1. X

    Best album/s you came across by accident or were surprised b?

    Recently I came across a few albums/soundtracks which really surprised me and I'm curious to see how many of you have the same albums or completely different ones that I will check out if I haven't heard them
  2. G

    Intervals / A Voice Within / Preview

    Hey fellows. Intervals just uploaded a short overview of their new record. What do you think? I personally think it sounds solid f***in' good. :hbang:
  3. Daf57

    Slayer to Unveil Jeff Hanneman's Unheard Material on New Album

    Slayer to Unveil Jeff Hanneman's Unheard Material on New Album | Music News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
  4. Daf57

    Deftones to Kick Off New Album Work in 2014

    Deftones to Kick Off New Album Work in 2014 | Music News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com Cool! :agreed:
  5. Forkface

    Jay-Z's new album anyone?

    Looked for a thread for this a didn't find one.. so probably people here don't like rap/hiphop :lol: I kid, i kid. Anyway, Magna Carta Holy Grail is out, I just got it and I'm listening to it right now, I'm like at the 3rd song or something. Sounds interesting, but the rapping is meh (at least...
  6. mcsalty

    New Gorguts Song/Lyric Video

    Someone may have posted this as a comment somewhere, but I haven't seen a thread yet so I figured I'd toss this out there:
  7. breadtruck

    Just finished my first ever EP. (POD HD/Metal Machine)

    Hey all. I just thought I'd post this here seeing as how I've enjoyed listening to a few other members' finished work that I found on this board. I just finished work on my first EP. If you have to put it in a genre then I guess it's....instrumental/metal/progressive. I'm a bit of a n00b when it...
  8. BTD_Austin

    Believe the Deceiver (AZ Progressive Deathcore)

    I'm not entirely sure this is the right place to post so I apologize if it isn't. My band Believe the Deceiver is releasing our EP "Illusions" on march 14th and I would love some feedback! We cover just about every genre of metal. Check us out if you like bands such as Ion Dissonance, The...
  9. BrianWaymire

    Debut Prog album free download

    I just gave my future second album to the less than 100 people who bought the first one and decided to give it out for free until January 1st. just go you have NOTHING to lose!! It was mostly done with FL Studio and my six string Ibanez bass and a combination of guitars. It was my first one...
  10. L

    Feedback on some mixes?

    I've been working on my mixing/mastering skills lately for my album that I'll be releasing shortly. Could I get some feedback on some of the following mixes? Clean Arabic tune: In The Zone (album version) by James Van Cleaf on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free...
  11. DeKay

    Download my album "Self-Titled" for free (Instrumental, Emotional, Clean)

    Just released my first album that I call "Self-Titled", some of you might remember the song "Life is everything" that I posted here months ago. Story of the album: Over the time I recorded many sad pieces like these to handle with the stress and depression that is haunting me since my family...
  12. S

    Sending Artax Australia, 8 String Usage, Tech Death

    Hey dudes I posted a while back with a pre production of one of our songs "run" about using all strings on the 8 string... We are Sending Artax, Technical/Progressive(or whatever) Death metal-esque band :P From Gold Coast Australia We have just released our album Circus of Me here in...
  13. R

    When Prophecy Fails would like to give thanks to

    Hi About 6 weeks ago, I posted this video ( asking for feedback on the song writing, guitar tone, mix, master, basically.... every aspect of my bands music to be analyzed by you. See the original thread here...
  14. samhell12

    Aobs new ep

    Hi me and my band just put out a new ep please go download listen and like thanks tell me what you think ... ;) Abyss Of Bleeding Souls - Bleed On Me EP (2012).rar
  15. pkgitar


    Ahoy! So the last couple of months I've been working on an EP as part of a school assignment. I'd call it Groove Metal, you call it what you'd like. I've composed the songs, done vocals, played guitars and bass. As well as engineering, production, mixing etc. I got hold of a drummer who was up...
  16. O

    Oddity Designs -pro band album/t-shirt/poster art at an affordable price

    Hi Guy and Gals my name is Craig and I'm just setting up a illustration practice for designing band merch and was referred here by Dan the guitarist from Midnight Realm. I design Posters, T-shirts, Logos, Album artwork and generally any other kind of Apparel or Merch a band would use. I aim...
  17. allshallperishfan

    Check out my trippy music

    hey guys i recorded this album in a couple weeks. i just recorded it on my laptop in my room on my 7. Its mostly cleans except for 2 songs and its just weird creepy trippy stuff. its not very talented guitar playing, but the overall sound is cool and theres cool effects. For the record this...
  18. budda

    My bands CDs are here!

    11 great tracks spanning 40 minutes! CD release party at the London Music Lounge on January 13th, 2012 I'm super excited to have my first full-length album in my hands! Within a few days the album will be for sale in major music stores worldwide (iTunes, Amazon, HMV, etc). Tomorrow we...
  19. M

    Wanzwa: New Experimental, Instrumental Progressive Metal Group

    Hello everyone! Just want to share my new band and its debut album. Please have a listen if you want something heavy and groovy. Stream the whole album from one of these: Wanzwa on Youtube Wanzwa on Bandcamp Wanzwa on Facebook Wanzwa on Soundcloud Thank you for listening!
  20. AxelvonKreon

    New deathcore band - Free album stream!

    Hey! I'm from the deathcore band Kreon and we've just released our debut album! Streak the full album for free at: Kreon Official's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free or KREON OFFICIAL [2011] If you got soundcloud, please comment what you think of it! If...

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