1. Guitarjon

    My first 9-string! (NGD: Ibanez RGIR9FME! Review & Demo!)

    Hey guys, I finally finally finally can say that I have a 9-string! I've been thinking (and even dreaming) about 9-string guitars a lot recently. I think they are just so fascinating. All the range on one guitar and such a huge neck. I dunno, something really drew me to that concept. I've had a...
  2. couverdure

    ESP E-II MF-9 BABYMETAL Collaboration Model

  3. S

    Tuning my Baritone down to Db [VIDEO]

    So I had a bit of fun, and wanted to see how low I could tune my Squier Jazzmaster Baritone with its 30-inch scale. Seeing as most 9 strings have a 30-inch scale I thought why not, and let's see if I can get down to a low C#. So I chucked on some heavier gauges (20-90), and tuned it down to...
  4. TWF

    9 String Guitar With Extra Frets To Avoid Fretboard Irregularities In (drop) Tunings

    When I started playing 9-string guitar, I was trying out a couple of tunings until I found what I consider best for me: BEBEADGBE (7 string standard + drop E, as many 8-string players are using it, + another B, the same as on a 5-string bass). This tuning is merging the best parts of a 5-string...
  5. X

    So if Legator is crap...

    Howdy folks! First post here. I've fallen in love with the look of the Legator Ninja 300-Pro 9-string with the Midnight Burst Burl finish at first sight. This has got to be the best and most tasteful looking guitar I've ever seen. Unfortunately, it's disappeared from the maker's website...
  6. couverdure

    Stephen Carpenter got a 9-string(!)

    Taken from this Instagram post. I wonder if the new Deftones album will have some low C# riffage in it, and I also find it interesting that it has 9-string Fluences and a teardrop headstock rather than the six-in-line he's known to have.

    FRFR for 9-string/Helix?

    I have a Schecter Hellraiser C-9 9-string guitar and a newly acquired Line 6 Helix. I'm looking for an FRFR solution for this setup. I play shred/metal. I've been looking at FRFR gear online for months now, and the the ones I'm probably most interested in are the Line 6 Firehawk 1500 and the...

    Triple Rectifier or Fractal AX8 for 9-string guitar

    I have an old 2-channel Mesa Triple Rectifier head from the late 90's running through a Mesa 4x12 cabinet. I have about 5 pedals I'm using right now. I recently got a Schecter Hellraiser C-9 guitar, and I'm debating whether I should sell my pedals and buy a Fractal AX8 to use in 4 cable...
  9. frahmans

    My NGD - 9 String Headless Guitar with Q-Tuners

    Hi Everyone, If you've read the Luthiery and Modification section, some of you may have seen a thread about a Mango Guitar with an 8, 9, or 10 string format. I actually have had it for two weeks and now would like to provide my thoughts to complete the story. I hope you enjoy reading the write...
  10. U

    Unjustly Labeled Thread

    mod edit: since you're releasing stuff frequently let's put it in this thread Hi everyone, I just released a free EP. Tuned to G#0 standard (10-string tuning). Link here: Unjustly Labeled Written and recorded within two months as an experiment to see if a whole album played in such a low...