1. Chi

    My EP "Roots" officially out! Raw Nu Metal meets modern metal

    I can finally and proudly announce that my EP Roots is officially out for you guys! It's been a long road but it has been a constant process of improving myself as a musician, writer and producer. For fans of Nemertines, Korn, Vildhjarta, fat low end and raw and honest groove. You can grab a...
  2. SomeChump

    Zhea Erose - Icosahedron [LP/experimental/progressive electronic]

    So one of my favorite artists just released her new LP. This album is absolutely crazy and I'd love to get a discussion going about it for those who haven't heard her music before. It's totally free too. Icosahedron (1:04:57): Njo ft. Nikhil Singh Glimmershard Azurelisk Silfra Flicker...
  3. MrSleepwalker

    Not a Legend new EP (FFO Veil of Maya, After the Burial, BoO, Within The Ruins, etc.)

    Hey guys, I would like share with you my new mixtape that I've just finished working on. If you like instrumental deathcore/metalcore/djent, feel free to check it out! Free downloads are available here: Everything was recorded/mixed/mastered by...
  4. contourband

    Contour- Temptress EP (new release)

    Finally put everything together after a tedious few weeks. Been playing around with some interesting riffs for a while now, so tell me what you think!
  5. contourband

    Producing Hi-Def tones through Guitar Rig!

    Currently producing my debut EP "Temptress". Been exclusively using Guitar Rig 5 for the bass and guitar tones (cab sims too) and I'm blown away at the quality of the tones and the presence you can achieve. Still a work in progress but so far I'm fairly satisfied with the results :) Feel free to...
  6. U

    Structuring an EP

    I'm writing the debut EP of my band this summer and I'm not entirely sure how to structure it/how much is too much for an EP. So far I have two full songs and a short instrumental done. I'm getting a bit ambitious and want to write something like this: 1. Intro/Short Song, but feels just...
  7. HumanFuseBen

    Mastodon Leviathan full album guitar covers! Dimarzio Titan

    Hey kids! So recently i decided to record cover videos for every song on Mastodon's amazing Leviathan, one of my favorite albums. On all these videos, i'm using my Ibanez RG470 swirl with the Dimarzio Titan in the bridge, which sounds absolutely killer! One of my favorite pickups of all time...
  8. Vince

    My solo instrumental metal album "Embers of Ares" is out!

    I'm really happy with how this album turned out. I spent the better side of the last year recording and mixing this, and I wound up adding a couple tracks at the end of the year that rounded it off nicely. The album is all instrumental, and it's a guitar album focused on MELODY and SONGWRITING...
  9. Alexandra Zerner

    My debut album "9 Stories" is out!

    Hello, everyone! :) I can proudly announce, that my debut solo album "9 Stories" is ready and available on the online music stores! :) It took me 9 months (strange...) to do this work and it was very hard task to perform, because I did all the stuff to this album - wrote and played every...
  10. Rizzo

    Software for artwork design?

    Hi there guys. Is there any (possibly freeware) graphic software useful for designing album artworks? I have some musical DIY projects in mind, and since i like to learn new stuff and don't have any hurry on my work, i'd like to experiment some graphic design. Keep in mind i'm totally a noob in...
  11. Chi

    Another song off my upcoming Nu Metal record

    Yo! Today I'm throwing out another song to you. It's off of my upcoming little Nu Metal album and one of the earlier songs I've written for it. Writing this album really is a new experience to me, since it's my first actual project that has a lot of time and work involved. I could definitely...
  12. Chi

    Delete dis

    Nevermind, delete me plz.
  13. T

    Opinions on Through My Eye's newest release 'Victoria'

    We released our newest album 'Victoria' a few months ago, and have been touring it around for a little while. What are your opinions on the record? Listen to it for free here: Victoria | Through My Eyes BTW, for some reason the bandcamp streaming of the album makes it sound over...
  14. DeKay

    Long Caynug Album Teaser! (Nu-Metal, Prog, Grooves, Shouting)

    Hey yall! Just dropped an long album teaser for my new project, I don't have much to say to this but enjoy and please leave your thoughts here :)
  15. JayMarrero

    We Be Subarashii's debut album for FREE

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to post my solo project's debut album link here in case you had a chance and wanted to check it out. It's called We Be Subarashii and it's just me messing around with some Metal and Electronics in a weird video game,movie soundtrack-y way :). It's completely FREE so...
  16. SwampWhompa

    My band 'Visions of Virtue' - Debut Ep (Hardcore, Beatdown)

    Hey everyone! I've been creeping on these forums for a while and it brings me great pleasure to finally have something to show for it! My band Visions of Virtue just dropped our debut Ep which I also happened to produce and I wanted to post it here to get some feedback, hear what you guys had to...
  17. T

    Through My Eyes Debut Album Release

    Hey guys! My band just released our first full debut album. The whole thing is self produced and we've spent a lot longer on this thing than we'd like to admit xD I'd really like some feedback on it! ^^ the album is free, i'd advise you...
  18. Experimorph

    Creinium - To battle against bands that sound just like the next one

    Yo, peeps! First of all, I'm really unsure where to post this thread as it's about my own band but I figured it should fit the general music category. No offense taken if a moderator disagrees! I play bass in progressive metal outfit Creinium but I've avoided making a fuzz about it till this...
  19. MannyMoonjava

    Finally releasing my Progressive ep (Kemper, 2228)!

    Dear SSO, you guys have helped me collect 2 amazing guitars (Agile 828, Ibanez 2228) and my amazing kemper. So yeah, it would mean a lot if some of you heard some of my songs, comment, criticize :D Release date is not set yet, but I have the promo mastered versions of the songs on...
  20. DeKay

    Free album "Chemical" (Distorted slap basses, Progressive, Bass solo's, Depth)

    Hello folks! I tried to challenge myself to mostly only use my bass on this album. The bass even replaces the "normal" guitar slots left and right. At harsher parts I used distorted slap bass to give the whole album an unique sound. There's tons of loud and subtle melodies hidden everywhere to...