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  1. GTTK

    Guittek Guitarworks with The Dead in Company

    Third Time's the Charm, really? well, let's see. Guittek is a company from Oulu, Finland. 20 years of experience in Instruments repairs, and building guitars since 2013. Guittek has two lines of instruments. The first line is called LOWBROW SERIES, which are instruments inspired by classic or...
  2. Jackillin

    8-string hunt - Thought it would be fun & useful to share my list of makers so far

    I'd love to buy a 2nd 8-string later this year or next year, amazing there is such choice these days!! Feel free to add more & share ur experiences with these brands. So far my dream guitars would be an Aristides or Daemoness. In reality if I could do semi-custom I'd consider Balaguer, Mayones...
  3. Kirill5412

    Dark Twin - Prometheus // Progressive Metal / Instrumental / Djent 2021

    Hello guys! We have released our new album called Prometheus! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening! Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0dNHCYTrcGtBw2vdKXGMqG?si=2mm33cogS8OUPUmil9edTA
  4. Claas Guitars 8 string

    Claas Guitars 8 string

    One of our vistors at the NAMM Show 2020 jammed out some really awesome tunes on our Moby Dick CS8. It was exciting to meeting so many people and admire...
  5. Broken

    Tuners for 8 string

    Hey, it's been a while since I was here. I got an eight string on kijiji a year or so ago and my Korg GA tuner has never been about to get the F# and I've had to use an old Line 6 spider's built in tuner. What does everyone else use/recommend for tuning an eight string?
  6. Abner Cestari live with Alicia Hill - Ibanez RGA8

    Abner Cestari live with Alicia Hill - Ibanez RGA8

  7. SoulBeardGuy

    Schecter Hellraiser C8 Killswitch Mod

    Hello everyone. After a decade following this community I decided to create a profile and write my first post. Late 2017, after several years without playing guitar I decided to buy my first ERG, for the lack of availability of Ibanez guitars in Middle East (I was in Dubai back then) I...
  8. hand amputation

    WTB Decent intermediate level 8 string

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: 8 String Guitar Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Not necessary Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Oklahoma International OK?: No Contact Info (No Phone #s): DM here -or- robbyrharris (@) gmail (dot) com References (eBay or other forum userid)...
  9. A

    8 string sets

    So I have just gotten an 8 string guitar with a 28" scale length and got a set of GHS Boomers 10-80's and I find them to not have enough tension, even in standard tuning. Do you guys recommend any sets or have any tips for building sets?
  10. M

    NGD: Agile Hawker 82527

    New guitar day. I haven't seen anyone else post anything about these while I was looking to buy mine so I figured I'd throw it out there. This is my second agile I've owned but my first mutliscale and first headless guitar. The guitar comes with a mohogany body with a burled ash top, 1 peice...
  11. thoughtpyotr

    RIVERA LOS LOBOTTOM 2 Guitar SUB/CAB (for sale)

    Sound Clip: https://soundcloud.com/pedropeedro/black-bile-csm EBAY LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RIVERA-LOS-LOBOTTOM-2-Guitar-SUB-CAB-/122512350913?hash=item1c864e1ec1:g:JXoAAOSwuMZZJFwj Specs: 500W Powered Speakers Loaded with 2 JBL M222-8 12" FX Loop 2 Inputs, low and high gain Polarity...
  12. Vince Caruana

    Help learning how to do my own setups

    Ive been playing for a solid 10 years. Everytime Ive bought a new guitar or need an adjustment ive always had a tech set it up for me.Recently I had some buzzing on my 8 string, my Hellraiser Hybrid which I love dearly. Ive never got a better sound out of a guitar personally. Over the years ive...
  13. ExtronMados

    Late NGD! Schecter Damien Elite 8

    Got my first 8 string for christmas and this thing is AMAZING! It is super comfortable while playing and the only gripes i have about it are the emg 808s (ALTHOUGH they arent as bad as people make them out to be, they do lack the dynamics and response that the Nazgul i have in my 7 and the...
  14. Owen Cassidy

    Mah banda

  15. TheVenusDeMelos

    The Venus De Melos - Shores of Time (XEN 8 string guitar play-through)

    Hey SS.org, Fecking Bahamas (a Math-Rock blog) has just released my guitar play-through for one my original tracks: Shores of Time. It is my first guitar play-through and video editing job so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This video was filmed on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, NY...
  16. BrianHood

    An Amp Sim Tone That Doesn't Suck Ass

    I made this video a couple of months ago, but people seemed to like it. I used TSE X50 v2 for a band using 8 string guitars (is this even allowed on sevenstring.org? haha) Check it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om7gaLgXQvI Here is an mp3 of the tone, if you want to listen before...
  17. XEN

    XEN/OAF HSC8 and OXC8

    I need to sell my personal XENs to put money back into the company and keep it moving forward. These were both built by Tom Drinkwater of the Oakland Axe Factory and were featured at the Kalium booth at winter NAMM 2015. They were very well received and we had great comments from players and...
  18. Andrenighthound

    Where to find .090 gauge strings and custom sets

    What's the best online store to get a custom set made? I like these gauges for my 7 & 8 sting guitars with 27" scales: .009 E .012 B .015 G .022 D .030 A .042 E .066 B & (.068 for 7 string guitar low A) .090 E
  19. Vince Caruana

    Anyone tried out the new ernie ball 9-80 8 string set?

    I have an 8 string with a 25.5" scale which always went HORRIBLE with the 10-74 set and I'm thinking this string set just might be the answer to my prayers. Its something along the lines of 9-46+64+80. Its not perfect but its a HELL of a lot better than any other mass prodced 8 string set...
  20. E

    Ibanez RG2228-GK or RG2228A-BK ?

    Hello people this is my first post in this forum. I have been playing guitar and 5 string bass for a couple of years and after listening to Periphery and Animals as Leaders I found that it was the kind of style I nearly wanted to play and one month ago I decided to buy an 8 string guitar because...

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