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  1. sojorel

    NGD: longboi edition

    Is there a finish on the fretboard, or is it just natural with a black stain?
  2. sojorel

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Hey mate - where are you sourcing these from? Used or new?
  3. sojorel

    NGD: one-trick pony

  4. sojorel

    Red anodised aluminium neck, Shou-sugi ban telecaster body

    Thanks! I've done a few furniture projects in the same style and get pretty similar results regardless of the finish. I've used several different varnishes and hardwax oils. This guitar is with whittle waxes hardwax oil. My process is several chars to get very deep ribbing, and sanded with a...
  5. sojorel

    Red anodised aluminium neck, Shou-sugi ban telecaster body

    Yes, same process. Frets are stainless steel. There is no wood - the whole neck is one giant piece of aluminium milled down.
  6. sojorel

    Red anodised aluminium neck, Shou-sugi ban telecaster body

    I ordered the neck from Baguley guitars - it's pretty great! Locking sperzel tuners, quite thin - 19mm. I made the body myself with traditional japanese wood fired technique. Pickups are dimarzio dominion set and graphtech saddles
  7. sojorel

    NGD: one-trick pony

    How does it compare to the M80M, or other high end 8s?
  8. sojorel

    Stain and refinish M80M neck

    Hey gang I was thinking about stripping back the neck and back of the headstock on my M80M, then dyeing it black so it looks like the full M8M. I guess I would sand back the finish, then dye, then use a hardwax oil. Is this a bad idea? Any suggestions or tips?
  9. sojorel

    Ibanez Quest guitars vs Strandberg

    I tried one of the Ichi sigs in a store the other day and thought it was really good. Now I'm torn between buying one of those and getting a BKP cobra set to put in it, OR, I can buy a used Fender Elite telecaster for around the same money. I'm sure the strat is built far better, but the Ichi...
  10. sojorel

    Bass guitar rebuilt as 8 string?

    Thanks everyone for all the comments and input. It has been very interesting and I appreciate all the effort.
  11. sojorel

    Bass guitar rebuilt as 8 string?

    So I have an M80M (29.4" ) and a 30" Oni. The idea here is to have a ~35, tuned to E (same as 8 string), with like a 0.064 or 0.054 or thereabouts. Basically a normal guitar, with normal guitar strings, and a 35" scale. Sorry, if I'm not making it clear. Basically like a proper version of the...
  12. sojorel

    Bass guitar rebuilt as 8 string?

    The point would be to have a 35" scale guitar. The nut width on a 5 string bass is similar width to a guitar 6, so yes, it would have 6 strings. I guess I just mean a super long scale baritone 6.
  13. sojorel

    Bass guitar rebuilt as 8 string?

    Has anyone ever taken a bass guitar and rebuilt it as an 8 string? I was contemplating getting a cheap project bass, stripping it down, replacing the nut, tuners and electronics with guitars, then djonting into oblivion. Anyone tried this? Any reason its a bad idea?
  14. sojorel

    NGD: Arístides H/08R Trem

    This is wonderful. Great collection Is yellow a raw colour now?
  15. sojorel

    Mishas Sig?

    Do these strats have 250K pots for the bridge humbucker?
  16. sojorel

    Jackson B7 oil finish maintenance?

    Maybe apply a tru-oil treatment? I emailed Jackson support, but no response :(
  17. sojorel

    Jackson B7 oil finish maintenance?

    I have a 2013 Jackson B7 with an oil finish. The support site for Jackson isn't clear on how to treat it. What would you suggest? High quality furniture polish, or just normal guitar polish or something else?
  18. sojorel

    John Browne's Injury?

    Sorry to hear that, it is very unfortunate. Best wishes and good luck for any treatment that you try.
  19. sojorel

    Ormsby guitar without their pickups

    I put some BKP aftermaths onto new baseplates and installed them in my ormsby. Some other smaller pickup companies like Instrumental (I think) will do pickups to the same spread. You can also get the stock pickups rewound as another option.
  20. sojorel

    Quiet replacements for EMG 57/66

    I have an ESP Eclipse with stock EMG 57/66 and it is quite a noisy guitar. There is a fair bit of electrical interference so was considering swapping the pickups. The cavity looks like it has been shielded correctly too. I have a bunch of passive pickups that would do the job, but the wiring is...