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  1. Vegetta

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Only EMG loaded guitar I have owned is a low end RG with "Designed by EMG" passives in it. Ive only owned one guitar with active pickups (Merrow 7) I took a look at their p90 options but they are not actually p90s just their regular pickups in a P90 housing.
  2. Vegetta

    Scale Length - 25.5 vs 27

    I jumped to 27" for 6 strings (drop Ab). i have a 25.5 Bb standard (I never play) and a 26.5 7 (Drop Ab) I play a good bit. I have a bunch of other 25.5 6 strings that don't really get played.
  3. Vegetta

    NGD: Schecter PT7

    Oh that is awesome!!! HNGD!!
  4. Vegetta

    NGD: RG2027XL

    HNGD!!! Those are awesome!!
  5. Vegetta

    Post your beater rig!

    Last time i had gear out of the house was when i moved years ago.
  6. Vegetta

    Kahler 2300 for Warmoth Baritone?

    id buy a non kahler body... no idea how well that would intonate even if the strings fit.
  7. Vegetta

    ESP 2023

    I miss the mid 80s when i could get 400 series strats for $275 bucks.
  8. Vegetta

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    /goes insane trying to play a Bm7 barre chord
  9. Vegetta

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Had this on Sweetwater.
  10. Vegetta

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    Also they had problems with the OG Trans white ones turning color. I love trans white... sigh I wish they made a 6 in a longer scale length.
  11. Vegetta

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    iI has a slight curve to the top and doesn't have the beveled edges like the MKII.
  12. Vegetta

    NGD: Black, Jack(son) Black

    OHHHH I like that one. The Mini Piranha inlays are one of my favorites.
  13. Vegetta

    Josh Middleton's ESP custom shop

    i give it a hearty Meh. Would rather just have an Ironbird honestly.
  14. Vegetta

    Several NGD (ESP, Ibanez, Fender & Squier Baritone)

    Baritone all the things. Super nice haul.
  15. Vegetta

    NGD: Longboi 2: Son of Longboi

    OOOO that looks great. I am a sucker for that ash finish on everything. I really like their stuff, especially the Tele looking guitars.
  16. Vegetta

    New Build cause Fender wont make what I really want....

    Oh yeah i def want the push/push pots as i don't think witch hat knobs are easy to pull.
  17. Vegetta

    New Build cause Fender wont make what I really want....

    Aaaaaaaand its done It basically came out pretty much perfect. Nut work/setup and sting tree only ran me $47 and the guy did an amazing job. Here is a couple of neck pics. I like the streaking in it quite a lot. My only real complaint is the 3 way toggle is very stiff. I have a...
  18. Vegetta

    Schecter John Browne signature?

    When will the pickups go on sale? I don't mind the top on that actually. :shrug:
  19. Vegetta

    New Build cause Fender wont make what I really want....

    Update!!! I set it up as well as I could and then took it to the shop to get the nut sorted. The high e string seemed a bit too close to the edge of the fretboard at first but it ended up being ok.