1. VeibaeSimp

    WTB Ibanez Prestige RG2228

    Hey SSO, I'm looking to pick one these icons and it doesn't matter if they it is international either, the only requirements are to have no dings or paint chips, as it's a gloss black adjacent guitar it's gonna have the standard pick swirl and buffable dust scratches so I'm not concerned...
  2. M

    The story of my custom build (8 string razorback like guitar)

    Hi there, I would like to tell you my story of creating a custom guitar. It was a very challenging process, probably I faced all possible guitar issues with that and I feel like I have to tell it to the world. It will be some kind of longread with a lot of details and pictures so have some tea...
  3. Guitarjon

    8 & 9-string comparison! (Ibanez, LTD & Schecter)

    Hey sevenstringslingers! I've had this idea for a while. I now have 2 8-strings (Ibanez M80M and LTD SC-608B) and 2 9-strings (Ibanez RGIR9FME and Schecter Damien Platinum 9) and I basically wanted to do a little comparison to see how much of a difference in sound the scale length and pickups...
  4. Jackillin

    Weight & Sustain of woods on EGRs?

    Hi, looking for body-wood advice! I've been looking at order a semi-custom 8-string guitar for a while to replace my HB R458. I have a really good idea of what specs I want including neck wood/construction/body top but I have no idea about body woods & what I should be considering. I think...
  5. rippedflesh89

    WTB: RG2228 Nut - 2LN00AA001

    I'm looking for a replacement but for my RG2228A and can't seem to find one anywhere. I see some RGA8 nuts but no RG2228 nuts (2LN00AA001). Can anyone help me out? I would be eternally grateful!
  6. Arkks

    Jackson SLAT8 with Lundgren M8's

    Modified my Jackson and put in some Lungrens! I fell in love with them straight away. Heres a quick recording to get a vibe. Whats your favourite pickup for an 8 string?
  7. rippedflesh89

    8 String Suggestions

    I'd like some suggestions about what 8 string I should buy next. I currently have an RG2228A and I love it so much that I have decided to get another 8 string instead of another 7. The neck profile is so incredibly comfortable that I think I find it more comfy than my UV7BK. Options I'm...
  8. ixampano

    Crack on the neck of my Ibanez S8QM. I need help

    First a little bit of context. *Note: I'm from Mexico, so prices here are way different than in the USD. A couple of weeks ago a music store nearby closed down (Fuck COVID), and I was able to get a Seymour Duncan Pegasus Bridge (8 String Version) pickup for dirt cheap (roughly 25 USD). I...
  9. RobertVII

    Pokemon Lance/Red Theme Cover in the style of Mick Gordon (Doom 2016)

    I made this cover with a friend, I hope you all dig it! I had a lot of fun trying to recreate the instruments and mood of the Doom game. I used Neural DSP Omega and Nolly for guitars, Euro bass II for the bass (Duh), and Get Good Drums Invasion Kit for the drums.
  10. nerozume

    NGD - Skervesen Raptor 8 (Classy Djentelman)

    Second Skervesen Raptor 8 topic in short amount of time! While being very impressed with my Raptor 7, I've got GAS for 8 string. Contacted with the team and got this mine Raptor 8. Quick Specs: Mahogany body, walnut top, maple neck/fretboard with 27" loaded with SD Nazgul/Sentient, 4AP...
  11. Claas Production Line 9-string

    Claas Production Line 9-string

  12. Moby Dick custom 8-string

    Moby Dick custom 8-string

  13. Moby Dick custom 8-string

    Moby Dick custom 8-string

  14. Claas Production Line 9-string

    Claas Production Line 9-string

  15. L

    Need help, kiesel possibly?

    Alright so I’ve played 7 string guitar since I started it was my first guitar basically. I play almost exclusively on 7. My band uses Drop G# and F, and sometimes pitch shift down to D#. I’ve been contemplating getting an 8 string, or a baritone 7 for those D# songs and just go get that djenty...
  16. RobertVII

    Looking for mixing criticism!

    I recorded a little tune and wanted some feedback on it. I'm curious if the low end is tight enough and if anyone else has any advice on any other aspects of the mix. Thanks in advance! https://soundcloud.com/r0bert-1/hollow-mix-1
  17. djflashpoint

    Sanguis my mostly 8 string album

    Ive been around here for years under Gabe777, I started playing my Ibanez RG7321 back in 2004 when I came across this site. Im so glad its still up! Anyways, heres an album I just finished with mostly my Ibanez RG8. :hbang:
  18. PariahMusic

    8 String Guitar/Pickup Comparison (Lundgren, Lace, EMG, Fishman)

    Did a comparison of my four 8 string guitars a while back. Thought it was kinda cool since I have a divisive passive pickup brand (Lace), a lauded pickup brand (Lundgren), a "divisive" active brand (EMG lol) and the lauded fluence moderns. IMO: None suck, but some do stand out as being really...
  19. PariahMusic

    Headless Blackat & XeN 8string playthrough

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but lets focus on the guitars I guess haha. Spec'd out the Blackat to be a fairly decent comparison to the Xen, and it worked out super well. Review for the Blackat is coming, but AMA!
  20. N

    FS Aristides 080 Banana Finish

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: absolutely amazing guitar, probably one of the best i ever played, if not the best. Super resonant and loud even unplugged. Selling to fallback ro 7 strings. Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Mono softshell case, candies...