1. Emperor Guillotine

    FS Strictly 7 (S7G) AK7 Prototype B (built for Acle Kahney of TesseracT)

    DESCRIPTION: Custom Strictly 7 Cobra built for Acle Kahney of TesseracT. This was meant to be a prototype for Acle’s "AK7" signature model that was never actualized by S7G. Specs: • Swamp ash body wings • Body finish: matte black over red-filled grain with a satin finish • 27.5” scale length...
  2. Taylord

    NGD: RG 2228A

    Haven't done an NGD post in a long long time! Pics: If I ever got an 8 string, it was gonna be this one. It sat on Reverb for a couple months and the seller finally made me a decent deal. Just got it back from a good setup. Replaced the pots and worked on the frets a bit. Plays much...
  3. Awaiting Oblivion

    Project looking for members- Colorado (Denver/Colorado Springs) - Possibly remote vocals

    I’m trying to get a project started locally in the Denver/COS area (located in North Colorado Springs) but it’s seeming pretty hard to find committed players. Death/Djent inspired project which is currently just me (had a bass player but that fell through). More focused on speed and rhythms...
  4. kamello

    Mixtest (FFO: Erra, Corelia) Clean vocals, Spanish lyrics and omg real instruments!

    hey guys! Currently doing the final touches on the mix for an EP and would like to hear your opinions before I fuck something up :lol: Haven't mixed in almost a year due to work and University, so my ears are a tad rusty right now im kinda unsure on the bass balance, as it sounds kinda thin on...
  5. Kirill5412

    Dark Twin - Hyperverse [New Single]

    We have managed to release our new single despite the situation in our country. Thanks for listening to our music. It means a lot now. Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦✊🏻 🟢 Spotify: 🟣 Bandcamp: 🔴 YouTube Music: 🔵 Apple Music:
  6. TheHardwareChap

    FS Mayones Regius Core Classic V24 6 Guitar, Dirty Blue Burst Gloss

    Hey everyone, I purchased this guitar from Music Store Live in September 2021 (MSRP: $7,012.50) I've barely played it so this would do better at another home. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mayones Regius Core Classic V24 6 Guitar, Dirty Blue Burst Gloss - Check link above for...
  7. Cyanide_Anima

    Seeking Monster Vocalist for Dark and Heavy project

    Hi There! Looking for a really solid vocalist for a dark, atmospheric, and heavy project. Lots of electronic elements, some dancey parts, some shredding, looking to make each song distinct. Need a very good vocalist who knows how to layer their vocals, can provide clean high quality tracks...
  8. Taylord

    New Nolly Signature with Manson Guitar Works

  9. lazarusieben

    What is your favorite combo for active neck/bridge humbucker pickups? Looking for recommendations

    Hi there! I am kinda new to this active pickups thing. So far I am happy with the ones I got for my 6 string CGCFAD guitar (EMG 81&85). I've seen there is also a 7 string version but I think I want something different for my 7 string. What I play is heavy chugging riffs on my bridge pickup...
  10. J

    Been to long... 6 yrs since last login.. 30 seconds of Shred to say Hi.!.

    HI Yall... Like many of you it seems to be an art of reKickStarting the Musical Engine every now and then and giving the whole proper promotion of ones musical career and endeavours a good go. Going to be doing my best to share consistently the music I think you all will find surprisingly...
  11. Tjore

    The GOAT of metal drum samples (HYPE)

    Just tested out Mixwave: Gojira, and guys, these are the BEST mix ready metal drums I've ever come accross. Check the demo at the top! ^ I tweaked a little bit in the UI, added a quick EQ and a compressor (Softube's FET) on the bus, and that's it. It sounds sick! If you have been lookin at...
  12. S

    Quest to get to Drop F# on a 26.5 seven.

    Currently searching for thick enough strings for this. I usually play 10-56s in Drop A. Right now I'm looking at a stringjoy set that is 12-72. It says it will add about 10 pounds of tension, so it'll probably require some set up, if anyone knows a better set please let me know. I'm also worried...
  13. ShiroNekoMusic

    4x12 vs 2x12 in home studio!

    Hello! I'm a proud owner of an ENGL Invader 1 amp that I use to play cleans, crunch stuff but most important, METAL! I am a djent type of player (progressive metal, downtuned stuff) and I love tight distortions with boosters in front for some added clarity. This is exactly the tone I get with...
  14. JxHx

    Bass into guitar cab without octave up?

    Hello djentle people! Let me hear your ideas! This is the deal: I am currently on a djent/stoner/instrumental project with a drummer, only on this one I am playing a 8-string guitar dropped to E. It sounds delish but we often miss a bass to accompany. I have both guitar and bass stacks, and was...
  15. Bishwadeep Sikder

    NGD - Markline Custom 7 String Baritone Multiscale

    Received the best guitar I have ever held and played in my life, the Markline Custom 7 Baritone Multiscale, coming all the way from Italy. It has been an absolute joy to work with Marco, the luthier and artist. He is an absolute master at his craft and is definitely one of the best in the world...
  16. Xerge

    We used Neural DSP to ruin a classic song (hallaback girl) How's our new mix?

    We used granophyre and plini for this cover. This mix is basically a test mix for our next album. Let me know what you think!
  17. -Neonblack-

    4 New Songs available! Range between Djent / Prog Metal / Deathcore + Played on a 7 String Baritone

    Hey guys! Today i have uploaded 4 new songs! Check them out and let me know in the comments which song(s) you like the most. And maybe also write what you like about the song(s) Looking forward to your comments! 1: Thorns 2: A Terminal Life Form (2021 Remaster) To listen to the other 2...
  18. Kirill5412

    Dark Twin - Prometheus // Progressive Metal / Instrumental / Djent 2021

    Hello guys! We have released our new album called Prometheus! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening! Spotify:
  19. RobertVII

    Looking for feedback on my mix

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some mixing feedback on a tune I'm working on. I'm thinking about making the rhythm guitars a bit darker but I wanted to gather some input from others on what I can do to improve the mix and also give my ears a break from listening. Would love any input...
  20. chipchappy

    Give me some feedback So this is the kinda music I've been writing for the last year or so I guess. I use Logic as a DAW, Clarett 2Pre interface, Axe FX II, and this was recorded with a Japanese Jackson Dinky w/ a BKP Cold Sweat on the bridge position. I forget which cabs I...