1. J

    Been to long... 6 yrs since last login.. 30 seconds of Shred to say Hi.!.

    HI Yall... Like many of you it seems to be an art of reKickStarting the Musical Engine every now and then and giving the whole proper promotion of ones musical career and endeavours a good go. Going to be doing my best to share consistently the music I think you all will find surprisingly...
  2. woland

    Rick Toone Stealth | Fabio Mittino

    Hi! I've designed a new guitar with Rick Toone (and now I will have to sell my previous one, a custom S2... so if somebody is interested check Reverb in the near future). It feature all the ideas I came up with during the last seven years: a totally hollow body, made by two carbon fiber sheets...
  3. HexaneLake

    NGD: Modernized 1993 Parker Fly Deluxe Hardtail (w/ BKP)

    Photos first: How it looked before: Not much to say about this badboy other than it is undoubtedly incredible. Originally grabbed this 1993 hardtail off eBay a while back. Guy selling it thought it was a 2003 so I got a better price on it than I should of. After playing it for...
  4. Science_Penguin

    Moses graphite necks- worth it??

    This is another one of those concepts that sounds good on paper, but I know paper's a treacherous thing, so I need to hear something other than sales pitch. So, a few questions for anyone who's played or built using graphite: -Is there really a significant sustain improvement over wood? -I...
  5. D

    NGD: My new acoustic all the way from Ireland!

    This came in the mail to me. Thought I would share it with you guys!! I decided to go this route as I just moved recently to southern Alberta and it is super dry and the humidity variations are crazy. I wanted something relatively hassle free and have never actually bought an acoustic...
  6. Goatchrist

    New Moses Graphite neck for my Steiny! Pic heavy...

    So yesterday a special package arrived at home! This is not how I expect a carbon neck to be packed when it's shipped by UPS. :squint: Thank you for the interesting lecture Steve Mosher. Are you trying to tell me something? :ugh: I have to admit, this neck feels so smoooth, I'm sure it...
  7. N

    Any carbon/composite Sevenstrings out there?

    Hi there, I'm a big fan of Parker Guitars. I like the sound, but especially the feel of the neck. Does anyone know of a brand that produces sevenstrings that are somewhat like the Parkers? I know of the custom Oni guitar, which is amazing, but maybe a bit out of my pricerange. I won't post...
  8. apixx

    Carbon fiber neck rods for 8 string needed?

    Hey there! Since I'm about to built an 8 string guitar (similar to the RG2228) I'd like to know if it is needed to install 2 carbon fiber neck rods. It's going to be a 27" scale with 1 truss rod. If I need them... what dimensions should the be? thank you! Chris
  9. Andii

    Zu is amazing

    The bass player I play in a project with told me to check out this band. I loved it instantly. The band consists of a bassist a sax player and a drummer. :hbang:
  10. dpm


    I noticed the camera in a convenient spot as I started work on this and thought, "hey scoob, this might make a groovy picstory". Scoob didn't reply, but regardless, here's Part One....... A bit of background Vulcanized fiber is traditionally used for single coil pickup flatwork (the top and...