1. AkiraSpectrum

    NGD: NK Headless Multiscale 7-string Guitar

    I did a review video (combined with tone samples) for my new NK Headless 7-string. Let me know what you think. Overall, the guitar is very very impressive for the price range. Here are some pics, because, lets face it, that's the main thing we want to see! Photos (unedited) credited to my...
  2. S

    The Otto Cabs Vol.1 IRs are Brutal! Super good for low tunings and Hi gain

    Have you guys checked out the Otto Audio Otto cabs IRs? If you looking for some IRs that work really well with low tunings and Hi Gain, then definitely check these out. I've been using them for a couple of weeks. And they definitely my new goto IRs with my Amp Sims. I got a new video out using...
  3. L

    Replacement locking tuners for a Solar 2.7C

    So I got my first 7-string a few months ago, but it is missing locking tuners. I have hipshot grip-lock tuners on my 6-string and I love them so much. Would 21mm hipshot grip-locks on the treble side work as a direct replacement without drilling new holes in the headstock? Or would...
  4. Leviathus

    Nut shims for RG7?

    Sup guys. Been thinking of adding some shim to the nut of my 1527. Looking around online i'm not sure which ones to go with though. Was hoping someone on here could point me to the best shims for a 7-string locking nut. Any ideas? Thx in advance.
  5. S


    I tried out a the new II II II II Amp sim from OttoAudio. and its really something. If you looking for something brutal, definitely check it out. Plus it has a really cool mono to stereo feature that makes a single guitar sound like a dual tracked guitar. So definitely check it out. You can hear...
  6. S

    My new custom Hayward 7-string 28-inch tele Deluxe Baritone

    Here's a short new video on my 28-inch Telecaster Deluxe Hayward Custom Guitars build. This started out as a baritone conversion neck for my Squier Stagemaster 7. And then removed the neck and got Hayward Custom Guitars to build me a Silverburst Telecaster Deluxe body for it and reshape the...
  7. Bishwadeep Sikder

    NGD - Markline Custom 7 String Baritone Multiscale

    Received the best guitar I have ever held and played in my life, the Markline Custom 7 Baritone Multiscale, coming all the way from Italy. It has been an absolute joy to work with Marco, the luthier and artist. He is an absolute master at his craft and is definitely one of the best in the world...
  8. -Neonblack-

    4 New Songs available! Range between Djent / Prog Metal / Deathcore + Played on a 7 String Baritone

    Hey guys! Today i have uploaded 4 new songs! Check them out and let me know in the comments which song(s) you like the most. And maybe also write what you like about the song(s) Looking forward to your comments! 1: Thorns 2: A Terminal Life Form (2021 Remaster) To listen to the other 2...
  9. S

    Bend Up like Spiritbox

    In this video I show you how to bend up on your lowest strings, like Spiritbox do In their track, Belcarra. Its an interesting things to do, and is a lot harder than you think to do it smoothly and consistently.
  10. Taikatatti

    Chris Garza new Custom shop Fender

    Didn’t see post about this here it is. Photo is from Fender custom shops instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/p/CI8iP2QMD8G/?igshid=w1aojuas1hqx
  11. S

    [VIDEO REVIEW] Audio Assault's ReAmp Studio Amp Sim Suite

    I got to test out Audio Assault's new ReAmp Studio suite. It's pretty cool. I tested out building a sort of Modern Metal Hi-Gain tone with it. You can check it out in this video. I used my Stagemaster 7 Baritone tuned to Drop F. It worked pretty well with the low tunings. Didn't need to use too...
  12. S

    [NEW VIDEO] Ho High Can you tune up with some 8s?

    So I thought I'd try something new in my videos. Instead of seeing how low could tune, I tried to see how HIGH I could tune up! I got a set of Ernie Ball 8s and put them on my Tele and then tuned it up to Drop F2. Then I played over this with my Stagemaster 7 Baritone in Drop F1, and then...
  13. S

    [NEW VIDEO] How LOW to Tune

    I've got a new video up that might be helpful to if you wanting to go low and you don't know how low you want to tune. I took a riff and then played it through from B all the way down to D1. So hopefully this gives you a rough idea on how low you'd like to go. I used my PRS Mike Mushok from B...
  14. dimitrio

    FS [EU] Bare Knuckle Miracle Man 7-string Pickups Set

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bare Knuckle Miracle Man 7-string Pickups Set, as new. Modifications (if any): Installed as direct mount, but the bolts with pickup frame should also work. Cable is full length. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original box, bolts/springs Location...
  15. S

    [NEW VIDEO] How to Sound like Northlane with a 7-string

    My new video is up on How to Sound Like Northlane. Had a lot of fun putting this one together. Hope you enjoy it. I used my Squire Stagemaster 7 with the 28-inch Baritone neck conversion, and tuned down to their Drop F style tuning. Also there's is a pitch shift down to C#1. Listen out for it!
  16. 1

    First 7-string Guitar Suggestions

    I am looking for suggestions for a 7 string guitar. I'm trying to stay roughly near a 1k budget, but I am willing to continue saving if there are suggestions for higher-end guitars. I've been playing 6 string guitars (acoustic, electric, classical) for a number of years and am looking to expand...
  17. nanthil

    What do you do when...(new guitar question)

    I just bought a brand new very high end guitar, and I'm noticing on the high E string around and above the 12 fret that there are several frets which don't sustain much, and the sound they produce is mostly overtones and harmonics rather than the sounding note. What do I do? Is this a setup...
  18. nanthil

    Talk me out of this guitar

    "You don't really know someone until you've lived with them." Disclaimer: I'm not asking for any hating or shit talking or bashing of the brand. There are things you just don't know about a guitar until you've lived with it for a while. In the past I have bought several guitars that I...
  19. nanthil

    Looking to buy my next Extended guitar, need help!

    6 years ago, I bought a Stephen Carpenter LTD 8 string. To me the tone sounded like a string bolted to a piece of driftwood: Muffled, with no clarity. Clean or distorted, this thing sounded like someone was playing a graham cracker. I didn't enjoy the weight of it, the scale length or the tone...
  20. techmetalshred

    7-String V with 26.5" Scale?

    Does anyone know of a production 7-string V-shaped guitar with at least 26.5" scale length? I'm interested in running a low G or G# tuning with reasonable tension and string gauge.