1. Guitarmiester

    (Acoustic/Ambient) Seasons

    My acoustic had been collecting dust for a while. Seemed like a good time to bust it out and write/record something new. This doesn't follow the normal ABA type of structure which wasn't even a thought. The goal was to come up with something that evolves, hence the name Seasons. Seasons -...
  2. Guitarjon

    Orange Dark Terror (revisited...)

    Hey all, I used to have an Orange Dark Terror but I kind of hated that amp. It always sounded way too fizzy and scooped for me so I got rid of it eventually. Then I was watching some high quality demos of the Dark Terror a while ago on YouTube and I realised that the amp sounded great in their...
  3. guitaardvark

    How to Help an Inexplicably Dark Sounding Guitar Sound Better?

    So I just picked up a 2003 PRS Custom 22 a few weeks ago. I love it, but it's almost unreasonably dark sounding. I swapped out the stock Dragon II pickups for a Sentient/Nazgul set, which helped a little bit, but compared to my other guitars with pickups like a DiMarzio Titan, Tone Zone T, and...
  4. Acaciastrain360

    THE HOPEWELL FURNACE... what do you guys think of this filming approach?

    I really like these guys, and how they have a theme, which you don’t see much of... I know it’s hard to see what they’re playing, but cool to see a different approach just using candle light! None the less, an awesome band :)
  5. Guitarmiester

    Spooky Halloween Music

    Hey guys, Halloween is my favorite time of the year and have been working on a short, creepy track to share with you all. I was originally inspired by David Lynch's use of wooshing in all of his films and throughout Twin Peaks. I ran with the idea and took it to a creepy level for some spooky...
  6. Xiphos68

    Want to hear a good Metal Song? Listen to this... ADAGIO (Stephan Forte).

    This song is just so, so, so good. Stephan Forte' produced a new Adagio album featuring new members. The singer is Kelly Carpenter. He was the singer for Rusty Cooley's band, OUTWORLD and he sang on that album. He is quite good and shines in this song. This is how you write a song. I haven't...
  7. Chi

    Heavy as tits EP Teaser - M80M, Drop C, dark af

    Greetings brethren! Haven't posted anything in a while since I'm busy as heck with writing my new EP as well as having a crap load of work and personal issues at the moment. I've just dropped a fresh teaser, featuring the heavy a$$ beginning of a song called Schism, off the upcoming EP Black...
  8. N

    New Progressive/Dark Death Metal band from Mtl, Can

    Hey guys! We're Intonate from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and we would like tp share our debut album, The Swerve. For fans of Gorguts, Ulcerate, Death, Augury. Thanks! https://intonate.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/intonateofficial/
  9. K

    Dark, Creepy Intro Song

    Hello everyone! I am pretty new to recording and producing audio. I've been creating some cool demos for my band and they're sounding pretty awesome. So now i want to create an intro song that my band could use as the intro to our set during live performances. Its kind of hard to explain exactly...
  10. neurosis

    Mayones Setius GTM7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mint Mayones Setius GTM7 Gear Wanted: A PRS Custom (open to offers, prefer birds and 22 frets) Modifications (if any):None Accessories (hardshell case etc): comes with a hardshell case (aftermarket) Location (City,State or City,Country): Fairfax...
  11. HexaneLake

    Emerson Williams darkBlue Guitar Preamp on Craigslist

    Found this on Craigslist. Talked to the guy about it through email. The dudes a keyboard player that got this from his buddy that owed him, he seems very trustworthy though. Someone should snag this! Only a handful made. Extremely rare Emerson Williams Dark Blue guitar preamp for sale
  12. gh0Zt

    New band!

    Check us out if you like evil, dark eerie ambience! http://youtu.be/z8crmy-yZHk Lavender town (pokemon cover) There will be more heavy tracks coming soon (drop G and F#) Whynot send us your channel! whatever metal it is we like most sub genres from alternative to death metal to djent to nu...
  13. X

    Angle of fall

    Hey this is my bands page and we will release our E.P. soon. We already released one of the songs and we are number 9 on the local metal charts in the UK help us out a bit by checking out the page and the music :) Angle of Fall Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos https://www.facebook.com/angleoffall
  14. Chi

    Dark Ambient track - Silent Hill-ish

    'Sup! I've been working on a little ambient piece for my upcoming nu metal EP and I'm sorta' done with it. As a reference for all of my darker ambient tracks I listen to some of Yamaokas (Silent Hill OST composer) work. It usually works pretty well. Have a listen...
  15. U

    Unjustly Labeled Thread

    mod edit: since you're releasing stuff frequently let's put it in this thread Hi everyone, I just released a free EP. Tuned to G#0 standard (10-string tuning). Link here: Unjustly Labeled Written and recorded within two months as an experiment to see if a whole album played in such a low...
  16. Ashofgod

    Drummer & guitarist wanted

    Lookin for drummer and/or guitarist in olympia/tacoma washington area.Looking to find key members for original experimental, post metal, atmospheric, loud and crushing! Have pro gear! We do! And we have tunes and connections for live gigs and recording. Drama free ! Influences: opeth, neurosis...
  17. A

    Laney gs212 cab ..any reviews?

    Hey Greetings from Indian.. I'm planning to buy a small bedroom size amp. I'm thinking of getting tiny terror , or micro terror..which someone is obviously bringing in from US as they are not easily available here.. Now I can't ask the same guy to bring a cab for me cause tiny terrors...
  18. All_¥our_Bass

    "So bad it's good" pedals/gear

    For me it's the Metalzone and the Fabmetal, people complain, and rightfully so, about how thin, fizzy and lacking in definition these are, and they are right. But they rock for dark atmospheric stuff: Or could be used for some eerie backing to put 'better' sounding guitar tracks over...
  19. Gabe_LTD

    Old darkish acoustic thing I wrote.

    Hey guys, I wrote this dark acoustic style kinda track. I would like to share it with fellow musicians. Phobia by Gabe malmsteen on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free IT doesn't really reflect my guitar skill level, I wrote it 8 months ago, Then REcorded like a...
  20. DeKay

    Caynug - Insanely low tuned Mixtest (B Bass Octave)

    Made this little thing as a mixtest just now, it's freaking hard to mix in an guitar tuned the same as an 5 String bass, I am completly deaf to it I can't tell what to do or if it's "ok" sounding. Caynug - Rigid Body Effect (Demo piece) Caynug - Rigid Body Effect (Demo Piece) by Caynug on...