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  1. profwoot

    Tell me the driest (least saturated), most open/raw (least compressed), tightest (least bass) amps.

    Yeah I think read somewhere that he keeps the amp gain really low and gets most of the distortion from his OD pedal. Can't vouch for the truth of that.
  2. profwoot

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    My take is that the debt ceiling is unconstitutional, both because it prevents the US from paying its debts, which is disallowed by the 14th amendment, and because it allows the house to unilaterally negate prior spending authorizations, which is in breach of the separation of powers as...
  3. profwoot

    Tell me the driest (least saturated), most open/raw (least compressed), tightest (least bass) amps.

    Dry gets used as the opposite of wet when speaking of effects, but it also is used as the opposite of saturated, basically referring to distorted tones without much in the way of fizz/fuzz/hair. For me the king of dry tone (and efficiency of movement) is Wes Hauch: He was using a Mesa TC100...
  4. profwoot

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    Until recently, this one: Currently on reverb for a lot less than I'd have expected. But then I discovered Strandberg so now I'm ruined.
  5. profwoot

    Andy James no longer with Kiesel???

    Yeah AJ is no joke. I tend not to jibe with his songwriting usually (and his drum sounds and rhythm tone could really use an update), but After Midnight is still my favorite shred song ever. In general if you slow down his ridiculously fast stuff it turns out he's not just playing scales up...
  6. profwoot

    Ergonomics and managing RSI

    Lower string tension, Strandberg, thinner picks... but absolutely the main factor has been a careful focus on eliminating muscle tension. It's hard to even realize that you're holding tension until you're able to release that tension, so for me it took a lot of work. Even now, warming up is a...
  7. profwoot

    What are your favorite pickups?

    BKP Silo, Polymath, Juggernaut, Stockholm HSP90 Suhr Aldrich SD Black Winter Lollar Blonde
  8. profwoot

    Unpopular opinions on gear

    I'm also talking mostly about my Strandbergs, which are ridiculously loud unplugged. I basically have to wear headphones or crank the amp into hearing damage range if I don't want the acoustic tone contributing significantly.
  9. profwoot

    Unpopular opinions on gear

    Is this just "nothing affects tone" groupthink or is there something in particular you take issue with? That materials affect the acoustic tone of the instrument is not controversial...
  10. profwoot

    Unpopular opinions on gear

    I've decided that I don't like the tone of pick guards. I play at low volume most of the time so like 30% of what I hear is the acoustic tone of the guitar, and a pick guard gives off this dull plastic thud with every note. I imagine it also affects the amplified tone a bit, as a plastic...
  11. profwoot

    NGD: EBMM Kaizen

    I wonder about the body shape a bit. I recently sent back a Valravn (for lots of reasons), but one thing I noticed is that the body shape didn't leave much room to rest your right forearm on: The upper bout has the most material in line with the bridge, whereas when I play my forearm is...
  12. profwoot

    Rabea signs with EBMM

    He's been playing his Custom Duvell most often since leaving Chapman, including on his recent Korean trip: He was noodling on a Strandberg for a little while too so I had hoped for that, but I assume their willingness to do anything different for his sig would be very limited.
  13. profwoot

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    Anyone here try Fishmans after exclusively using passives? I really need a Strandberg 7 but they only do Fishmans (Moderns). I could completely gut the electronics and order custom angled passives within a soapbar, but am not feeling keen on doing so just now. How annoying will I find them after...
  14. profwoot

    Been playing guitar around 20 years, STILL can't choose a guitar pick.

    I think it's better to use too many picks than to use the same one forever, but at some point it's probably good to narrow it down a little bit. For me, I stick with Dunlop's "Flow" shape, as it has the sharp point of a Jazz III and is about the size of a Jazz III XL but a thicker taper and...
  15. profwoot

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    This seems to already be happening, with everybody supporting Trump even if they otherwise support DeSantis. I have little doubt this will help Trump in the primary, but the polls suggest independents are mostly against him at this point so it presumably will make victory in the general even...
  16. profwoot

    Will Russia invade Ukraine again? (Yes, yes they did)

    Torilla tavataan! Meet at market square!
  17. profwoot

    Buses or Busses?

    bus as in school bus and bus as in master bus are both shortened from "omnibus", which is latin for "all". So any additional s would be used only to distinguish the two concepts. I haven't found that to be an issue, so might as well save a superfluous letter.
  18. profwoot

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

    Soapbar routes. I'd love to have a 7-string strandberg but they don't want to mess with angled bobbins so all their fixed bridge 7s have soapbar routes and active pickups. I'll probably end up grabbing one with a trem since I can change the fishmans out for passives (assuming I can find one...
  19. profwoot

    Working on our first model

    I think something like 25-25.75 for the 6 would be cool. A bit longer than Strandberg but still a short enough fan to keep the neutral fret at zero, which is ideal.