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    Guitars Built by Members of [pic heavy]

    The backplates nailed it! Very nice! A pickguard of the same material would have looked very good, if it doesn't become too much.
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    Upgrading from a 2013 Presonus interface in 2023

    There hasn't happened that much in ten years. If you're not having issues with your current interface, spend the money on sound proofing or just save it for a rainy day instead. Especially considering you're recording metal, where pristine low noise preamps don't really make a difference anyway...
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    Campfire songs

    Tune to DADGAD, play this
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    Good Bass VST for the Metals?

    You'll need to learn how to program midi for it, just like you would if you program your own bass lines for EZbass. It's just that you'll have to do it in the DAW piano roll, instead of the EZbass one. There are no midi clips included in the Submission Audio plugins, or any bandmate or other...
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    Ibanez 2023 Models ! What would you like to see ?

    How many years have resin-burl guitars been a thing now?
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    Ibanez FGM300 Frank Gambale signature plus a surprise.

    Amazing guitar! The fourth string saddle, though...
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    NGD: Ibanez Prestige RGR5227MXF-TFG

    I think it's for maple fretboard.
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    The new Ibanez baritone, RGRTBB21

    IMO not really... not any more than the Meshuggah guitars are. The only thing they have in common is the scale length (where the new Ibanez model is multiscale) and coincidentally factory strings. The rest is as different as any two models. The AZ series is more of a "take" on a model/concept.
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    'Splain one aspect of intonation please

    I thought there was more to it, but I guess incompetence is the answer, as usual : p
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    'Splain one aspect of intonation please

    How is this possible if you have ears? Do you have a youtube clip handy or something?
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    'Splain one aspect of intonation please

    Depending on how you adjust the action of the string, you could have the saddle in two slightly (but not greatly) different positions and heights and still be "intonated" on the twelfth fret. Could be he means something else, but, Pythagoras, man! When you press the string, you create a right...
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    The new Ibanez baritone, RGRTBB21

    Binding, no binding. The SRC6(MS) is also great, and cheaper.
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    More Oni tones

    I want an Oni so bad. They're all gorgeous.
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    Best modern day bassist?

    Jacob Umansky or Henrik Linder based on them being the ones to even reach me in the first place - most individual musicians don't. Charles Berthoud is an amazing player, too. There's always a better player out there somewhere, but if you manage to get into the scope of the masses you have to be...
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    Suggest me some more digestible dissonant death metal bands!

    Haven't listened to much of what you're asking for, but "dissonant" made me think of this demo:
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    Been playing guitar around 20 years, STILL can't choose a guitar pick.

    Another upside is that they don't make a lot of noise on the strings, but another downside is that they wear quickly...
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    Staccato Riffing- Is this possibly note by note?

    Maybe an aggressive noise gate, then. Line6's default input gate does that kind of thing when you crank it.
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    Staccato Riffing- Is this possibly note by note?

    No, not without hearing it (or knowing what gear he's using). We're not even given a time reference. Is this the entire song, or a 15 second clip? And yes, it's good and common practice to eq or filter out any unwanted/unnecessary frequencies. Whether it's done in post or not is impossible to...
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    Helix 3.5 just dropped

    I find myself jumping on this thread whenever I see it... I really can't wait for the Pod GO update!
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    Youtube has become almost unwatchable with too many advertisements interupting content

    Just leaving this here. Firefox + uBlock Origin still hold on both PC and Android.