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  1. Edika

    Pickups suggestions?

    Not exactly, somewhat having a bit softer attack
  2. Edika

    Pickups suggestions?

    It might sound a bit daft, but I've seen that Floyd type equipped guitars are a bit softer in the highs than fixed bridge guitars. It's not an absolute rule, as I had fixed bridge guitars that where a bit more dark sounding, but it's not exactly that. In general, they sound a bit more tamed and...
  3. Edika

    RIP Tina Turner

    I grew up with a lot of Tina's hits during the 80's. A distintictive powerful voice and a powerhouse of a performer!
  4. Edika

    Show me your Star guitars!

    I think it's one of the few shapes that, while super pointy, no one can ever say that it is verging on the ridiculous! It's really pointy but classy at the same time!
  5. Edika

    The First World Problem Thread...Voice Your Struggle

    Charging ports are cheap and there are a lot of tutorials on how to change them. The difficult part is gaining access without destroying the phone, with all the adhesives they put nowadays to hold it together to "make it more efficient and small". Not at all a way to make you buy a new phone...
  6. Edika

    NGD: ESP ECLIPSE I CTM "LIM" (Less Is More)

    Such a cool instrument! And the door really helps with the photoshoot lol!
  7. Edika

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    I currently have it in a bass gig bag and it takes quite a bit of space from it lol. I was wondering if there was a tighter but I might see if I can find a short scale bads gig back! I'll give it a go but our local music store is quite small. Can't hurt to try though!
  8. Edika

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    It's a Agile Interceptor Pro so it has a long reverse headstock
  9. Edika

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    Can I ask for gigbag recommendations for baritone guitars? I have my 27" in a bass gigbag but it's not in the best condition. My internet search for padded gigbags for baritone guitars gave 0 results. If you have something cost efficient let me know. I know there are great gigbags that cost as...
  10. Edika

    NGD: Schecter PT7

    So, so cool! What to admire first? The woods? The color? Awesome, just awesome!
  11. Edika

    Current BC Rich Thread

    An assassin so stealthy, you'll never see it coming...ever!
  12. Edika

    Bought my first ESP E-ii and returned it after 3 days

    There are differences between the LTD models too. I've had three LTD's so far, with the thin U profile, all jumbo frets. One of them had a thicker neck than the other two. I mean the difference was really evident. So not sure how exactly they define their thin U shape but its not really consistent.
  13. Edika

    NGD Just buy a used Pr...Agile!

    That is why I put this title on lol! It was either used Prestiges or Agiles that you would see on this site, until the rest of the companies started producing 7 strings! A trip down memory lane lol!
  14. Edika

    NGD Just buy a used Pr...Agile!

    Thank you! It scratches the itch for a baritone (for a few seconds lol). It has a few dings but I don't mind as it sounds great! Especially with the price I got it considering the second hand market has gone through the roof! This was a UK seller. Maybe he had it on Reverb but I got from him on...
  15. Edika

    NGD - LTD Eclipse Surprise!

    It looks great and it's always great to find unexpectedly great guitars that don't cost an arm and a leg! I think sometimes we get hung up on the names, country of origin and specs and forget that if we find an example of a good guitar in any price point, we should only care about that!
  16. Edika

    NGD Just buy a used Pr...Agile!

    So far it's working better but honestly the 707 was not as bad as people said it is lol.
  17. Edika

    NGD Just buy a used Pr...Agile!

    It surely not one of the newer ones, as I remember at some point they changed the trems to Floyd 1000. Judging by the neck profile, it seems like an intermediate period. Thank you very much! I was not sure if I would like it but I'm digging it so far! Thank you! Makes sense and I would find 8...
  18. Edika

    NGD Just buy a used Pr...Agile!

    Hey all, after going through a 6 string only period, the last couple of years I've been getting back to 7 strings and trying to have zero space in my room from all the gear lol! So I was looking towards getting a longer scale 7 string to play in or drop G more comfortably. My three 7 strings...
  19. Edika

    NGD - ESP Eclipse Volcano Red

    A stunning guitar! I can understand why you would lust over one for a decade lol! A great finish too and a shame ESP is not offering it anymore!
  20. Edika

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    No I haven't tried them with a 1 pot. It's not that they don't have enough a high end. Honestly I'm not sure what's missing, maybe the raging compression I get from hotter pickups lol. But I even liked the Pegasus more than these three pickups, which a lot of people seem to hate and find week. I...