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  1. A

    Meshuggah on a 6 string guitar | Demiurge cover full instrumental mix

    Gear: Charvel Joe Duplantier signature (the cheap one) w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 (Custom custom) on a bridge. Tuned down to drop B Digitech the Drop. -6 pitch shift Fractal FM3: Xotic RC Booster, EVH 5153 red channel. Unfortunately the FM3 doesn't have the Fortin Satan Drums: Toontrack Superior...
  2. F

    Have unique 9 string Agile, need parts

    Greetings fellow ERG players, I have always loved my 7 stringers and when I decided to make the jump to a 9 (bypassed the 8s because what's the point when there are 9s now), by pure luck I found this incredible Agile Intrepid Pro 930 MN CA Bloodburst Kahler Custom on GuitarCenter.com for a...
  3. S

    [VIDEO] Using Pitch Drop Effects in Creative ways on your Guitar

    I've put up a new video on my Youtube channel. It's about creative ways on using Pitch Drop Effects. I used my MMM1 in Drop G#, and then used the Pitch Shift effect to pitch my guitar around to different lower tunings in the song in the video, and I even pitch it all the way down to C#. Check...
  4. TWF

    9 String Guitar With Extra Frets To Avoid Fretboard Irregularities In (drop) Tunings

    When I started playing 9-string guitar, I was trying out a couple of tunings until I found what I consider best for me: BEBEADGBE (7 string standard + drop E, as many 8-string players are using it, + another B, the same as on a 5-string bass). This tuning is merging the best parts of a 5-string...
  5. Djentlover666

    Tips for using thicker strings on erg?

    When I got my 9 string I immediately bought the ernie ball 9 string set just because I wanted the .105 for the c# with the intention of dropping it to a. But holy shit did that buzz like crazy, only when not fretted. I put paper in the nut slot for that string and it fixed it but it gave a weird...
  6. B

    Schecter 9 string multiscale prototype?

    This guy claims that he has damien 9 string fanned fret prototype model. I didn't heard anything about this guitar. Do you guys have any information? https://reverb.com/item/3338930-schecter-damien-fanned-fret-9-string-prototype-multiscale
  7. TWF

    Show Me Your 9 String Tunings (2017 Edition)

    There had been a thread with a similar name a couple of years ago. And I remember many discussing — and being sure — that 9 string guitars would be 8 strings with an additional high a (or g string) when they become more "mainstream". Now we have the RG9 for the masses (I own one myself) and its...
  8. zerofocus

    Project 9: FFO Mick Gordon (DOOM Soundtrack) and 9 string grooves

    Hi I recently got asked to contribute some sound design for a friends new project which is heavily influenced by the Recent DOOM Game be awesome if you could check it out and give your opinions to the track as a whole this is still a demo so there is a lack of a bass layer...
  9. A

    Jumping from 6 to 8 or to 9

    Hello everyone! I have been reading the post in this forum for quite a while now, looking to learn everything i could about extended range guitars, as I really love genres that use this kind of guitars (specially metal kind of genres) so, now to the real deal. I have been looking for...
  10. Counterspell

    The next installment in *Hyperdjent Theater*

    Hey Guys! I wanted to post up the progression of my 9 string project- Wesley Belmont. Much thanks to all for the positivity and support for the last time I shared a video; I have been encouraged by your words and promise I've been practicing hard on new techniques. This track represents...
  11. A

    8 & 9 string on tuxguitar tab plus tuning

    Pretty bad that its still been over 5 years and no release for 8 and 9 string guitars on tux so i decided to figure out at least how to make a pre tab save ready with a selection of tuning. Need HxD - a free pc app and any new tux tab starting in 6 string with no tabs in it. take your new...
  12. A

    WTB: RG9 or RGIR28FE?

    Iron Label: Pros- Maybe it is a little more easy to play. RG9 Pros- 1 more string. Passive pickups. I can get both for the same price, but I don't know what to get. Also, I dislike EMG 808's.
  13. M

    Glass Cloud Megathread!- Everything Glass Cloud

    I just recently got into this group and couldn't find any other threads about them. Sounds pretty awesome though. The bassist and drummer went to Berklee and the guitarist is Josh Travis from The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTIlEaCmLJg 9 string...
  14. Orgalmer

    NGD: Legator 9 string inside!

    Well, it’s finally here :hbang: It’s been a bit of a saga but I finally received my Legator Nina pro 300. Firstly I’d like to thank Adam from Legator for his assistance, through all the questions he was positive and helpful, so in terms of customer service he was able to set my mind at ease...
  15. U

    The 0th octave club! (For those of us who tune below C1)

    Hi there! I just had this idea for a kinda meeting central for people who are tuning/want to tune below what most people consider reasonable! First off, I'd encourage anyone who tunes below C1 (6 semitones down from standard 8 string F#) to post a youtube clip/soundcloud link/bandcamp...
  16. b10_m3k

    Agile Interceptor Pro 930 EB CA Charcoal

    Hi Everybody! Here's my Agile 9-string I have for sale on eBay. Feel free to pass it along if you know anybody interested. Message me here if you have any questions,thx. Agile Interceptor Pro 930 EB CA Charcoal | eBay
  17. Polar_man

    Getting a custom. Need Help with the design!

    Hello. Okay, so for christmas this year i'm getting me my dream 9 string as i am now a working man and can do those things. Here is what i quickly photoshopped up (almost to scale but definitely not template worthy or anything) Its pretty much a Skervesen Guitars rip off (...
  18. TheFashel12

    Hipshot 9 string bridge !

    Search Results > Store > Hipshot Products
  19. gregzilla

    PDP Official

    This thread is for anyone with any questions about PDP , the album " Mass Delusion " 8 9 and 10 string guitars and rigs , Musicians Institute , touring , or anything related to our band https://www.facebook.com/pdpmusic PDP ::Official Website::
  20. Lace Music Products

    The Official Lace Music Products Thread

    Hey guys! We are new to the forum, but some of you might know about us already. This is another outlet for us to interact with you guys, the players! This thread is here for information on our products, pic and vid updates, and Q&A. Tell us what you want to see from Lace and we will do...