1. J

    Lowest String on RG8 really quiet compared to the others

    Hi! Just bought this second hand RG8 from Gear4Music on Ebay. All stock electronics and such like. Loving the setup apart from the strings (factory, meaning that's a .65 as the lowest - way too thin for me!), but I'm having an issue with that lowest string: It seems to be a lot quieter than...
  2. Annonnymous

    Fake Ibanez Universe?

    Hey I saw a bid on ebay and I'm wondering if that Universe is legit. The pickguard and the knobs look cheap, and it could've been easily put in an original case. But I'm not that familiar with Ibanez so I'm seeking some help here! These are pics from the seller: What do you think...
  3. ibrg450dx08964

    Ibanez 450DX Purchase and Scammed by eBay

    Ok so I purchased an Ibanez 450DX guitar from a seller on eBay and didn't know that I got ripped off until I tore apart the guitar for modifications. I don't know if this is the right category to post this in, but since I'm going to post photos of my guitar I might as well tell the story. So I...
  4. M

    Sweet Deal on a TSL Half-Stack

    Don't know how many of you are into the old triple super leads from Marshall, but I stumbled across this while browsing Ebay and thought I'd post it here. Seems like a pretty good deal, given that the head alone usually goes for around $800. I've tried these out before, and they have some really...
  5. M

    Cool BC Rich Draco Ebay Find

    Was browsing through Ebay this morning and came across this fine little piece of badassery. Figured I'd post it up here, since this seems like a really decent price, especially with the case. Just FYI, this isn't my listing, it just seemed like a cool deal someone around here might like. Wish I...
  6. Pat_tct

    [EU+UK] Claas Custom Shop Leviathan 6-String

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Claas Custom Shop Leviathan 6-String Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): HSC included Location (City,State or City,Country): Brunswick, Germany International OK? : would like to keep it within the EU+UK but if you pay for...
  7. R

    Lee McKinney's (Born of Osiris) Guitar is FOR SALE

    Don't know if I'm allowed to post things like this on this section of the forum, but seeing as how Lee McKinney is a big time artist, this is where people will be most interested in seeing this. Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Petrucci Custom Shop JPXI7 Artist Custom Rosewood | eBay It's an eBay...
  8. trayenshreds

    Brian Moore Guitars *RARE* i1F For Sale

    Brian Moore Guitars Custom RARE I1F Series w Hardshell Case | eBay My Brian Moore Guitars Custom Shop i1F (i2000 Series) For Sale! Cheers & Thanks. Would entertain ideas for trade PMs! (Picture depicts it with my DiMarzio Evolution HSH Set, This has been switched back to the factory set...
  9. ev_o

    Two rg1527's

    So I'm selling my two sevens to fund a special guitar I've had my eye on for a while. My rg1527m w/bkp cbomb and coldsweat, and my rg1527rb w/crunch lab and liquifier. All info are in the descriptions but if you have any questions just ask. Better to get ahold of me through eBay since I'm not on...
  10. trayenshreds

    Most of my Guitar Collection for sale on eBay!

    Making a transition in my guitar playing has led me to selling some of my most beloved guitars.. Check them out and see if any may be for you! Some great guitars in here at good prices, and every single one comes with a Hardshell Case & DiMarzio Clip Lock Strap, with the exception of the...
  11. G

    RG7621 1998 1 peice neck opinions

    Hi, I've been looking at and trying out 7 strings and have come across a "very good" (I.e. unworn frets, no dings) RG7621 bought new in 1998 online for £350 with P&P. Now I know from looking around that most would say "yes, go for it" immediately, but what I want to know is whether this is...
  12. G

    Help looking for cheap used 6 string on eBay

    Hi I'd like some help: I'm looking for cheap guitars on eBay, I could do with an upgrade and my current guitar would be easy to better for not much money. So far I've come across: * 1996 Jackson PS2 performer MIJ (Looks like it says "Cort" on the Floyd but I'm not sure) * ESP LTD M200FM (I...
  13. L

    Live Rig: power amp and cab opinions

    Hello everyone, As my first custom 7string is in the works, and my band is planning live stuff for 2014, I feel the need to "close" my live rig, as i have next to nothing. My idea is to have the following circuit: guitar - Line6 POD X3 Live - Power amp - 4x12 Cab; I'm not into amps right now...
  14. tssb

    Tele + Banana Neck + Floyd

    Hi guys, Just starting a new parts-o-caster, of the Tele variety, with a few twists. This is a budget build, so i'm trying to keep it under £150. Fans of classic Teles beware, I am about to commit some sins. Neck : 22 fret neck, banana headstock Body : Mahogany with Maple cap...
  15. classicalmetal24

    This an alright guitar?

    So originally I wanted to get a JPXX - 7 string guitar, but they're so expensive, and the shipping is a pain since I live in Australia. I had a look at some guitars on ebay and wanted to get everyone's opinion on this guitar. Ibanez GRG7221 Black 7 String Electric Guitar Seven String RG7221 |...
  16. G0R3

    Am I undervaluing my Esp Viper STD?

    Im selling my Viper on eBay. Its got a 800 reserve. Am I undervaluing it too much? Is it too high for the relic condition? ESP Viper Std Relic Urban Camouflage 840248018388 | eBay
  17. FadexToxBlack81

    Easily the funniest ebay listing I've ever seen.

    Feast your eyes on this baby. The listing reads "one of a kind" as well as "hand made" and "made in the USA" While I do believe all of these claims to be true, I laughed my ass off at the product in question being marketed by those terms. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did here is...
  18. cypher858

    Rg premium 25th anniversary

    Someone pick this thing up! it's only going for 450 right now! Mint condition and it's usually going for about twice that price! Steal of a deal. Ibanez RG XXV 25th Anniversary Electric Guitar | eBay
  19. Wretched

    99c starting bid on TC Electronic Nova System! (Australia)

    AS-NEW TC Electronics Nova System guitar effects processor IN BOX - 99c START! | eBay As per the listing, it's in as-new condition in the box. Buy it! 100% positive feedback.
  20. TheFashel12

    ANIMALS AS LEADERS GEAR STOLEN (10 guitars , car , and gear )

    Animals as leaders gear got stolen . The gear includes 20 guitars (strandberg , mayones , ibanez lacs , .....) , PA equipment , amps , and even personal items . Javier Reyes's car was also stolen .