1. J

    Been to long... 6 yrs since last login.. 30 seconds of Shred to say Hi.!.

    HI Yall... Like many of you it seems to be an art of reKickStarting the Musical Engine every now and then and giving the whole proper promotion of ones musical career and endeavours a good go. Going to be doing my best to share consistently the music I think you all will find surprisingly...
  2. Gmork

    Trade my engl fireball100 for a Diamond Nitrox??

    Might have a chance to trade my engl Fb100 for a Diamond Nitrox. I'm not too familiar with diamond amps other than that they seem high end. How's the quality and tone? Good deal? I sure do like my fb100 but I don't hate the ides of switching things up, especially for something unique and...
  3. L

    Schecter A-7 Elite Diamond Series in Ultra Violet for sale

    Schecter A-7 Elite Diamond Series in Ultra Violet for sale. Hello, bought the guitar new from the Schecter vendor in northern ireland about 4 years ago. Since then I moved aborad and its been left unloved since. Essentially the guitar is wasted on me and I dno't really have any interest in...
  4. N

    Tricky gear question: Dope, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, FFDP

    Can you help me figure this out? :idea: So, there is this piece of gear (I don't know whether it's an amp, cab simulator, DI box, pedal, multi effect or just lots of post EQ) that gives this distorted guitar sound its character. I'm thinking that maybe this sound is direct lined into...
  5. Dylemus

    Which 8 string? SLS or ATX?

    Hey guys, ive been looking into buying an 8 string for a while now, and i came across Schecter's blackjack series. But, the problem is.. i really dont know which one to get... The ATX or the SLS? I love to drop tune my guitars, so i really dont know which one has the better sound for that kind...
  6. Discoqueen

    Anyone know/own? Diamond Nitrox

    I am right ow VERY interested in buying the Diamond Nitrox and the Diamond Nitrox 4x12 Cabinet. I am wondering if anyone who owns one can tell me a little about it since I would have to order it online without the option of trying them before purchasing,From the video reviews I've seen I am very...
  7. H

    Schecter 007 Elite H/H

    Hi All, Just bought my first sevenstring and thought I would share :hbang: It's a Schecter 007 Elite Diamond series Dual Humbucker version. I can't find any info on it on the net, so I'm assuming its kind of rare. It has duncan designed pickups w/ a pull out tone splitter for a single coil...
  8. A

    New Seattle AMP guitar Store!

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted you to know I am a ENGL dealer in Burien WA. I alo carry Diamond Amplification and Bolt Amps. Let me me know what gear you guys need and I will get it. I started Amps Northwest because knowone carried anyyhing good, especially for metal players. Check out the site at...
  9. HeadBender

    High Gain Amp (VHT, Krank, Diamond, ENGL, Framus etc) and cab - EU

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Hey Guys, I’m looking for the following amps: (230V Version, or with world voltage selector) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- VHT Deliverance 60 / 120 VHT Sig:X Krank Rev 1 (If possible, before 2008) ENGL Invader ENGL...
  10. Riff-King-Steve

    I've finally registered.

    Hi, I'm Stephen. I've been lurking here since about September 2009. When I finally saved up enough for the Schcecter C7+ I found in a local music shop and been Gasing for since January, I thought I may as well sign up and join the community!