me know, thanks!
  8. I


    Looking to buy a tb7. Anyone have one they'd like to sell? White or black makes no difference, so long as the neck is straight and it's in great condition. Let me know, thanks!
  9. D

    NGD - ESP Original Series M-II

    Scored this beauty from Japan last week. What an absolute work of art. First things first though - basic bitch phone pics, then specs and some thoughts: Specs are: BODY - Alder (Thickness 45mm) NECK - Hard Maple 3P GRIP SHAPE - Thin U FINGERBOARD - Ebony w/White Binding...
  10. adriangrizzly

    NGD: ESP E-II M-II Purple Natural Fade

    Hello there! A few weeks ago I received a ESP E-II M-II in Purple Natural Fade in a trade. Little back story: After owning a HT7 for a year I d came to the conclusion (like many times before) that I prefer six strings. Someone contacted me and offered me an ESP Arrow (six string V in Silver...
  11. A

    27 frets; choosing a new guitar

    Hey! I am currently choosing my next axe. The price point is around 3-4k usd. I know that there probably is much that I can buy for this much money however my requirements are pretty strict. I am looking for a 6 string super strat with: -27 frets -a standard scale (no multiscale) -a floyd rose...
  12. raytsh

    Double NGD: ESP E-II Eclipse

    I wanted to have an Eclipse for many years but I could not decide. So I bought two (used). E-II RDB 2012 - Compared to the current model it has the old style logo and no diamond on the headstock, locking tuners without the thumb wheel on the back, plastic covered EMGs, rosewood fretboard, no...
  13. H

    Peavey 6534+ - METAL

    Can this amp handle the gainz? I think so! Im gonna do loooots more demos soon!
  14. SonicBlur

    ESP LTD V-200 (Lawsuit model, James Hetfield)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bought this guitar a while back after searching for what seems like an eternity. Despite getting it finally, I find myself looking at it more than playing it so up for sale it goes. This is the ESP LTD that was only sold for one year before Gibson...
  15. Metal-Box

    ESP LTD JH-600 Jeff Hanneman Discontinued?

    I have one on back-order and noticed it disappeared from the site a little bit ago. Anyone get some reliable info on the status? I sent ESP a message, but figured I'd ask the forums. Thanks!
  16. AkiraSpectrum

    NGD (used): Showing off my Potbelly (ESP/LTD PB-500)

    This ESP/LTD PB-500 (Potbelly) popped up used on my local classifieds for a reasonable price, considering the current 'pandemic pricing' (used gear prices are ridiculously high). I talked the seller down in price considering it was an older guitar from 2007 and likely needed some fretwork...
  17. Guitarjon

    NGD: ESP LTD Phoenix Arctic Metal

    Since ESP came out with the recent LTD Phoenix models I was a fan! I don't know why exactly but I was just really drawn by the body shape and other features like the ebony board, the 25.5 inch scale, the neck-thru design and various things like the cool finish options. The single pickup models...
  18. sell2792

    Belated NGD: A Very Black (Metal) Baritone

    I was recently fortunate enough to acquire Simon Sludge’s LTD Black Metal MH-7HT - this thing is currently set up in drop-E and is absolutely crushing! The pickup was replaced with an Instrumental Pickups SFTY4-7 pickup, and the volume knob was swapped with a Tesi low-profile kill switch. It...
  19. H

    Ibanez Tilt Joint vs ESP/LTD Bolt-on

    Hi all, Looking to snag an Ibanez RG550 reissue. Everything about is perfect for my needs, but the only concern is the tilt joint (i.e. the blocky neck heel) which may take time to get used to, given that my other Ibanez is an AANJ. I haven't got to play a 550 yet so I don't know how much I...
  20. zimbloth

    ESP Custom Shop Raiden-7 Red Anodized

    Here is something you don’t every day… or ever? ESP Custom Shop Raiden-7. This is a Japanese market signature model I recently imported, one of the best sounding and most unique 7-strings I’ve played thus far. The GAS is real on this one. It has a richlite fingerboard, red anodized pickguard, SD...