1. redragon

    FS Metallica - Weed Killer and Sugar (bootleg) 2XLP

    I bought this back in 1987 and now I'm ready to let it go to fund a new guitar build. Here's the details. $150 shipped in CONUS. Front Cover by redragon posted Nov 20, 2021 at 6:36 AM
  2. Krazy Kalle

    My first demo album

    First of all, the link to the album on soundcloud: I would say it is some kind of experimental, alternative, nu, and maybe a very little bit of progressive metal. I wrote these songs over 10 years ago and finally got my depressed ass up...
  3. Kirill5412

    Dark Twin - Prometheus // Progressive Metal / Instrumental / Djent 2021

    Hello guys! We have released our new album called Prometheus! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening! Spotify:
  4. Exchanger

    Exchanger - An Offer to Decline (FFO: Haken, Headspace, Tetrafusion, recent BTBAM...)

    Hi fellow players ! I've just released an album; as I used a fair amount of ERG's on it, and as I know there's some nice folks around here, also with possibly overlapping music taste, I decided to share it here. I have a lot of different influences, going from classical to modern metal...
  5. K

    Brand new album from my band Tiberius - FFO Protest the hero, Iron Maiden, BTBAM and disco beats

    Just released this album today and I'm super proud of it, if it sounds like your kind of thing please take a listen and let me know what you think Mixed and mastered by the very talented De La Fuente of Exist Immortal Album is available at The latest single from the...
  6. alessandroarzilli

    Alessandro Arzilli - Musa (My full album stream)

    Hello everyone! This is the full stream of my instrumental solo album “Musa”, available on all digital platforms. This project has been totally self-produced, so if you like what you’re hearing please support! 00:00 1) Sore Throat 03:10 2) Passions 07:11 3) Grind 10:09 4) Majesty 14:05 5)...
  7. S

    Thoughts on Wage War Pressure Album?

    I must say I was expecting it to be way heavier. There’s quite a lot of poppy elements in there and even weird cheesy synth bits. Like in the track Fury there's some Dubstep Wobbles, which just feels a bit cheesy and dated. So overall, think the album is ok. But not great. Was expecting more...
  8. RobertVII

    Question on mixing an album/EP

    Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to record a 3 song EP and was curious about how others mix an album or an EP. I've mixed projects in the past for a single song release but this is the first time I feel confident about my mixing to do an entire EP. Would it be better to record each song as...
  9. patdavidmusic

    My First EP, Instrumental Rock with soundtrack score vibes

    Hey everyone, I can’t believe this is finally out, after four years of rewriting, re-recording guitars, second guessing myself, thinking that the melodies were not strong enough or that the whole idea was crazy, finally I’ve just decided it’s better to have something out that I believe in that...
  10. chipchappy

    Death Wish

    Hey friends - I made a few songs over the past few months and figured I'd share it here with you guys. Hopefully you guys like it! It's part metal, part chill hop, part glitch.
  11. RLG167

    Looking For A Concept Artist For An Album Cover

    My band is going into the studio to record our new album in april, we've been looking for a concept artist to do the cover art. We have a fairly specific scene in mind that we want for the cover art, but we also want the artist to have some creative control. If anyone knows any good artists...
  12. Alexandra Zerner

    A playthrough video of me & Franck Hermanny

    Hello ERG lovers! :) I am currently working on my third solo album (progressive rock), which is available on PledgeMusic, and I want to share with you one of the tracks from it, called 'Electric Kisses'. It's a collaboration with the amazing Franck Hermanny from 'Adagio'. I hope you'll like it :)
  13. Kirill5412

    K.I.R. - Desolation || Ibanez RG1527 RB

    Hello guys! This is song from my new EP "Arcanum". Hope you enjoy it. Give it a thumbs up and share :-) K.I.R. - ARCANUM (EP Album 2018) ➤ Bandcamp: ➤ iTunes: (January 19) Signal Chain: Ibanez RG1527 RB - Line 6 POD HD Pro DAW: Logic Pro X Video...
  14. Alexandra Zerner

    My third solo album on PledgeMusic

    Hello ERG geeks! :) Yesterday I started my third solo album's campaign on PledgeMusic, so if you're into guitar oriented progressive rock, you would like it: Alexandra Zerner - Opus 1880 Previous albums: '9 Stories' (2014) 'Aspects' (2015) 'An Evening Walk' EP (2016)
  15. StrmRidr

    So I just covered the entire Master of Puppets album...

    A few words first, no it's not perfect, no I don't know why I did it, no I will never do an entire album cover ever again. Anyway I would appreciate if you give it a listen, even if it is just to your favorite song of the album. I need to go outside now.
  16. N

    New Band: Vanguard (Neil O'Rourke)

    Hello All! My name is Neil O'Rourke, creator of the "Vanguard" project. It's a musical outlet for whatever ideas pop into my head; it's mostly metal though. I'm new to the scene, and I'm trying to get as much feedback/exposure as possible. If you're looking for some fresh/local music to...
  17. H

    [Album Stream] Emil Lamppu - Under the Open Sky

    Hey yall :wavey: Check out my debut record! Currently only on bandcamp, but I'll put it on other services also next week! <----- get updates on future stuff Have a great weekend!
  18. H

    Lyricist for a concept album

    Looking for someone to write lyrics for a forty minute, one track concept album. The artwork, title and concept is ready, just need the words. Anyone?
  19. H

    One track concept album

    Hi there. Again. I'm in need of a kick ass guitarist who'd might be interested in helping me with a couple short solos for my melodic death metal album. I've recorded all the basics, and I've had a lot of help from very kind musicians all over the world (spanning from Argentina, US, Sweden...)...
  20. H

    Death/growl/clean voice vocalist needed

    Hey everybody. I'm recording an album in the melodic death/heavy metal vein, with a lot of variations (acoustics/strings/choirs etc), and pretty much all the instrumentation is done, except for a few solo parts. There's a grand piano section in it, a tenor sax solo, jazzy clean guitar solo...

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