1. T

    BKP in Agile Septor 727? (Question about what model of BKP )

    Hello all, I was wondering if anybody is able to discern what type of pickups are in the Agile Septor 725 pictured below? ""Looking online I have not come across any Agile's that come with stock pickups that look like the set in this guitar. I called up the GC that has the guitar in stock...
  2. Decapitated666

    Agile Interceptor Pro 725 MN

    This was my first 7 string that I bought back around a year and half ago, I recently sold it off to get some new gear for my rack system and grab myself an 8 string (which you can see in my other thread in extended range guitars). Anyways, loved this one while I had it!
  3. TheDuatAwaits

    NGD! Natural content.

    This little baby came in the mail this morning when i woke up. I was worried about the shipping by FedEx. But it turns out that there was not a single flaw with the guitar, it plays beautifully. :yesway: It's a Douglas Grendel 725 Natural finish. I heard mixed reviews about it and honestly i...
  4. Duckykong

    Agile Inteceptor Pro 725

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Lightly modified blue flame Interceptor Pro. This thing massively rips! Holds its own easily against my old Loomis! Love this bad boy but I must downsize the collection, I'm running out of room! Zero issue's with this guitar whatsoever, set up...
  5. danielzabolotny

    New Douglas 7, Awww yeaaaah!

    After lurking around sevenstring.org for years, I finally have a 7 of my own :D I scored it from my band's guitarist, he was selling it because he wanted to get rid of it; he utterly hated the Floyd Rose on it. It's a Douglas Scope 725. It looks and feels like an Ibanez, since it's pretty much...
  6. T

    So here I am creeping Agiles...

    mod edit: ffs their return policy is on their website and there are a bajillion threads on the Agiles, search
  7. A

    Agile Interceptor Pro-B 725

    Hey, Am planning my first seven string and was considering the Agile Interceptor Pro-B 725 EB Black Flame Duncan(Agile Interceptor Pro-B 725 EB Black Flame Duncan at RondoMusic.com). I am however unable to find any helpful reviews on it. All around people are saying great stuff about the...
  8. MaxOfMetal

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Many questions that often comes up on the boards are those involving string gauge. This thread will help to create a knowledge base of sorts to help guitarists with their string gauge woes. To aid me in creating this, I have chosen to use this string tension calculator: String Guage and...
  9. munky27

    Agile Sevenstring

    I'm thinking about what my next sevenstring will be. I really like how the Agile's look and from what I've heard/read, they play really good too. The only thing is, I don't want a floyd rose. I have one in my Jackson RR3 and I just don't use it. So I was wondering what people thought of the...