1. CW7

    FS/FT Officially licensed Strandberg by Egan 7 extended scale/fan fret

    Brief Description : Officially licensed Strandberg fan fret 7 string guitar (extended scale) Modifications (if any): strap button/lock relocated. (currently has "LOXX" installed) Accessories (hardshell case etc): Gator Hard Case Location (City,State or City,Country): Laplace, LA. (just...
  2. S

    /FT 5 Guitars

    PLEASE PM ME WITH OFFERS OR QUESTIONS, PREFER TO KEEP TRADES IN CANADA. FS/FT: Solid Guitars. Looking to sell or trade towards a super solid P style bass (as long as it growls and plays nice, I'm not sticky on the make) or EBMM JP6 All values are in Canadian dollars+OBO, add 17% for trade...
  3. CW7

    NGD "Eganberg" 7 (Egan Strandberg officially licensed)

    I realize this guitar has changed hands a couple of times. (quite possibly between some of you here). But for the curious, here are a couple of pics. I took delivery last week, and she went immediately to my tech for a full fret dress and setup. Just picked it up yesterday... Specs...
  4. HexaneLake

    Looking for a good archtop

    Hey dudes, Been really drawn to archtop guitars the past year or so, looking to pick up a good low to mid range custom / hand built. I really like the wood selection and natural style that ken parker uses (obviously thats a little out of my league), and I've also grown fond of Joe's archtops...
  5. Winspear

    Egan Custom Guitars .strandberg* copy

    Hey guys! Firstly a bit of backstory behind this guitar. Pics are at the bottom :) I owned a cheap RG7321 whilst my ViK 9 was being built. During this time I fell in love with an open tuning after trying David Micics tuning (G# D# G# D# G# A#). I tried this transposed up to C#, turns out it's a...