1. D

    Anybody try the Kernom Ridge? Programmable Analog Drive

    Venturing back into pedals after modelling / digital platforms for a long time. Anyone have experience with these? Seems to be a pretty versatile and easy to use pedal and has capacity for midi capability. Watched some videos and it seemed to sound pretty good (as long as you didn't expect it to...
  2. Alsvartr

    Can someone mansplain SD parallel axis?

    What does a parallel axis distortion do that the regular distortion doesn't?
  3. L

    Suggestion to replace SD Distortion

    I currently have a Jackson RR24Q (mahogany with maple neck 25'5) with SD Distortion in it. I like the tight lows but i find highs a bit harsh and mid lacking a bit. I'm thinking about switching the Distortion for either a Nazgul or a Black Winter. I don't know which one to choose. I'd like some...
  4. Gmork

    NPD: neat distortion /clean preamp!

    Very cool distortion /utility pedal! Thunderclap by bardic audio devices. Its a 2 band clean preamp with a bendable gritty distortion circuit AND along with normal in/out has a DI out as well! I imagine bassists and people running modellers would get great use of this thing! The distirtion can...
  5. Gmork

    FS DOD pedals (metalX & thrashmaster)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: DOD Metal X fx70 distortion. In excellent working order. still has the battery door. A bit of cosmetic wear n tear. There are cracks in the plastic battery terminal piece as seen in the pictures, battery still works just fine though. Modifications...
  6. Fader

    My new Distortion Pedal

    Hey all, So I build a new distortion pedal. Modified a bunch of circuits I found and came up with this. Also using BAT3 diodes. I would really appreciate your opinions. Please dont judge my guitar playing as I have suffered a brain injury and I am not up to par. Thanks so much!
  7. TedEH

    Sad cab day - help me troubleshoot speaker noise!

    A bunch of you have probably seen me post a whole bunch about bass stuff recently, including the Mesa 4x10 I picked up. The tl;dr version is that one of the speakers (top left) is making a kind of papery/crunchy sound (it sounds more like electrical noise than distortion to me), but only when...
  8. alessandroarzilli

    Audiority Pedalboard Distortions Bundle - Vintage and heavy guitar tones!

    Ciao everybody! I had the pleasure to test and review the Pedalboard: Distortions Bundle 1.1 by Audiority and it was an amazing experience! Four different analog modeled pedals for a vintage distortion guitar tone! Ever tried them? 00:00 Quick intro test 00:45 Some informations 01:18 Signal...
  9. S

    Nazgul or Distortion for low tuned Baritone?

    Which one would you guys go for for a very low tuned Baritone? A SD Nazgul or SD Distortion? I got a Jazzmaster Baritone with 30-inch scale that I have tuned down to super low....C1. I like the stock Duncan a Designed Jazzmaster pickups, but think it will be better with a Humbucker. I’m normally...
  10. Constructivist

    Amp distortion VS pedal distortion

    Just to make it clear, I'm here with the hope to be educated. Here is my setup: guitar-->maxon od808X-->laney ironheart studio. This is how I get the best possible distortion out of my amp. It is harmonically rich and very very responsive and dynamic to my playing. In the same setup I have...
  11. broj15

    NPD: Boss ODB-3 (from a guitarists perspective)

    So I'm back home visiting my family for a few days, and today I decided to pop by my local music go round just to see what they had. Long story short I walked out with a Boss ODB-3. I do play bass, but not currently playing bass in a band, and I've been feeling like my guitar tone has been...
  12. Rxcoma


    Well, being a gain hunter for DETUNED AF extended scale guitfiddlez, I can't even BEGIN to catalogue the slew...EH-HEMMM..plethora...of gear I've found that threw me for a loop! This post seems fitting because maybe some of the stuff youve seen and wondered about all this time but never really...
  13. Rxcoma

    Budget $leepers: Hi-Gain Rack Equipment Past & Present

    Im through a horrendously obsessive "rack equipment" phase. So im creating this to both talk shop with other scumbags of my ilk, as well as hopefully discover new sh*t. Im also opening my shop in November here in Cali and its geared SPECIFICALLY toward extended range players and equipment that...
  14. 777timesgod

    I lost my temper and bought a Digitech Death Metal pedal

    So, I was at work and got frustrated after a meeting, it was the end of the week and I was tired. I went home and while looking/browsing used distortion pedals I came across a Digitech Death metal pedal. As I was pissed off and wanted something foul-sounding for my guitar practice of the day, I...
  15. broj15

    EHX hot wax problem, and possibly looking for a new dirt box

    Well, my EHX hot wax decided to bite the dust. Specifically the hot tubes side. The crayon side works just fine, but the LED for the hot tubes won't come on and that section of the pedal just doesn't function. I bought it used from guitar center on black friday, and of course I didn't get the...
  16. broj15

    Got a $100 gift card to guitar center for my b day. What pedal do I buy?

    Title is pretty self explanatory. I'm willing to throw down another $100-$150 for the right pedal. Not super into chorus, flanger, etc. Mainly just looking at delays/reverbs (hybrids & 2 in ones are cool) as long as they can do "post rock in a box". As far as OD's/distortions go I don't...
  17. pj666

    Nope: Register for a Vendor account

    If you want to sell products sign up for a Vendor account.
  18. Gemmeadia


    Great condition, I just don't use it. Sounds monstrous and djenty. $125 shipped
  19. broj15

    Best HM2 style pedal?

    So while I'm in between bands I'm in the process of upgrading the rig. I've decided that instead of going the "OD as a boost into a slightly distorted high gain amp" route like I've always done, I want to try using a nice distortion pedal into the clean channel of an amp with a ton of clean...
  20. Hyacinth

    FS SD Distortion and Dimarzio Tone Zone

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: One Seymour Duncan Distortion and one Dimarzio Tone Zone Modifications (if any): None. Accessories (hardshell case etc): None Location (City,State or City,Country): Los Angeles, CA International OK? : No, sorry Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM here...