1. Goatfork

    Live Gear Backups. What Do You Use?

    I'm really curious to hear everybody's thoughts on live backup gear. Most of us obviously can't bring full duplicate rigs in case something goes sideways, so what do you do? Personally, here's what I do: I bring two guitars to every show even though I only ever use one during the whole set. If...
  2. WarriorOfMetal

    EMERGENCY - MUST SELL BY DEC. 30 Agile PS-900 w/ upgrades & accessories

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2004 Agile PS-900 - Trans Amber quilt w/ gold hardware. Some small chips in finish, but only on the back of the guitar. Agile PS-900 Amber Quilt at HomeOld Modifications (if any): DiMarzio Air Norton in neck position, Seymour Duncan Distortion in...