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  1. maliciousteve

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    Absolutely. I had a 1999 CE22 which I loved. Bought for £750 and had to sell quickly for £500. Now, I rarely see them less than £1500 but I'm determined to buy one again some day.
  2. maliciousteve

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    The good ol' CE24. My favourite PRS model (not the new version though). In this colour, it's exactly like Marty Mcflys in Back To The Future II. So of course, I want one of these too
  3. maliciousteve

    Mick thomsons seymour duncans

    I have a set in my RG7421. I love them for metal tones but it's correct to say that's about it in terms of tonal versatility. They came with the guitar (bought dirt cheap second hand) so I don't feel let down by them but maybe I would have done if I had paid the full new price of £400 for them
  4. maliciousteve

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    I think that guy may have been me, as I use to post on there quite a lot years ago. I sold it on to a guy in the UK via eBay but I've never seen it for sale again
  5. maliciousteve

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    Jackson KE1. Always wanted one since I was first into Megadeth. Only ever came across one in Polar White but I was only a little kid and couldn't afford it. Gothic Explorer. Had the V in the past but the Explorer is the one I've always wanted
  6. maliciousteve

    What is your "white whale" guitar?

    I was lucky enough to own one of these. Unfortunately It was terrible and didn't have an original neck but The graphic was beautiful though. Maybe today I'd love it.
  7. maliciousteve

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    It wasn't that long ago that you couldn't even give these away.
  8. maliciousteve

    Gibson Finally Giving People What They Want!?

    $2499?!! yeah how about no!
  9. maliciousteve

    Oh my

    My Strat which I've had since 2000 was bought for around £350. Now they're selling for £1000, but mine is so modified it wouldn't be worth any where near that. All my Jacksons I sold are now going for nearly three times the amount I sold them for a few years ago. And recently, my Mark IV which...
  10. maliciousteve

    Metallica: 72 Seasons

    I've found it to be pretty boring, sounds like a bunch of dudes trying to sound like Metallica.
  11. maliciousteve

    Marshall TSL100 Metal?! - Most slept on Marshall ??

    It’s why I stayed away from the JCM2000 series for a long time. I assumed they were all like that. We compared our amps through the same cab. His TSL60 and my Jcm900 2100, his TSL just lacked bottom end and sounded really hissy/fizzy in comparison
  12. maliciousteve

    Marshall TSL100 Metal?! - Most slept on Marshall ??

    Not played with a 122 but in an old band I was in, the other guitarist had a TSL60 and that thing sounded awful. I've heard a lot of people say the same thing. Never heard a bad thing about the TSL100 tone though
  13. maliciousteve

    Post Your GAS

    Not big into Relics but I've got a chubby for this
  14. maliciousteve

    Marshall sold

    Wouldn't surprise me if they looked at how Mesa dealt with Gibson and thought it was a good move for themselves. Brings in money for future R&D and makes them more secure. They haven't exactly been pushing the envelope or brought anything out that caught peoples attention like when they released...
  15. maliciousteve

    Post Your GAS

    Having just bought an ENGL Powerball, I now want these too
  16. maliciousteve

    NGD: 90s Yamaha gets a second life

    I really like the look of these. Always had a thing for this version: Hard to find though
  17. maliciousteve

    New Amp Searching...

    Thanks Jon. If I remember right, it was you who I bought my first Powerball from years ago. I think I may give the Marshalls a miss, I’ve heard nothing but great clips but I don’t think I want the hassle of something like a dodgy pcb. I think after much thinking I’m going to narrow it down to...
  18. maliciousteve

    New Amp Searching...

    I had the JSX about 5 years ago. When I was gigging with it I put in a set of KT77s. All I had to do was adjust the bias and it sounded glorious. Another amp has come on the radar for a good price. EVH 5150iii 100 watt. Weren't these unreliable some what? I remember trying one out when they...
  19. maliciousteve

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    Great find! I just missed out on buying one on Reverb for £250 :rant:
  20. maliciousteve

    New Amp Searching...

    I'm on the hunt for a new amp. I'm selling my current amp (Brunetti) and looking for something that can spit fire, scare the neighbours but also not be an annoying hissy mess. Currently, I've got these in mind: Peavey JSX - I had one of these and loved it, so high on my list Marshall JVM 205H...