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  1. Baelzebeard

    Pick up swaps for a 7 string

    Dimarzio D-Activators, or Seymour Nazgul/Sentient will give you great clarity at the low tuning you're working with.
  2. Baelzebeard

    Peavey XXX Tubes

    Power tubes haven't changed the tone in my amp much (3120, same as a XXX). I've used 6l6, el34, and 6ca7. Preamp tubes have had a strong influence. V1 is the input driver, and the clean channel. V2 is for the drive channels, and V3 is for the active EQ.
  3. Baelzebeard

    Thiele, ported, closed back, or open back cabs? (Mesa input, especially!)

    I love EVM's, but the WGS variety sounds so good. A little sweeter, and more mellow than a real EV, but with all the good stuff still intact. They should drop right into a Thiele cab, since the mechanical specs are very similar. Putting a solid back on your open back won't hurt anything. It...
  4. Baelzebeard

    Speakers -- Can playing with distortion at bedroom/quiet volumes harm the speakers?

    You simply can't under power a speaker to death. If it still sounds clear with a clean signal, then the speaker is fine. Speakers can only be damaged operationally by too much mechanical excursion, or too much current/voltage which overheats the voice coil and causes an electrical short or...
  5. Baelzebeard

    Thiele, ported, closed back, or open back cabs? (Mesa input, especially!)

    A Thiele cab is a ported cab. It just happens to be designed/marketed to compliment the mechanical specs of the EVM 12L. Any ported cab with a port tuned apx 50Hz, and the low end should respond similarly. Ported will give extended, perhaps hyped low end, and slightly "looser" response...
  6. Baelzebeard

    ARZ 307 Mods

    Nice! Great solid guitars. Nazgul will sound great in that. I love mine, but did swap out everything to really make it mine. Got a killer deal at GC for mine due to a paint chip. All black hardware: Gotoh tuners, Tone Pros bridge. Dimarzio Blaze Custom bridge PU, and BKP Nailbomb neck PU...
  7. Baelzebeard

    Does Dimarzio make any ring mount 7 string pickups?

    Do you mean that the holes are too large in the pickup baseplate because they were direct mounted before? Or that the holes don't line up with the pickup rings?
  8. Baelzebeard

    Can I start to learn on a 7 string, instead of a 6?

    I wish I had gone to 7's much earlier in my musical journey. I started in the early 90's, and they just weren't on my radar. Hardly anyone really used them yet apart from Vai, and I've never really been into the shred stuff. I find them to be more comfortable to play, and they opened up alot...
  9. Baelzebeard

    Seattle metal 4/16/23

    We are playing a cool metal show on April.16 at Substation in Seattle. Come talk gear, and yes I'll play a 7 string. Doors at 7, show at 8
  10. Baelzebeard

    SD Black Winters in K7

    Maybe try lowering them a little. Mine seemed a little too gnarly, and had weird overtones up close to the strings. when I found the sweet spot they were more in line with my other guitars.
  11. Baelzebeard

    What's your string gauge?

    Like The Mirror, I have gone custom gauges. Beadgbe 62, 48, 36, 26, 16, 13, 9.5 I go appx. 20 lbs wound, 16 lbs plain, based on 25.5" scale. I have found that going thicker on shorter scales gets muddy, and going thinner for longer scales makes them feel looser, because of needing more...
  12. Baelzebeard

    Live Gear Backups. What Do You Use?

    I bring an extra guitar, because it seems faster to swap than to restring/fix. And the other bands rarely have a 7 string to borrow. Me and the bass player bring a backpack with spare cables for either of us. And if my pedalboard were to crap out, I would use the bassists board, or just plug...
  13. Baelzebeard

    Torn between EMG's or SD Black Winters in my ESP guitars

    I find the Black Winters to be darker, thicker than EMG 81 in similar guitars.
  14. Baelzebeard

    Scratchy fretboard

    In most cases, your strings should not touch the fretboard much, if at all during normal playing.
  15. Baelzebeard

    Stacking gig bags on top of each other...

    I wouldn't be concerned unless you had several heavy guitars stacked on top of each other.
  16. Baelzebeard

    Speakers for huge lows

    Swamp Thangs, and EV/WGS 12L's will definitely handle low end without flinching. Buy I have also had good luck wit Emi CV-75, Man o war, Texas Heat, and Cele CL80's
  17. Baelzebeard

    strange lag noise when using an EQ pedal

    Are you using the right power supply? I think those mxr EQ's are 18volts right?
  18. Baelzebeard

    Replacing speakers in the 1960B. Eminence.

    The old faithful for me is Swamp Thang/Texas Heat mix. Swamp has extended lows and highs, and flat through the mids. Texas Heats are all mids. Together they are very full, and powerful.
  19. Baelzebeard

    What tuning and string gauge for 6 string

    B standard (BEADF#b) Or 7 string B standard (BEADGb) 13-62 for both. (13,16,26,36,48,62)
  20. Baelzebeard

    Recommendations for a mini noise gate? I've been through a few of them...

    Don't bother with the Pigtronix unless the noise floor is relatively low. The one I had couldn't really tame a TS boosted Angry Charlie. Never could achieve actual silence. Zvex Loop Gate is my silver bullet for noisy stuff. Not mini though.