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    Dennison swirl 7

    Is this the guy who restomods Ibbies? Including the reverse headstock schtick? Wild swirl, but the photos suggests some "stretchmarks" discoloration, especially visible in the blacks.
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    Is Behringer That Bad?

    Just buy a used Casio!
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    Have $500 to spend, what NEW hardtail, double cutaway with easy upper fret axis, thin necked guitar with double HB setup is the best value?

    Possibly a very nice guitar, but does not have a hardtail (FR in the name), is more expensive and meets none of the OP's "nice to have" criteria.
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    NGD: Something a little different, but not by much.

    😊 From this view it looks ok/normal to me. I perceived the nut to be narrower in the arrow-marked dimension on the treble side than on the bass side. But it could be an optical illusion, caused by the more heterogeneous coloration (dark with light edges) of the bone on the bass side, that makes...
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    NGD: Something a little different, but not by much.

    Happy NGD! The nut seems narrower on the treble side, do you know if that's intended? And if so, what advantages could that have? Or does it just look like that on the photos?
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    Vildhjarta thread!!

    Yeah, definetly an aquired taste. The weird thing is, that I enjoy them much more when I am "easy listening" for example to Måsstaden Under Vatten while at work, concentrating on something else. When I am putting up the vinyl, sitting down on my couch, the music just stresses me out 😅 I find it...
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    Vildhjarta thread!!

    I still can't figure out if I enjoy listening to Vildhjarta or if I just want to like their music for some reason.
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    Ibanez Quest vs Strandberg Boden

    Two very nice guitars, congrats! What are your thoughts on the Quests' single bridges? I wonder about comfort/ergonomics, precision, tuning stability? They do look high quality. The tuners on my Strandberg-trem aren't super comfortable when palm muting. Tuning works fine, but not great, have a...
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    I think Ibanez forgot a bridge ground in my M80M?

    I was told by two separate people, that today's amps and stage-technology use circuit-breakers and stuff that should prevent surges through the guitar cable. But yes, potentially this could be deadly.
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    Why is this not the biggest (thrash) band on the planet?

    Ummh, Kreator anyone? And don't complain about Mille's vocals, if you are a Slayer fan 😝
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    Narrowing Books Down

    Ok, there are demonstrations of the etudes on Youtube. I just ordered the book. Thanks for the recommendation @Ralyks, @MaxOfMetal!
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    Narrowing Books Down

    Pat Metheny's etudes sound interesting to me. As I understand, the book contains 14 Etudes. Are there any samples to look at? Maybe not whole, longer etude, but maybe a page?
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    What's your top rhythm guitar players of all time?

    Mille is good, but playing while his guitar is almost touching the floor is the real achievement!
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    What's your top rhythm guitar players of all time?

    Best, meaning most technically apt? Or most influential? Or creating the "best" music? And ain't we talking about the type of guitarists who defy this differentiation of lead and rhythm playing? Hendrix mixed rhythm and lead. But here are some that come to mind: Guthrie Govan, because he can...
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    RIP Sinead O'Connor

    This! I'm filled with anger and disgust in my sadness.
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    Any experiences with a custom build from Valravn Guitars?

    I got my 7 String last December, wrote about it here: Pics a few posts below. I am not a big fan of the tuning stability and comfort of the Nova-Bridge, which used to be their...
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    Headless 29" 8 string custom shops?

    Also, no custom tax for imports from Ukraine at the moment, only VAT.
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    Headless 29" 8 string custom shops?

    Valravn does 8-String headless, and they ask what scale you'd like. Lovely instruments with a sexy design (imo), very customizable and relatively affordable. I'd recommend not to choose the Nova-Bridge though and you might want to ask for a specific neck profile. I would have loved for mine to...
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    What bands did you see live recently / are waiting to see?

    Happy I got to see them years ago, still with Sean Reinert. With the two Seans gone, I don't think I want to see them :(