1. F

    Nuclear Blast Records drops Rings Of Saturn

  2. ChugThisBoy

    ViK Guitars - comeback thread.

    So I just saw a sponsored post on Facebook from ViK guitars. Now, I'm pretty new to the whole drama so I'll just leave the statement here as I didn't see any thread about this yet. Also, new website is coming up: http://www.vikguitars.com/ OFFICIAL STATEMENT: “For the last few years there have...
  3. broj15

    Should i quit my band?

    I know it's a decision that is ultimately up to me but I thought i should ask the cool dudes at ss.org for advice/ support 9since almost everyone on here is pretty knowledgable, nice, and has decent opinions when music is concerned). Basically my situation is that the other members of my band...
  4. C

    I hate threads of this nature, but I'm clutching at straws... - girlfriend issues

    As the title suggests, I hate threads of this nature, but I'm clutching at straws. My girlfriend and I have been going strong for a measly two months. When I say "going strong." I *mean* "going strong." I'm the happiest that I've been in quite a while. :) So, you might say, "CIAM, where's...