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    A few recent points I'd like to put here:

    Dammit, seeing Goatwhore this weekend and will need to resist the siren call of the SD-2. Something about a stripped down guitar made for playing just one genre. The lower horn scoop is 🤌.
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    What's your practice routine like?

    Usually my routine is to warm up with a few scales and picking exercises. *Fuck around with my amp settings and effects for an hour before just going back to what I had at first (kidding but not kidding). This can happen multiple times and is sometimes all I do. *Run through...
  3. PuckishGuitar

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    I mostly agree with this. I think the biggest new thing to me is that a technical default of not meeting all obligations would not trigger a downgrade by the ratings agencies, only if securities interest was missed. It makes me want to look back at projections of unemployment due to borrowing...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Long set of :2c: incoming. I see AI as a tool in the same light as when computers and CAD were introduced for white collar jobs. We used to have rows of people that would solve a specific equation and pass the solution to the next person to work on their specific equation, or drafters that only...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Absolutely, businesses are still going make decisions for investments to the bottom line. Drew's links show how the energy industry are trying to thread the needle between continuing to make profits and address public reaction - things like natural gas is the transition fuel, extraction can be...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Yeah, I work for an oil company, tip of the spear that does the dirty drilling and completion part. We fully acknowledge climate change, we see the effects that it has on our offshore assets. Our meterologists state the increase wave states at production platforms are due to this, and we...
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    I'm tired of all these covers on Youtube

    I really enjoy covers done in entirely different genre, or at least with the musician's personal flair. Sabbath covers from The Cardigans come to mind. I have a full cover of Machine Head's Blood of the Zodiac from way back in the forum days done in a clean jazz fashion that was badass...
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    ESP 2023

    I keep going back and forth on this. I think with a solid finish the rings are good to use, but with a nice transparent top I really like the look without the rings - but why do PRS core look so good? #firstworldproblems
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    Sum 41 is breaking up, announces final album and tour

    I came of age musically a bit after they blew up, but always appreciated the nods to metal in their lyrics and music. Have to rock out to Pain or Pleasure now.
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    Unpopular opinions on gear

    I think that video series of "where tone comes from" summarizes the whole situation. Amps will promote or demote different frequencies depending on how the tone stack interacts with the gain - compare a Marshall to a Mesa - and have their own special sauce handling clipping. I did some Fourier...
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    All-Pedal Devil's Triad or Fortin 33

    This. I've compared my Isosceles build to the Grind in NDSP plugins, and it hits the tone and EQ curve exactly - volume and level are a bit off but might be due to the interface and input level with analog pedals vs digital interfaces. This + seven string is awesome for modern metal. If you...
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    Brandon Ellis (Black Dahlia Murder) guitar collection

    Fuck he even has a crackle Traveler :hbang: I love it! Really cool collection, I like my ESP M-II for a Soloist design, but this has me GAS'n for a Jackson now - or even an ESP lawsuit ;)
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    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    There is some truth to that, as you coil a cable around a drum there is torsion created and strings will rotate some, and you want to have it wrapped in the direction to prevent the string from unwinding. But with locking tuners and minimizing the number of wraps on the post in general, I don't...
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    Peavey 6505 for rock & the green channel / 6505 vs Soldano SLO100

    The green channel is pretty flexible. The amp has tons of gain but you don't have to use it all and will still get a good tone. Green channel, crunch on, gained up with a boost in front is one of "the" metal rhythm tones, especially from the 90's and 00's. You can dial back the gain, use the low...
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    Large fretboard radius easier to fret?

    I think the conventional logic is that smaller radius is easier to fret chords, while larger is better for single notes. It’s very subjective what feels right for you though. Overall for me larger radius means larger stretches on chords, while smaller radius means more cramped fingering; I...
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    What bands did you see live recently / are waiting to see?

    Caught Black Dahlia Murder the other night. It’s great they decided to keep going and hope they put out new releases. Trevor is a tough act to follow on vocals but Brian did good, I missed the deep growls though since it seemed like Brian normally stayed in screaming ranges. Musically they were...
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    Revisiting Damage inc Metallica It may not be the technically correct term for guitar but it’s how I refer to it. Basically your typical thrash riff, skipping from open E to notes on A or D usually. Can do it all over the board really. Woot found a video from Alex Skolnick...
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    Revisiting Damage inc Metallica

    To be fair I only learned about the term three years ago when learning more about Dirk Verbeuren's drumming. My wife on the other hand was in the drum corps back in high school, and when she looked over my shoulder at the videos said "oh he's doing some cool flam beats".
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    Revisiting Damage inc Metallica

    I feel like the "all downpicking" myth came from MoP with the pedal riffs at the beginning and the verse. I've seen so many people alternate pick it since they hadn't built up the endurance or absorbed thrash playing style. Then they get told that James downpicks those riffs and just take it for...
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    Unpopular opinions on gear

    There's definitely an effect, the pickups record the vibration of the strings, but that vibration can be affected by the rest of the guitar in subtle ways, like flexing of the wood and sympathetic vibrations from the body and neck. Moisture, density, stiffness are all probably part of it...