1. Jackillin

    Custom tuning

    I'm finally getting a new 8-string made! I'm not sure about where to set my custom turning for the build. Standard F# or I'm considering asking for EBEADGBE because I quite like having that simple tuning for when I make my own stuff or improvise but is it worth it to do that or just ask for...
  2. Jackillin

    Weight & Sustain of woods on EGRs?

    Hi, looking for body-wood advice! I've been looking at order a semi-custom 8-string guitar for a while to replace my HB R458. I have a really good idea of what specs I want including neck wood/construction/body top but I have no idea about body woods & what I should be considering. I think...
  3. K

    Ernie Ball Majesty 7 neck profile

    Recently got a new EBMM Majesty Artisan 7 and absolutely love the neck on it. (NGD thread I am planning to get a custom guitar built and want the same neck on it. But due to corona, I am currently...
  4. J

    Commissioning a partial build - where to begin

    Hey All, Really interested in trying to put together my own blackmachine-esque type of guitar. I should mention that I am not 100% married to the blackmachine shape, but I am looking for a thin bodied double cut. I unfortunately live in a small apartment without the tools necessary to make the...
  5. Pimiboj

    Pimiboj's Consolidated Build Thread

    Hey guys, I want to share my builds with you all, but don't wanna clutter the forums so I've made a single thread for all of my builds like the rest does. In this first post, I present you my first ever guitar I made. I have access to a CNC machine so of course, I made use of that to build the...

    Need some help/advice..

    I want to build my first 7 string and I don't seem to find any decent plans , got the wood all ready to go (Swamp ash body) Curly maple /mahogany laminate, rosewood or walnut fretboard . Any insight is higly appreciated. George.
  7. SlipknotKoRnfan

    Pre-slotted/radiused fretboards. Reputable Source?

    Hey all. Looking to purchase a pre-slotted, pre-radiused ebony fretboard for an Ibanez RG7620 neck from '00. I've checked Luthiers Mercantile but they don't have the radius im looking for (430mm, or 17") Anyone know of any other options out there? Thanks.
  8. Pimiboj

    7 String Pale Moon Ebony Guitar Build

    Alright, this is my first thread on here. After looking a build threads for a long time I decided that I have to make my own contribution by keeping a build log for my next guitar. This will be the second guitar I've ever built so take it easy on me :) the first one was a neck through...
  9. 693

    Backward angle on Stratocaster neck.

    I am used to playing on guitars with T.O.M.'s on them. And I have been thinking lately about getting a backwards angle on the neck on my Hard-tail Strat. Have been looking at Shims with a a degree from stew mac and the taller base Hard-tail bridge from Hip-shot. Do anyone think it will work out...
  10. Well Above Hell

    Decent Jigsaws/Bandsaws for cutting bodies and necks that won't break the bank (AU)

    As the title describes. I know next to nothing about power tools and am just starting to get things together for my first build. I've used bandsaws and jigsaws before, but as for the spec requirements for building guitars, I'm completely lost. I've had some help from my good friend @dankarghh...
  11. Goatchrist

    Unorthodox 6-String build mahogany/macasar/MDF/chromesteel

    So, it's been a really long while since I last posted. The situation is this: I started this guitar sometime in 2015, with a friend who's an experienced luthier and offers courses. ( I took long breaks for different reasons...
  12. Gmork

    Any fx pedal builders here? Heres what i want

    Hi SSO builders. (ADMINS sorry if this is the wrong place, feel free to move!) Lookin to have this custom built in the nearish future hopefully. Figured id run the idea by some pros to see what you say. Thanks for takin a look. -top mounted I/O and power - AMP EMULATOR PREAMP/EQ/(od boost)...
  13. S

    Finished RG8 Custom Build

    Here is my custom 8 string guitar. I modeled it after the Ibanez RG8 but made lots of little tweaks like a thinner body, greater cutaway, etc. It took me quite a while to finish but it is finally done! Solid Bubinga body with a Wenge accent stripe. Maple and Wenge laminated neck with a matching...
  14. bradley5150

    7-String Build Tips (Multiple Body Shapes)

    So I have materials to build at least 3 guitars right now, all from scratch. I'm thinking two strandberg-esque builds and a daemoness (see profile pic). I have enough wood for at least one more top out of either black walnut or flamed maple, so additional shape suggestions are welcomed. I've...
  15. Eumldeuml

    Build: Seven string multiscale Telecaster with some gimmicks

    A new user emerged from the depths of the internet... Hey guys! I'm about to start my second-ish build (the first one was a four string electric ukulele guitar with the shape of a Randy Rhoads Flying-V, so three strings to few for this forum). And I'm here to make this kind of a diary for the...
  16. J

    First Build - BM Style 26.5" 7 String (with pics)

    Hi Guys, I have decided to start a build thread for a project I have been working on this past year, this is my first so thought id share it to get advice/feedback. Note: The best templates I could get my hands on in 26.5" scale are from a Blackmachine B7 set. This Guitar is for my personal...
  17. ProgLog

    Custom Guitars with flat (RG style) body

    Do you guys know of any custom guitar builders that offer flat RG-like guitars with scratchplates? As common as superstrats are, they are usually contoured. It seems like Blackmachine style guitars are the only flat ones I have seen (Ormsby, Skervesen, Neko, etc.) Do any of these guys make...
  18. A

    Buying/ Build Advice

    Hi Guys , I'm going through some build options with a few luthiers before making a final decision. Need your opinions on the builds please. Build 1 Body - Northern Ash Neck - 5 pc Wenge/ Bubinga Fretboard - Ebony 25.5-27 Multiscale - Straight at the 8th fret BKP Juggernaut pickups Oil and Wax...
  19. DXL

    Best Builds/Crescendos in Music

    I think the title says it all. Post your favorite builds/crescendos that you can think of. Here's mine starting at 5:16: Also I guess this entire piece
  20. Science_Penguin

    Please delete this

    Nevermind, this didn't work like I thought it would...

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