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  1. BurningRome

    Used gear market is kinda weird right now.

    Unfortunately in my opinion prices are not reasonable. I'm seeing prices come down a tiny bit but def not bringing prices back down to what they were prior to covid. Some stuff is selling quick, sometimes before I can get it, other items are def sitting a lot longer. I just think many sellers...
  2. BurningRome

    Requesting amp recommendations because my Matamp keeps blowing up lol

    The newer matamps have individual bias adjustments. May want to confirm if yours does. You know your amp better than we do but you also love it so if you can get it to be stable that’s certainly the winning route for you. It’s def a well built amp that’s not nearly as old as some of the...
  3. BurningRome

    Requesting amp recommendations because my Matamp keeps blowing up lol

    May need a different tech, double check your cab is wired right too, confirming your ohms to the head, just the basics. Really consider a second opinion though.
  4. BurningRome

    "brutal" highgain 1 channel amps? (or minimal 2 ch?)

    I’ve been very interested in this Billy Corgan sig amp. Hate to ask, do you think it’s worth the price? I can’t find these used, ever.
  5. BurningRome

    "brutal" highgain 1 channel amps? (or minimal 2 ch?)

    Single Channel VHT / Fryette Deliverance 60 or 120 Two Channel Victory Kraken 50 Two Channel Orange Thunderverb 50 or 200 Two Chanel Rockerverb 50 or 100 Two Channel Mezzabarba Skill 30 and it's way louder than any 50W I've ever owned.
  6. BurningRome

    Taming Matamp 120

    I had a 90's era Orange OR120 made by Matamp and I think it's nearly the same as the Matamp GT120. Matamp advertises this amp as totally geared for cleans and that a Fuzz is the way to go with this amp which your friend is doing. I used an MXR Micro Amp with mine and it was a tad cleaner than...
  7. BurningRome

    New Cab Day

    Where are you getting the metal handles from? My 1960AX has metal handles from the previous owner but it doesn't quiet fit right. Great looking B cab. Love straights more than slants.
  8. BurningRome

    Cheap Combo plus Amp in a box - advice please

    I use a mooer radar to cut high and low frequencies and have no issue with the headrush being bassy or ear fatiguing once that’s applied. I learned the hard way after getting crazy ear fatigue from the high end. The main reason I got it was for home use and transport to band practice after I...
  9. BurningRome

    Cheap Combo plus Amp in a box - advice please

    No I actually found it way easier to control low volume use vs a lot of standard tube amps. The tone is consistent at low volumes as it is at high volumes.
  10. BurningRome

    Cheap Combo plus Amp in a box - advice please

    Mooer Preamp X 2 Amp Sim and a Headrush 108 powered speaker. Super affordable option on the used market too. Tried many amp in the box options and they just didn't do it for me. I realized I prefer amp sim's. This set up will allow you to handle the bedroom volume easily and be loud...
  11. BurningRome

    Small form factor amp modellers

    Smallest amp profiler with IRs that sounds good, to me, has been the mooer preamp x2. You can download tons of user profiles and IRs.
  12. BurningRome

    Live Gear Backups. What Do You Use?

    When I did play out this is my back up list. 1 Guitar 1 Amp heads 1 extra instrument cable 1 extra patch cable 1 set of extra strings Small pack of extra picks If I play out again... 1 guitars Mooer Preamp Model X (Rockerverb profile) for backup to go DI if my amp were to fail.
  13. BurningRome

    Headrush Prime

    Headrush MX5 is by far the best User Interface experience I've had vs Helix Stomp, Line 6 GT1000 Core and Fractal FM9. The touch screen and interface is how the other brands should be doing it.
  14. BurningRome

    Orange Rockerverb 50H MKIII - to take the reverb tank out

    The reverb tank weights less than 1 pound. I wouldn't want to mess around with such a nice amp to shave 0.5 pounds. You won't even notice the weight reduction. Best advice, don't use the handle to carry it. Grab it by the bottom with both hands. Stating the obvious but seriously, it's the...
  15. BurningRome

    New Amp Searching...

    I really really like the EVH 100. For so long I tried to avoid them, I also had a EVH 50 and Peavey 5150s and like them just felt it was "generic". I was at sweetwater in Dec and ran the EVH100 through a Marshall AX cab, because I have that cab and tried a tele with single coils and was...
  16. BurningRome

    Gibson era Matamp made Orange Cab's

    There's a Gibson 90's era Orange 2x12 that I'm interested in but I can't find solid info on it. I've read they were made by Matamp but also read that it's made of MDF. Does anyone have experience with these cab's and did they have MDF? Also, this has the stock Celestion 75's which I'm okay...
  17. BurningRome

    NWCD: new wrong cab day!

    Guitar Center is the absolute best place to purchase used 4x12's because shipping is dirt cheap. I've bought a Fryette 4x12 and Fender Pro Sonic 4x12 (Stock V30's Custom Shop cab) for dirt cheap through them. GC has it going with the cab's over any online retailer because of this.
  18. BurningRome

    New Amp Searching...

    I've had several JCM2000 DSL's both 100W and 50W. I prefer the 100W and find them to be great sounding amps. I use a Boss SD1 as a clean boost with the Green channel (clean channel with the onboard overdrive) and the Joe Bonamassa EQ settings and think it sounds phenomenal for metal or...
  19. BurningRome

    "Best" Amp Capture Device?

    Mooer should be mentioned. Don’t know where it ranks vs the other mentioned products but I def prefer its amp captures over anything I got from the sims of Boss Gt1000, headrush mx5, Helix and Fractal. probably not a helpful post haha
  20. BurningRome

    New Cab Day

    I love these cabs and the speakers do sound great.