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  1. lewstherin006

    NGD: Solid Session Tool (and a bit of a backstory)

    Congrats! I really like this color. You dont see many of them in this color.
  2. lewstherin006

    NGD! Mayones Duvell Elite Black Limba In Black Burst!

    Sorry my pics broke on my first post. NO idea why, they worked before I posted it
  3. lewstherin006

    NGD! Mayones Duvell Elite Black Limba In Black Burst!

    Hey everyone! I never thought I would be able to get a Duvell for myself, but the stars aligned and I was able to get one! I have been wanting one for a while and one day I randomly searched Guitar Center's used section and this beauty was there. I was shocked because I had never seen the BL's...
  4. lewstherin006

    NGD: Schecter C-7 SLS Elite In Antique Fade Burst

    I had a KM7 Hybrid, but I ended up sending it back to sweetwater because I realized I wouldnt be able to fit the pickups I wanted into it (passive sized tosin fishmans). I ended up with the SLS instead. Both guitars are very similar. Really like the SLS. ONLY thing I would change is that I would...
  5. lewstherin006

    FS 2 Blackats for Sale: Headless HHD6 and Ferel 7 String

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: HHD6 Multiscale 25,5”-27” -HHD6 - Ash Package abm saddles with ruthenium coating -25.5"-27" -Flat Top + Arm Rest -Full Body Bevel -Maple + Thin Wenge Neck -Ebony Board -Blue Luminlay -White Offset Dots Kitty Feet -5 way + volume tone...
  6. lewstherin006

    Revv models in Helix

    I have an Axe Fx III and a Revv 100R Mk III and use IRs pretty much all the time and I love both. Pretty sure the Helix's Revv is modeled after the Mark II. The Mark III redid the green channel and upgraded the red channel IMO. Pretty sure if you like the Helix Revvs you will love the real amp...
  7. lewstherin006

    Laptop vs Quad Cortex

    If I only had to use VSTs to play guitar and only play through my computer im pretty sure I would quit guitar. Playing through VSTs feel so odd to me. I love my computer but I hate plugging my computer into my interface. I much rather my axe fx III and Revv 100R. Just get a load box and use...
  8. lewstherin006

    Favorite high gain amps

    Line 6 Spider IV on INSANE MODE
  9. lewstherin006

    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    The only place I see hate for them is on here. But people love to hate and shit on everything here for some reason. I have Tosins in two of my main guitars and I love them.
  10. lewstherin006

    Did anyone go to NAMM?

    I went. Hall D where all the guitar stuff is located was extremely small and spread out. I saw everything I wanted to see in about 4 hours on day one. A lot of the brands I wanted to see werent there. Next NAMM is 8 months away in April 2023. NAMM needs to make some changes or it will die out.
  11. lewstherin006

    EBMM Abasi Kaizen

    Just asked my sweetwater rep if I could preorder one and he said EBMM hasnt given it a sku so he cant preorder it.
  12. lewstherin006

    EBMM Abasi Kaizen

    I should preorder it to review it but I really want a Mayo lol
  13. lewstherin006

    EBMM Abasi Kaizen

    lol well that is good to know. They didnt tell us the pricing at the FAQ.
  14. lewstherin006

    EBMM Abasi Kaizen

    Pricing hasnt been released yet. They wouldnt even tell us a price at NAMM.
  15. lewstherin006

    Your top melodeath albums?

    Soilwork - Stabbing the Drama for me.
  16. lewstherin006

    How I Go About Getting A High Gain Tone On the Revv 100R.

    Did a little video on how I get my high gain tones on the 100R Mk III. Use both 6 and 7 string guitars. Used both my Blackat Guitars and used a few different drives. I was surprised at how different a the Low B or Ab in this case reacts with the amp.
  17. lewstherin006

    new Matt Heafy Fishman Fluence pickups

    Not so much pushed, but it doesnt have that "honk" that the moderns have.
  18. lewstherin006

    new Matt Heafy Fishman Fluence pickups

    In that case might as well get the KSE set. KSEs are the moderns just without the mid hump and little lower output and voice 3.
  19. lewstherin006

    new Matt Heafy Fishman Fluence pickups

    Have you tried any of the artist's sets? I love the Devs, KSEs and Tosins. Just depends on what sounds you are going after. And yes, Matt's pickups are the moderns just modified a little.
  20. lewstherin006

    Fishman Fluence Pickups Sound Bank | Devin Townsend, Killswitch Engage, Moderns, Tosin Abasi, Classics, Steph Carpenter, and Will Adler

    Fishman put up this sound bank a long time ago but it has since disappeared from the internet. I put the whole sound bank in a video, its organized by pickup and voice. Everything is marked with time stamps so just skip through.