1. Wynseun

    Does location of a pickup relative to the bridge matter?

    I just bought a 2007 Schecter Hellraiser and noticed that the earlier version (prior to 2008-ish) had the pickups much closer together than the later version. The bridge pickup appears to be routed further away from the bridge by about half an inch or so by the looks of it on the older version...
  2. W

    Tune o matic bridge

    Hi, I have a 335 copy with a tune o matic and tailpiece. I used to have a Babitz (spelling?), which I liked on another guitar, but it seems to deaden this one. The thing is that I loved the fact that I could rest my hand on the bridge without deadening the strings. I haven't found another tune...
  3. S

    Seymour Duncan P-Rail Bridge - Video Review

    Here's my new video reviewing the P-Rail Bridge pickup I have in my DoodCraft Guitars B2-6 27.7-inch Baritone tuned to drop A#. Man, this pickup is versatile. I have it wired with some pushpots. And with them I can switch between both coils in series, both coils in parallel, P90 coil only and...
  4. Mr-Jemhead93

    Guitar bridge recommendation for really heavy gauges?

    I am modding a friends LTD 27" Baritone Viper. They want me to convert it to a mini bass tuned to DGCFCG. The plan is swap the babickz bridge that is currently installed for two reasons; they want different colored hardware and the gauges they want to use (.125,.094,.070,.051,.033,.021)...
  5. G

    Advice on upgrading an Ibanez RG7421...

    Just signed up to this wonderful community and would like some advice regarding my Ibanez RG7421. (I'm based in the UK) Obviously this is a great guitar - neck feels great and the body is lovely (I have the burl-capped version in grey) however there are some issues with the guitar and before I...
  6. D

    Help with 2014 RG7421 String Spacing

    Hello, I'm sorry but I originally posted this in the wrong forum I think. I'm new to the message board thing, so please forgive me. I'm currently working on fixing up a used 7421 I bought. New pickups, tuning machines, rewiring, the works. This particular model came out in 2014, and from the...
  7. D

    Help with 2014 RG7421 String Spacing

    I'm currently working on fixing up a used 7421 I bought. New pickups, tuning machines, rewiring, the works. This particular model came out in 2014, and from the Ibanez wiki, it has narrower string spacing than F-Spaced. I really dislike the look of the Ibanez Flat Plate Bridge, so I...
  8. H

    Can't tune NK headless guitar

    Hi! I just got a NK headless guitar and I can't tune it. It was working perfectly with the original strings (8's or 9's) but I broke one and replaced the high E and B with 10's. Now I rotate the tuner, it gets some tension and makes a popping sound before losing pretty much all tension. Could...
  9. Thomas Mims

    Modding my Km7 bridge

    First time poster here and if it gets tossed I apologize. I’m a brand new owner of a Schecter KM7 mk iii standard and it is my favorite guitar and it feels like it actually gonna stay on my collection (been through 10 guitars this year on my search for the best 7) I love missing my guitars but...
  10. A

    Jackson js22-7 stock bridge

    Anyone knows whats the floor height for the stock bridge in a Jackson js22-7?? im thinking of ordering an aliexpress guyker fixed bridge that looks like a hipshot bridge, but it only comes in .125 floor height
  11. Ravvij

    Can't find this bridge anymore?

    I was told about a guitar bridge a few years ago but I can't find my way back to their site. I can barely remember the name of the company that made there bridges. I remember the website was super green and had a very celtic sounding name to it. Their thing was multi-scale bridges and headless...
  12. T

    Need help with Ibanez 160b tremolo replacement.

    I've recently started a project to modify a cheap guitar and found one of these old Ibanez 160b's on the facebook marketplace, but i guess I should have done a little more research into this guitar since i cant find any spec list on the guitar. I tried calling Ibanez and they unfortunately don't...
  13. Stuck_in_a_dream

    Help wanted! Need shorter saddle screws for Hipshot trem

    Hi all, I have the Hipshot Contour trem installed in a Wamoth build, and wile it's a really great trem, the saddle screws are sticking out too much specially on the bass side that it scratches my right hand too many times than I can tolerate :D. I measured the current screws, and here it goes...
  14. 777timesgod

    Choices for a 10 string guitar (non ERG)

    A friend is looking into a custom order for a 10 string guitar. not necessarily like the Bich 10 string from BC Rich with the tuners on the opposite side but like a traditional acoustic with the extra strings emanating from the same spot as the one they doubling and a bigger headstock. I found...
  15. guitaardvark

    Replacement bridge/saddles for PRS SVN?

    Hey everyone, So I've had my SVN for about two months and absolutely adore it. However, the largest string that the bridge will accept is around a .64, whereas I prefer a .68 or above. Are there any drop in saddles or replacement bridges that will accept a larger string? Thanks!
  16. S

    Which Pickup? D Activator, SD SH4 JB or SD Solar

    I'm looking at replacing the stock bridge pickup on my Fender Stagemaster 7. These are the options I'm looking at DiMarzio D Activator 7 - which I can get new from Amazon Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB - found this on a local FB Music group for a good price Seymour Dunca Solar - Don't know much about...
  17. hand amputation

    Hipshot Bridge for Ibanez RGD71ALMS? Help!

    I am looking into getting a hipshot bridge for my Ibanez RGD71ALMS. Link The bridge I am looking at is this one: Link I am not sure the angle of the bridge, as Hipshot gives you options of 11 18 21 and 26 degrees. I also need to know which floor height I should go with. Has anyone else...
  18. A

    How to detune by 33 cents using bridge? Like Hipshot Trilogy or d-tuna..

    Hiya! i love using wide chords but god damn i'm annoyed by how thirds are out of tune. like by 33 cents or something. i'm not a fan of adding lots of new frets on a guitar, so i'm thinking of some detunable bridge thing. Thing is i need it to be detuned only by 33 cents, so i can have my perfect...
  19. lorenzzreds

    Substituting bridge

    Hi guys. How much would cost to replace a string through body with an hardtail bridge? Is it possible? Are there any benefits?
  20. T

    D-Activator/Pegasus/Other for JS22-7 (Bridge)

    Hi folks! So I'm thinking of upgrading my cheap JS22-7 a bit, since apparently the stock pickups are a bit microphonic and I can't control them very well. I have to say the pickup choice is appaling in its diversity! I'm thinking only the bridge pickup, but also accept suggestions for neck: -...